A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 38.3

16 thoughts on “A Less Than Royal Narcissist : Part 38.3

  1. susano says:

    @lickemtomorrow says:
    April 15, 2021 at 10:34

    (not sure this will come in the correct order as there’s no “reply” button below your post)

    I enjoy reading your thoughts, too.

    Yeah, the natural reaction of an outsider reading all this is what you’ve said. We think we’d tell Harry, “Look, after your performance you owe us all a public apology and we’re not putting up with any more of your bullshit. Got it? We could crush Meghan like a bug, you little ingrate.” Alas, they love Harry, as we probably would, too, so they have to reconcile that with their justified anger and their horror over how this kid they’ve always loved has been hijacked by a malignant force. He may as well be in a cult and he DOES require deprogramming. Nobody’s going to kidnap him and do that, though, so they have to play their cards right and just hope that he wakes up and comes to his senses. If they didn’t know what narcissistic personality disorder was, I’m sure they all do now.

    This saga is a great lesson about the extent of the narc’s damage. It extends way beyond the IPPS.

  2. Bubbles says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Very interesting scenarios
    I’m very much looking forward to what you have to say regarding ……what the Royals “ought” to do
    I know what I’d do!!!!!
    Thank you Mr Tudor, this newly sanitized soap opera just keeps on giving !
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    1. Violetta says:

      But apparently, Meghan is willing to FORGIVE! Think of it: BRF to Sussexes: “Dear Sussexes: No, you shouldn’t forgive us. We are entirely unworthy. We’ll understand if you never want to come here again.” US to Sussexes: “Oh, for God’s sake, forgive them! Please! Seal it with a kiss & a hug on the OTHER side of the pond!”

      As for “Royal Expert” cum Markle sock-puppet Omid Scobie (who NEVER consulted her about Finding Freedom,/I> a book the couple were said to anticipate so they could “set the record straight,” until it was released to underwhelming effect, & suddenly they had nothing to do with it–this clique has more explanations than The Joker), I’d like to see him put under the Tudor-scope.

      Acquisition of Traits, certainly: he’s had so many cosmetic procedures, there’s speculation he’s just Meghan in drag. One DM reader referred to him as “half man half biscuit with his melted candle complexion” (the DM is unquestionably a rag, but there are occasional flashes of poetry in the comments).

      1. Violetta says:

        Sorry, didn’t format correctly. Italics should end after “Finding Freedom.”

      2. Bubbles says:

        Dearest Violetta,
        NOW….. it’s …….
        “REGRETS”, they’ve had a few
        But then again, too few to mention
        But they did what they had to do
        And saw it thru without exemption
        They planned each chartered course
        Each careful step along the byway
        And more, much more than this
        He did it my way !
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  3. BC30 says:

    What a shame. What if he’d married an empath? Well, we won’t know, for now.

  4. susano says:

    Just like clockwork…

    Selfless Meghan says she’s stayed behind because she doesn’t want to be the center of attention. She lets us know that she and the Duke had “a special bond” she “adored” him. Her main concern is supporting Harry to whom she left the decision as to whether she would go to the UK. Never mind that conflicts with the claim about doctor’s advice. She says it’s times like this that a family should come together and put their differences behind them because that’s what the Duke would want and we know how she adored him and all and would care so much about his wishes. She finishes with saying she’s ready to forgive and move forward.


    I’m sure the RF will be so relieved that Meghan has bestowed her forgiveness at this difficult time.

    *insert vomit emoji*

    So, HG, as I see this it’s facade management (she’s so thoughtful, compassionate, putting the needs of others before herself) and an attempted assertion of control with her false narrative. Is that about right?

    What I found particularly pathetic/sad (also in the article) was in Harry’s belated tribute to his grandfather he referred to the Duke as “authentically himself”. That is either a Meghan worm in Harry’s brain or Meghan suggested it because it’s such an absurd statement. Meghan, who is 100% not authentic is fond of using the word “authentic” as though to reassure herself that she is. People may recall when showing Oprah the chicken coop at the 15 million USD mansion that Meghan claimed having chickens made her “authentic”.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      *Insert 1,000,000,000 vomit emojis*

      Words to insert between the emojis:


      Isolated and alone, minus her victim, her narcissistic tree has been shaken and these are the coconuts that fell out:

      1/ I don’t want to focus attention on myself … so I am focusing attention on myself
      2/ I adored the Duke so much … I agreed to air a damaging interview while he was sick in the hospital
      3/ We should all come together … after I’ve created a major division between us
      4/ I forgive you … for my insulting and race-baiting claims against you.

      You can’t make this sh*t up.

      Is there anyone who still can’t see through her? She is an embarrassment.

      Interestingly her brother wrote directly to Harry before they got married and said to him that she would “make a joke” of the Royal family. Now he’s wondering if he’s psychic!

      1. susano says:

        I’m guessing that a Greater Narcissist would never make these kinds of mistakes because she’s exposed herself which a self aware narc would not do. “Cringe worthy” is the perfect description because it’s almost embarrassing to read such garbage – and I’m not the type to be embarrassed by what other people do.

        I had never seen that letter from Meghan’s brother so looked it up. Oh, boy, that has to be rattling around in Harry’s head, too. His own shame and embarrassment will likely make him double down in making excuses for Meghan. Anyone who’s been a relationship with a narcissist will remember that phase.


        1. HG Tudor says:

          Correct, those that think she is aware and calculating keep missing the point that these “slips and errors” demonstrate that she is unaware.

          1. susano says:

            While we neurotypicals have contempt for such an odious, pretentious fraud, do you have disgust for what might be seen as a lower caste amateur among your kind?

            I would add that part of me feels sorry for her and wonders what happened to that adorable little girl to necessitate the construction of her false self. I suspect the answer lies with her mother.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            My contempt for the inferior of my kind is all too palpable.

        2. lickemtomorrow says:

          We’ve probably all made excuses for our narcs at one time or another, carried water for them, and basically tried to help them maintain the facade … partly because it was our facade as well. We were drawn into their world and their thinking, we let them overrule and override us, we allowed them to have the last word and in the end they made us look like fools. It’s the narcissistic projection. We become what they are, and while everyone can see Harry is being made a fool of in light of his wife’s behaviour, he will grin and bear it because he has become part of the facade and is invested in keeping it in place.

          The last part of your comment also makes me think of HGs advice re: the family and how the best way to approach Harry right now is not to confront him. When you mentioned “doubling down”, that to me would be the automatic response in terms of defense, and confronting Harry would just cause him to defend his wife even harder. He’s likely already feeling ashamed and embarrassed as an outcome of the Oprah interview and in light of the current circumstances. He might not be saying it, but he’d have to be totally oblivious not to be thinking it. Personally, I would want to confront him with the obvious, but HGs approach is far superior in terms of making use of any window of opportunity. Harry will have to come to his sense himself, but that letter from Markle’s brother may be being seen in a different light now.

          1. susano says:

            I’ve never read so much about the Royal Family in my life and I have to say I’ve come to have massive respect for the Queen. I’ve been reading that she’s going to have nobody, in the family, wear their military uniforms to spare Harry (and that shithead, Andrew) any discomfort. I guess it’s a huge break with tradition so that’s a big deal considering who she is. Good decision and very classy. I hope Harry appreciates it, takes the gesture to heart and returns her love and thoughtfulness.

          2. lickemtomorrow says:

            Yes, I heard that, too, and it is very thoughtful of the Queen to break with tradition in that respect. I hope he appreciates it. Personally, I don’t think he deserves it. I’m obviously not as forgiving as the Queen, and would be inclined to side with the “strip them of all their titles” crowd. I would jettison them and let them sink or swim. Either way, I wouldn’t have any more to do with them. He would be welcome back when he broke ties with her. And I wouldn’t have either them around or any conversations with them without a lawyer present and recording of conversations. That’s the level of trust I would have in the current circumstances. Leave no stone unturned in ensuring they can’t spread any more gossip, which is what it is without the proof to back it up. I don’t know why I’m so fired up about this, but it could be because mid-range narcissists have been the bain of my life. Enjoying reading your input, Susano and glad you shared your thoughts.

          3. Bubbles says:

            Dearest lickemtomorrow,
            It does beg the question …..
            Why do good people end up paying the price for the discrepancies of others ?

            “Diplomacy” is obviously the order of the day, however, the placement of chess pieces is only a tactical move and not a checkmate ……yet !!! ! By laying low and and not showing game strategies, the Queen must and will, win at all costs !

            Sometimes, you don’t even have to move, in order to win !
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

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