When HG Met the Narcissists

H.G Tudor - When HG Met The Narcissists e-book cover

Gain knowledge, be entertained and help others!

Learn what happened when HG met a narcissist and dealt with him in this instructive encounter which will enable you to understand more of when narcissists collide but more importantly, when one comes up against The Ultra.

The purchase price for this insightful and entertaining material will be put towards the Angel Assistance Fund, you may donate whatever you wish to support others who need help dealing with narcissism.

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One thought on “When HG Met the Narcissists

  1. Asp Emp says:

    “when one comes up against The Ultra”

    I really enjoyed reading this book. The differences in how the narcissists HG met interacts with others mentioned in this book are explained in HG’s humorous writing style.

    It reminded me of the ‘Narc Tales’ series. Again, delightfully and humorously written.

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