Does the Narcissist Really Want to Change?

  “But I can change.” A phrase so often said by some of our kind. You will, more likely than not, have heard this sentence at some point during your entanglement with us. Usually it is uttered as part of a Preventative Hoover when the narcissist sees that there is a considerable risk that you […]

The Narcissist´s Desiderata

      Go create the noise and haste And remember what cruelty there is in silence As far as possible never surrender Be on good terms with all in the façade Speak no truth often and wildly And listen to nobody They are dull and ignorant And have no story Embrace loud and aggressive […]

The Micro Managing Narcissist

  The Micro Manager is someone who does not describe what he or she wants done and then trusts in someone else to know what to do and how to do it. Instead, the Micro Manager is someone who effectively stands over the shoulder of the person charged with performing the task or project and […]

5 Fears of the Narcissist

1. You will leave You are our primary source of fuel, our life giver and without this precious fuel we are thrown into chaos, impending oblivion on the horizon. You signed an unwritten contract to supply us with potent and delicious fuel until we decide to the contrary. It is our decision. It is not […]

No! You Are the Narcissist : Part 3

    I wrote previously about the situation where you tell a lesser member of our kind that you know what they are and how they react to it. What then of the response of those of us who belong to the greater school of narcissism? How do we react when you tell us that you […]