The Ten Tests of Competing Prospects



I have grown weary of the incumbent primary supply. The fuel that ought to be provided at a premium level has become diminished in quantity and quality. Whilst it still flows as part of the devaluation that continues, the time has come to audition for your replacement. I am courting you following my usual preparatory work once you have been targeted and I have now commenced your seduction. You are not alone. I am seducing someone else as well. It makes sense to have an insurance policy after all. You won’t know about this competitor (at least not yet) but believe me that when you are in the early stages of being seduced by our kind, it is highly likely that I was seducing someone else. In order to identify the best source of fuel so we choose the most effective primary source, we will set a number of tests. These tests are not so arduous that they will risk the seduction failing, but are designed to ascertain which of the two, or more, competing prospects provides the best fuel. This current performance amounts to a strong indicator of future performance. Here are ten of the tests that are commonly utilised.


  1. Sending the same text message to both prospects to see who responds the fastest.
  2. Sending the same text message to both prospects without concerns as to the speed of reply but as to which provides the best fuel-laden response.
  3. Arranging a date with both prospects and then cancelling (with a view to re-arranging of course) to determine who is the most disappointed and which of the prospects tries to keep the date alive by making adjustments and alternative suggestions.
  4. Calling both prospects in the middle of the night to see who answers.
  5. Sending the same gift at the same time to see who thanks us the fastest and in the most appreciative manner.
  6. If sexual coupling has occurred at this early juncture, then sleeping with you both in the space of 24 hours (or less) in order to determine who is the more fuel accomplished lover.
  7. Feigning a minor emergency and seeing who responds the fastest and with the greatest concern and compassion.
  8. Suggesting a date when I know that the prospects have something else on to see who will break their existing engagement in order to see me.
  9. Having a lieutenant try to arrange a date with you to see if you rebuff him and make mention of me.
  10. Holding a social media challenge to see how many likes, re-tweets, comments each prospect applies to my postings in a three-day period to see who posts the most and provides the most fuel.


Not only does this contest between the two prospects provide us with plenty of fuel coming from two fuel lines, it enables us to determine who we should focus our greater efforts on to ensure they are seduced and become our intimate partner and primary source. If the contest is too close to call after the ten tests above, then additional tests will be applied and the ten above will be re-run also. The winner becomes our intimate partner but the loser does not go home empty handed, not at all. They are likely to be awarded the status of inner or outer circle friend and they will be kept within our sphere of influence as a supplier of fuel. They also a future role to play in a prospective triangulation and there may even be a promotion in the offing at some point….

9 thoughts on “The Ten Tests of Competing Prospects

  1. A Victor says:

    I guess a list of pros and cons for each wouldn’t suffice. That’s what I would do, as an empath, were I ever in such a situation.

  2. SParham says:

    #9 is how I ended up with my narcsband. I grew weary of being young (19), fresh meat in my workplace so I told a mutual friend I only found E attractive. Minutes later here came E 🙄 What was weird is that I got tongue tied and nervous when I got near him both prior to and during the half assed courtship. It was like my body was screaming nooooo but I didn’t pay it attention. E discarded me once (I was 22 then) but I hooked up with another narc and proceeded to throw my life away. E hoovered like hell and I went back. My first pregnancy resulted soon after returning. E liked the turn around in me and never left. Lucky me 🙄🙄

    PS – I very much listen to that nervous feeling in the gut now. My ex big boss put off that vibe and he turned out to be a big mofo.

  3. Eternity says:

    Cat Fight , reminds of The Jerry Springer Show.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Eternity, LOL. That show! That was YEARS ago. It was basically an ‘all out’ no-holds-barred programme. Jerry was a creep though.

      1. Eternity says:

        Ha ha, he was strange especially at the end with the Final Thought.
        After the cat fight and security coming on stage trying to stop the fights. I am wondering if it was all staged.

  4. Sweetest Perfection says:

    11. Recommending the same book to two prospects knowing the topic will appeal to both of them in a different manner, according to the prospects’ different professional interests. One book for all! We should start a book club, if only I didn’t detest book clubs.

    1. SParham says:

      A book club in this genre would be interesting. 😁

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        A Book Club in this genre should consist solely of the “Tudorlogy.”

        1. SParham says:

          Absolutely! I’d love to talk about it. I’ve only posted one video on YouTube. I’ve given thoughts to speaking and directing folks to HG. I tried to be part of the true crime community but that’s a total shitshow run by narcissist’ now. The creators get the narcissist in the cases all wrong and people listen to them. I love being a nobody but damn I want others to understand.

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