15 Boundary Breakers



We never respect boundaries, do not regard them as applicable to us, whether those boundaries are accepted social conventions or boundaries enshrined in law, we have little or no regard for them. These rules, procedures, conventions and laws are for the little people, not titans such as us. We go where we want, when we want and do what we want. Driven by our astonishing sense of entitlement, absent empathy and innate superiority, we smash through barriers and boundaries every day. This is a total mind set which we adopt and the examples of this are legion. Here are fifteen instance of our boundary breaking behaviours.

  1. Anything of yours is automatically ours.
  2. You are an extension of us.
  3. We make you feel guilty if you say no to us.
  4. We make you believe that you are something that you are not.
  5. We ignore and/or deny your needs.
  6. We invade your spaces.
  7. We allow your sense of self-esteem and self-worth to be eroded.
  8. We make you solely responsible for our needs.
  9. We make you say “yes” to us through a sense of obligation.
  10. We make you feel it is necessary to always please us.
  11. We treat you unequally.
  12. We fail to support you.
  13. We expect you to agree with us all of the time.
  14. We expect you to read our minds so you do what we want.
  15. We dominate your resources – time, energy, attention, socialising, money and emotions.

One thought on “15 Boundary Breakers

  1. SParham says:

    I love these lists. I hope that it’s not an irritant to respond to them.
    1 – very much so. He will take anything he pleases. 🙄
    2 – yep, my community name is lesser narcs wife. The few times I’ve spoke of unhappiness the person was upset by thinking of if he and I weren’t a couple.
    3 – omg, guilt plagued me until I started wandering around in here.
    4 – can’t agree more. It’s disabling to say the least.
    5 – I take care of any of my needs. I’ve never been able to depend on the lesser. Occasionally he asks what’s up if I’m off in attitude. I’ve learned not to share and give details because it WILL set off a minefield. ET overload.
    6 – naturally. My body belongs to the lesser and he sees fit to grope anytime he wishes 🙄
    7 – there’s no emotional building up and genuine support. I’ve been called all kinds of wtf’s. (I feel like I’m shedding that now, thanks HG 🤗).
    8 – be a domestic god/goddess with the lessor. It doesn’t matter if you work multiple jobs and raise kids. Learn to do everything and please, please, be get educated and be able to take off. Save $.
    9 – always. Yes is a requirement.
    10 – read #8 again. It’s for real.
    11 – the lesser is naturally better than me and everyone else. He’s the god of his world.
    12 – there is failure to support no matter the years of time served in the relationship.
    13 – I’ve learned to remain passive when it comes to agreements and decisions. The lesser doesn’t include me in most things and I’m good with that 👍. I’m too boring to him.
    14 – fuck yes. I’m intuitive but not to the degree of reading his compartmentalized mind.
    15 – yep. Be ready to pause in anything you’re doing for a narc.

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