Harry´s Wife : Does She Want to Destroy the Monarchy?

4 thoughts on “Harry´s Wife : Does She Want to Destroy the Monarchy?

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Reading the first part of this video, I am reminded of ‘Harry’s Wife Part 71.5 : The Death Stare’ video where it comes across that her ‘stare’ can be likened to the expression ‘if looks could kill’. As captured on camera, the way she is observed looking at the Queen and Kate (and others) in various locations.

    The early part of this video also reminds me of ‘Woke : The Rise of Narcissism on the Left’, especially in relation to past ‘rulers’, including those who were Machiavellian in their approach of historical times, where such ‘uprisings’ did take place because of narcissism (and the other characteristics of the ‘dark’ Tetrad) back then.

    So, of course, her narcissism is also ‘capable’ of ‘thinking’ in similar ways yet it would be ‘magical thinking’ (to a ‘revision of history’ of some kind), meaning the behaviours of narcissism over history has not really changed yet only “evolved” with the times. Yet, the ‘principles’ of the behaviours remain the same.

    Bloody hell. About her ‘joke’ in relation to a place crash away from the throne…..just like her ‘stupid’ statements during the Oprah interview in relation to ‘suicide’, ‘mental health’, racism, etc……how narcissism can lead people to say such things in public!

    I think Camilla is very suited to the workhouse 😉 (smirking).

    Kate and the 26,000 flushing toilets!?!

    Laughing….RE: the Lessers and Mid-range do not have the long-term ‘capability’, that’s the lower echelons put into ‘place’!

    “It’s something you ought to appreciate” (cheeky get 😉 ). Of course, some people do, including myself 🙂

    “Madame Time”, yes, I read that particular article with those words – one of your very early writings that I enjoyed reading (and recall).

    Another enjoyable video, thank you HG x.

  2. Bubbles says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Thank you so much for your solidified confirmation on Harry’s wife
    Not a day goes by whereby you are not fully appreciated
    Another epic commentary articulated superbly 👏
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    Ps Mother T ….. now there’s an interesting case analysis I’ve read about, certainly not one for the faint hearted 😇

  3. lisk says:

    HG, I need to listen to these again!

    I started listening last night in bed and, as usual, your voice lulled me to sleep.

    Nevertheless, I KNOW I heard what you said—because I dreamt you speaking the words as a male friend of mine and I watched you mouth your wisdom.

    In this dream, we were visiting London and you were hosting an intimate in-person talk in a garage-type venue. Sitting there in the corner was Harry’s Wife, who had no idea where she was and didn’t realize she was being talked about . . . until she did—and then she stomped out of the garage.

    It was great!

  4. lickemtomorrow says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

    She does want to destroy the monarchy! I knew it.

    What I didn’t know was the complete picture of the reasoning behind it.

    The monarchy is painted BLACK!

    How dare they not appreciate her brilliance and superiority, how dare they not entertain her grandiose ideas and seek her favour?

    It’s so obvious now how the narcissism impacts this situation.

    While she may not destroy it, she has certainly attempted to damage it. I just never imagined a narcissist painting a whole institution black as opposed to an individual. That’s news to me.

    Thank you, HG.

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