Is It Love?


The narcissist sweeps you away in the beginning.

The narcissist cares and supports you.

Is it love?

Whether a romantic or familial situation with the narcissist, the narcissist behaves in so many ways which cause you to believe that he or she loves you, but is it the case?

  • Does the narcissist love?
  • Can the narcissist begin by loving you and then it fades?
  • Can the narcissist learn to love you?
  • Does the narcissist have his or her own way of loving you?
  • What is love based on?
  • Why does the narcissist´s behaviour cause you to believe you are being loved?
  • If it is not love from the narcissist what is it?
  • If it is not love from the narcissist, what are you seeing when you are being seduced?
  • How can you understand whether it is love or not?

Understanding “Is It Love” will enable you to tackle emotional thinking and make sense of the behaviour of the narcissist towards you and this Logic Bulletin addresses key information to answer those questions that occupy your thoughts.Use it also as part of your Future Protection against being caught again, either by the existing narcissist or a new one.

Obtain “Is It Love?”

Sharpen your Logic Defences and recognise how infatuation manifests in the mind of the narcissist with these intriguing portrayals. Use your acquired knowledge and narc craft to ascertain who the narcissist is infatuated with and what school of narcissist is infatuated.

The Trio of Infatuation

3 thoughts on “Is It Love?

  1. A Victor says:

    This is a favorite, it gave me a goal, a place to aim, for what is real. I had no idea before narcsite, neither what I was missing or what was available. I will never settle again…hopefully…

  2. Asp Emp says:

    Ahh, re-reading my comment and my words….started laughing at “If they lack the sense of humour, bye-bye. If they lack the idiosyncrasy, bye-bye”, direct and straight to the point. I don’t do subtle. Hmmm.

  3. Sweetest Perfection says:

    “Is it love, love, love
    Love, love, love that I’m feeling?
    How can I do this?
    I’ve never felt this way before”

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