February : 50% Discount



The Knowledge Vault contains a huge amount of material which provides you with insight, assistance and guidance. From the brilliant assistance packages helping you dealing with Coparenting With the Narcissist or a Parental Narcissist, through to the entertaining HG Mauls Series, there is so much in there that you need to access to increase your understanding and help you reach freedom.


For the Feb discount you will get 50% of all your purchases in the Knowledge Vault by using the code fabfeb22 at the checkout.

Remember this is for the Knowledge Vault  only

The discount does not apply to Audio and Email Consultations, Narc, Empath, Trait Detector Consultations or Weaponised Empath Detectors. 

Access the Knowledge Vault here

2 thoughts on “February : 50% Discount

  1. Cherish says:

    My Birthday month lol then I absolutely need to take advantage off this discount can I get a bonus discount HG ? as birthday gift lol ! 🥂 wink wink

  2. Asp Emp says:

    HG, thank you for offering the opportunity for people to obtain your work at a generous discount. People like you and other benefactors make it possible for those who are in need to obtain vital and accurate information that would have been otherwise too expensive from elsewhere. Thank you to HG and the benefactors, it is much appreciated.

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