Amber Heard : She Cries But There Are No Tears! Part 1

2 thoughts on “Amber Heard : She Cries But There Are No Tears! Part 1

  1. Travis P Dungan says:

    I’m trying to give a complement to HG but
    I don’t have a website. RE:GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Recognizing all the effects in the Aftermath, I was fascinated by what you wrote in Golden Opportunity. It was an unexpected ray of hope coming from you, the Ultra Narcissist. I wonder how you reached this insight, but I realize you are unlikely to share it. However, thank you for writing this. I never expected closure from my NEX or anyone, but this is about as close to an understanding of what’s happened to me and it follows my principle of better outlooks leading to better outcomes which I’ve tried to apply all along. Anger and hatred seems such a waste since your kind is about as responsible for your destiny as my guys who like guys are for ours. And ultimately that’s zero responsibility. Keep thinking and writing. (I must say just after starting my subscription for your emails, I almost thought you were lovebombing me although I’m not likely your type!)
    PS NEX mesmerized me with both aircraft day and night and a career in law enforcement yet remained silent for five years after the first seduction yet reaped 600 adulatating love letters and some days 12 hours a day of continuous texting. What delicious fuel for a cunning guy who reseduced me by planting stories in the press that I was the Governor’s “outside the box candidate” as a new Sheriff. I swallowed the bait…

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