Tom Bower No. 7 : Camilla Smells A Rat

2 thoughts on “Tom Bower No. 7 : Camilla Smells A Rat

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I would not be surprised if Camilla is considered to be one of the good ‘sounding boards’ within the Royal Family by the family. To my knowledge, there has been no major, or bad press about her in all the years she has been known to the family, despite being ‘close’ with Charles during his marriage to Diana. It did contribute to Diana’s “difficulties”, being the third person in her marriage. Having said that, this is probably something that bothers Harry to the point where he struggles with his ET (now and back then).

    For many years, I could not “like” Camilla. Now that I know about narcissism and which people within that family are narcissists too, I can “approach” my thinking ‘patterns’ in a different way (I am not emotionally involved) towards Camilla. There is a difference between understanding and accepting, if I may suggest it as such.

    Because that is how I have “applied” it in my own past & personal experiences – I understand but not accept ie muvver’s treatment of me, I understand AND accept my (own past “reactions”) to my father’s passing. They are “memories” of my past but I no longer feel the pain that I had carried.

    So, Harry has a great, huge deal to go through and ‘process’. Hell of a lot. Poor guy.

    Thank you, HG. For listening 🙂

  2. WhoCares says:

    I have often wondered if Camilla is also a narcissist.
    I have doubts now after hearing Bower’s description of her.

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