A Further Important Message From HG Tudor

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  1. annaamel says:

    It’s been about five days since I made that post and as is sometimes the case with me and my posting, I wish I had not posted it. I am going to plead a mixture of ignorance and insanity due to my empathic make-up (in epilogue) which seems to cause me to be both unsuspicious and charitable as an initial reaction and pushes me to put myself into a situation to try to correct it. I am not sure if my naivete is sweet or a millstone I must drag everywhere I go. In the intervening time I have changed my opinion. Have tried to stand back and better see all the evidence available. I am still hanging onto my two HG theory for now (I like it and I do think it has some short, wobbly legs) but I am abandoning the ‘real HG is having trouble curbing the reactions of the narcissistic HG’ and the Ultra is not in control. I think the Ultra is in control. My theory enabled me to reconcile the HG we tend to see here with the HG that makes 900 MM videos and makes statements about censorship. But I found another explanation and this one works better. It doesn’t make me happier, but as is often said here, just because we don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s not the truth.

    1. Z - zwartbolleke says:

      I recognise a lot of myself in you.
      With the difference that I mostly refrain from commenting, something inside is still stronger and keeps my fingers away from my laptop, but when I read you I think: uh did I send that by accident?

      1. annaamel says:

        A lovely comment, thankyou Z. I also hold back from commenting, and probably only post about 20% of the ideas that come up as I read. We might hold back for different reasons though. Some of your posts say exactly what I think but I couldn’t have made them. We might have this similarity because of our schools and cadres, but it’s much more likely to be because I am flooded with Dutch/Benelux blood. We’re probably related….

  2. targetedtrafficseo says:

    What helped me most is the classification, primary source etc, and the prime aims. I found a way to connect with my partner emotionally using neuro-plasticity training, but without these vital facts i would have needed far longer to reach the stage that we’re at now.
    I can’t thank you enough.

  3. annaamel says:

    You identified me as an empath. A majority Super, high percentage Contagion Empath. I have Saviour, Carrier and Magnet cadres. You gave me this information and I value it and I will take it out into the world with me. I will apply my knowledge of how narcissism drives people to think and behave and I will have more understanding of my fellow human beings. I will stop hoping that I will get impromptu flowers or that they mean I am amazing because I realise that is a major red flag. And if you make new video which enables you to say, as the queen, ‘Listen you Ginger Bastard’ I will be totally delighted.

    Thank-you for reading.

  4. annaamel says:

    Part 7
    A serious threat to control would result in instinctive reactions coming up. You might feel compelled to quickly fix the problem, feel an obligation to quickly amass support and spread tentacles of control as widely as possible through the use of other people. You could feel like you need to establish a connection with your supporters, highlight your strengths, diminish your opponents. I am not saying all these are necessarily bad strategies, but if they feel like compulsions, then then it’d probably be good to wait because they may not be the best strategy.

    But I will encourage you to stop and pause, because it does seem to me that you currently have the perspective you need to see what you are doing clearly. When I listen to your video atop this comment section, I see you portraying yourself as a victim (yes, a victim) of censorship, grandiosely telling his audience not to fear because you are going to be a champion of free speech and together you can all ride into the future to do battle with those who seek to bring good folk down. I cannot imagine you would post a video or message like this if you were coming at this from the position of the Ultra with all the composure and dignity that the Ultra possesses.

    So I urge you to take whatever time you need to marshal all of your inner resources. Don’t publish any major statements to your your loyal followers and the public until you feel you once again have all the skills and awareness and control that is your norm. This is not only the HG that you have worked hard to become but who so many have come to appreciate so much.

  5. annaamel says:

    Part 6
    This week, with the removal of the YouTube account, the narcissist HG, HG2, would have felt the loss of control, would have felt the fury ignite inside him and also felt the desire to assert that lost control as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I also think that HG2 has felt the loss of control so much that it’s been difficult for HG1, with his modifying influence, to have much impact.

    I think the Ultra has taken a severe hit.

  6. annaamel says:

    Part 5
    I said at the start I see two HGs. HG2 who is motivated by the prime aims, and who has been the governing construct since childhood. He has used the advantages narcissism has conferred on him to make himself successful in his educational, career and social life, who has the organisational efficiency to succeed at whatever he turns his hand to, who has the skills to get what he wants and is not constrained by moral quandaries. He believes the ends justify the means. Even though he operates at a high level, he may still be able to only look so far ahead.
    It’s HG1 who sees further, who doesn’t rely on instinctive reactions. As a sealed system HG2 would not be able to access HG1’s knowledge and understanding, but I am pretty sure that HG1 can recognise HG2’s. And so HG1 can see two options in each situation, and has the chance to decide which is best. He can even exert influence in these situations. The Ultra therefore has extra capacity to modify his own instinctive behaviour, to recognise the automatic reactions of HG2 and hold them back, or watch the rise and subdue of those reactions if this proves impossible.

  7. annaamel says:

    Part 4
    However, of curiosity, I did listen to some episodes. I also looked over the comments sections, and it seemed that if they were not made by loyal listeners, they were made by those who were grateful for both your reading of the book and your commentary because they already had similar views. It is possible those who felt differently or less sure about their opinion did not comment.
    While I understand that securing your legacy will not only require you to convince empaths that narcissism exists in the form you describe but normal people as well since they make up the bulk of society, I still wonder the choice of creating more videos which draw in a larger audience, including those who want to see MM brought down, or making different content, might make you known for something that is different to the legacy you are aiming to build.
    For a legacy to be respected and appreciated by many, it needs to meet several criteria, and perhaps making a valuable difference to the lives of many is the most important. It is my belief that the legacy you want to leave involves showing society truths about narcissism and educating people so they can challenge narcissistic behaviours. In this way you would leave the world better than your found it. And if this is the case, it would be vitally important to protect this legacy. If something were to tarnish it, this would be difficult to undo; it’d would remain attached to you, to your name.

  8. annaamel says:

    Part 3
    Recent developments, however, have concerned me and it is to these I want to speak for the rest of this piece.
    I would probably prefer if your videos were solely videos about the behaviours of generic, unidentified narcissists, however I admit I have found it interesting to read about famous narcissists, particularly the explanations about Trump and Putin, and they have made the world make more sense to me. I also came to your work through the Depp/Heard trial and so without your analysis of those two individuals, I would not have found all the other information, so I realise their addition is valuable. But I do question the number of videos about famous people who show narcissistic behaviour. While it is apparent that these videos attract thousands of views and that is a clear benefit in making and airing them, I think their existence goes towards forming a public impression of you and your work that I don’t think it ultimately needs or benefits from.
    I wasn’t sure whether it was a good choice to read the Bower book in its entirety, even if you did add commentary. I assumed you’d run it by your lawyers to identify where the line would be for copyright breaches, but it struck me as a noticeable boundary transgression.

  9. annaamel says:

    Part 2
    I know one of these goals is to leave a legacy behind you. This legacy would have you recognised and appreciated as a foremost expert on narcissism who has developed a classification system, evaluative processes and management tool-kits amongst other achievements. You want to build the populace’s understanding of narcissism and its impact on society and on individual’s lives. You have been building this legacy through your writing, through your videos, through your books and this through this blog. Through your consultations and support material. Through your exposes of narcissists who can’t stop themselves from wreaking havoc, within our political systems, our economies or our media outlets, imposing themselves and their schemes upon the world to our detriment.

    You have clearly been gaining traction in your pursuit and development of this legacy. When you enter a new arena your reach extends, your message heard by more people. Many will necessarily recognise the ideas you present, and see what they have noticed around them but not understood. Your legacy is solidifying every day.

  10. annaamel says:

    Part 1
    HG, I hope you will be able to take this segmented post in the spirit it’s offered. I mean it with genuine good intent. I will not be in any way upset if you do not publish parts of it nor if you publish none of it. I write it for you. It is, of course, my opinion, and is based largely on theory, so please keep this in mind as you read.

    When I think ‘Who is HG’, I identify more than one identity. If I numbered them, I would see an HG2 as the false self, driven by narcissistic aims, with all the thinking and behaviour that involves; this is HG the Elite narcissist. But I have also formed the opinion that there is an HG1, and this, to me, is the underlying real self, although it is still unstable and not entirely complete. It’s not the creature, it’s not something metaphorical, not something that is sensed or identified. It’s a real identity, even more real than the construct. This HG is different to the other HG in a few, key ways. As well as being incomplete, I don’t see this self as able to exist completely separately from the false self. I see the two selves as intertwined with each other. I do suspect, though, that you would be increasingly able to utilise either of these HGs as you move forward, and while sometimes it would not within your control to make the choice, more often it would be. I suspect you have this increased ability because of how far you are along towards greater understanding and application of your own narcissism and because of your innate range of skills and knowledge. I also think that your capacity to make such a choice will keep developing until it is all very much within your control.

    I’d say this is what makes you the Ultra: the capacity to tap into a perspective which is separate from the false construct, and in doing so to examine the false construct from a distance and assess its usefulness and its limitations. If the Greater understands that they are not wholly real and for that identity to survive they must have control and powerful, you have an extra ability to see a bigger and more detailed picture, to see perspectives they cannot see and make choices they cannot make, enabling you to craft your approach in such a fine way and to such a greater extent that you are much more able to meet your most desired and far-reaching goals.

  11. Isabelle says:

    My previous message to YT was civil, but I think the next one will be less so…

  12. FYC says:

    HG, Although all of your messages are of significant importance, this message is far more important than many may realize.

    The assault on freedom of speech over the past decade has been most significant. The ability to control speech and expression has largely been affected by social media, tech social engineering and mainstream media–all of which are controlled by powerful individuals with a personal agenda for far more power and control world wide. Currently and historically, those who seek to remove freedom and increase control (as they are the arbiters of control) are also those high in narcissistic traits, if not psychopathic in some instances. Others involved simply go along to get along or are unaware.

    Canceling the Ultra channel is but one example of what is happening pervasively. Given your communication and the resulting communication from Viacom, clearly the issue has been resolved. One might assume this is simply an error that your channel was removed. They would be misinformed. Each removal is reviewed.

    In truth, I am surprised this did not occur sooner, given the refreshingly honest and brilliantly revealing content you provide that unmasks what usually goes unseen or is dismissed (and those involved, who possess a degree of power, would no doubt prefer to not have the same revealed).

    Yet now, more than ever, we need your brutal truth. It is the only way one can begin to understand behaviors that so insidiously undermine the well being of so many (individually, corporately, politically). Further, integrating what one learns at KTN and from your other media outlets enables one to make informed choices. To change their life. The inherent power in freedom of speech lies in the result thereof–education, choice, agency, expression, action. Those who try to strip this freedom hope you will not join the dots and see the act for what it is, nor the collection of actions for what they lead to (control and oppression).

    You have my support.

    “Rara temporum felicitate, ubi sentire quæ velis, et quæ sentias dicere licet.” —Tacitus Roman Scholar and Historian c. AD 56 – c. 120

    “Such was the happiness of the times, that you might think as you chose and speak as you thought.”

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you FYC.

      1. FYC says:

        Congratulations on the swift return of the Ultra channel! Clearly achieved as only an Ultra can. Thank you HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you FYC.

  13. Asp Emp says:

    “The comeback is always stronger than the setback” – brilliant to read that!

    I looked at those words from my lateral thinking perspective too. Guard-dogs spring to my mind 😉

  14. Janet DiDonato says:

    If your channel is not restored, it will be yet more evidence of the terminal dumbing down of not only the US, but the planet. It will not just be the loss of free speech, but the loss of original thought and discourse. We are headed back to the caves.

  15. Team Love says:

    At the very foundation of your army are empaths. Indeed, we outnumber the opposition tenfold. As you have predicted with such conviction, good shall triumph over evil. You have taught us many things, HG…perhaps there is much to be learned from us as well.

  16. Teresa says:

    HG, Of your many thousands of videos, is there any one in particular that you would recommend for sharing with time listeners? Do you have, perhaps, an introductory series?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      There is no introductory series but The Ultra Framework, What is Narcissism and What Makes a Narcissist are good starting points.

  17. Elizabeth Macpherson says:

    Shared. Your channel has helped me no end. I have tried other channels and they are nowhere near as good as HG’s. It’s a life saver for me.Thank you for the update.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

      1. Contagious says:

        Sorry but it is not surprising. Political. Your work goes beyond personal relations. Keep going HG! You are reaching the top. Swords up! Go get them!

        1. Contagious says:

          There are those who don’t want to be exposed. They don’t want to be seen for what they are. Masses are asses and you are educating the fray. You want that legacy, it is now your time to conquer a bigger battle, win the war. You have educated too many now. They see. You have challenged them. Next step in an even brighter future. I am not a ringleader in narcs but am in any way shape or form of their demise. Takes a man like you HG

          1. Contagious says:

            Funny house of the dragon just started… how can we specifically help

  18. Asp Emp says:

    Tree job finished 🙂

    I wanted to share the link to a comment that HG wrote some time ago, he lists what he does in regard to his work:


  19. Asp Emp says:

    Bravo HG! Brilliant video, thank you 🙂

    Having to move all your videos to the other channel, the time and effort to have to do that – fkg hell. When I know you would rather spend your time moving forward with new work that you had planned to go ahead with. Thank you so much for informing us that you’d do this, should “Them” decide otherwise!!

    Right, I am going to finish what I started, cutting the top branches of a tree before they start dropping their leaves all over my lawn! Laters, HG 🙂 xxx

  20. December Infinity says:

    I certainly hope that the paper pushers sitting on their behinds at YouTube get their acts together and reinstate HG’s Ultra channel.

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