Halloween Discount : 50% Off

Halloween is on the horizon and you need to bolster your logic defences to avoid being ghosted, zombied, spooked and feasted upon by the vampiric narcissist.

You can obtain 50% off EVERYTHING in The Knowledge Vault 

Use the code soulcake50 when you checkout

(Please note the discount does not apply to Audio and Email Consultations, Empath Detectors, Trait Detectors, Weaponised Empath Detector, Additional Word Packages or 20 Tudor Minutes)

One thought on “Halloween Discount : 50% Off

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Excellent poem, thoroughly enjoyable to read. Thank you 🙂 . The discount is really generous and I know that many will benefit from this offer. Thank you HG for your work. Thank you to the benefactors who also help out.

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