The narcissist survives by confusing and perplexing all around him or her. The narcissist operates in a different reality where what he or she says will means something entirely different to what you perceive. This results in argument, pain and a lack of understanding, with victims unable to comprehend why the narcissist behaves in this manner. Now you can understand what the narcissist is really saying to you with a whole host of familiar comments and phrases used by narcissists. Realise that is meant when a narcissist claims to be your soul mate, what does he or she mean when they declare they need to be alone for a while and what does “just a friend” actually involve? An enlightening and mesmerising insight into what the narcissist really means.

Want to know what the narcissist  really means?

This is the answer.

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4 thoughts on “Decipher

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I do not know who originally wrote this, I really like it…..

    “A fact is information without emotion. An opinion is information plus experience. Ignorance is an opinion lacking information. And, stupidity is an opinion that ignores a fact”

  2. lickemtomorrow says:

    The title of this post has prompted me:

    Can we have something on Chief Twit, Elon Musk, who continues to baffle (Twitter takeover) and entertain (calling himself Chief Twit and appearing at Twitter HQ carrying a sink while commenting “Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!”), providing further amusement for some by firing smug technocrats, creating endless memes (no doubt to help assist in payment for overpriced stock).
    I don’t know if he’s a narcissist, but he’d be a fascinating study if he was.

    Also, shocked to read Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have already finalised their divorce! That took all of five minutes, possibly with a pre-nup in place. He’s on my radar after retiring and then returning, dismissing his wife’s concerns leading to divorce proceedings, and having a serious meltdown off field at one of his recent games. Perhaps he’s having a mid-life crisis. Maybe there a new IPPS waiting in the wings. Recent events have made me curious.

    I’m baffled, in other words.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Hi LET, I did reply to your comment on Harry / Lies conversation but I am not sure if it got through 🙂 Reading what you say about Elon and querying about him. I came across it ages ago, apparently he is! Having said that, I watched the 2 episodes of the programme ‘The Elon Musk Show’, I also watched ‘Superhero or Supervillian’ previously – I would suggest that he does show a lack of empathy towards other people. The main reason why I watched is that the clips (advertising) showed his parents and his ex wife. I wanted to see what they had to say. His grandfather exhibited the grandiosity (money) but was not careful with it. Elon is, obviously, as you know, really wealthy, yet he does not own a house. I considered this maybe partly due to not having his address ‘tracked’ (paranoia to a degree?). I observed both parents, and from what I saw, I thought to myself, the father is not the only “route” of narcissism. Aspergers can skip a generation. Even now, it seems that Elon “relies” on mother, yet not totally ‘attached’ if you can understand. Ex wife Tallulah came across as still traumatised about their relationship, or is simply a very emotional person. His mother was interesting to observe. Some of the things she said seemed similar to what HG’s matrinarc may have said and that thought came to me as I watched her. I am only making notes of what I observed, bearing in mind, I do not hear the tone of their voices ie robotic etc but sometimes I can spot it in the lip-reading, the movements – if I recall correctly, someone said similar of the Tinder Swindler’s voice. Granted, not all narcissists speak like this. Elon is extremely intelligent but does not seem to have the relational skills with people as a whole, hence my suggestion of a comorbidity. When he mentioned his father (abuse but no detail), he appeared to have a difficulty in bringing that information out loud, not with tears overflowing or anything, just his licking the lips a bit and as if he was swallowing something that he did not want to. I would not suggest that it was a mask dropping, just a moment of “dealing” with a memory, or two (or, it may have been a moment of pity play). As per usual, there were speakers for and against Elon. From my observations, I would not consider Elon to be similar to a certain Russian. He is doing good for humanity, but sometimes, it appears he is ‘an army of one’ ie cannot rely, or maybe, trust someone else to do the job (could be considered not transferring power?). Elon has the resources to employ the right people for the right time in the right place, even then, someone can still fk it up which can lead to a snow-balling chain of events.

  3. Tom says:

    I despise the narcs as much as you do.. so thank you for enlightening those of us who appreciate your efforts.

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