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The narcissist may be physically gone but his or her influence remains and it hurts. Whether you have escaped the narcissist or you have been cruelly discarded, the period thereafter is difficult, worrying and painful.

Why can’t you move on?

Why do you keep thinking about them?

How can we exert such a hold over you for months afterwards?

Why can’t you get him or her out of your mind?

Why do you see them everywhere you look? Why does it feel like he or she is still buried deep in your heart?

.Most importantly of all, what can you do to get rid of this feeling?

This is the answer. Through the narcissist’s perspective you will understand why you have been infected, why it is so effective and how you can successfully exorcise the narcissist from your heart and soul

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One thought on “Exorcism

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Donald Pleasence as the priest in that film comes to my mind whenever I see the title of this article (and the image).

    Exorcising the repressed memories of the narcissistic abuse was not an easy journey but putting myself through it means I no longer have my own ‘darkness’ to carry. While I may still hate / never forgive muvver, I just do not carry the emotion, I don’t “feel” it – mind (LT) over matter (ET), springs to my mind.

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