Knowing the Narcissist : Letter to the Narcissist : No. 138


To my ex…

   It has happened, tho sooner than I ever expected. Only nine weeks after you met her. Already married and already packed up and left you.   Your new wife has contacted me, just like I knew she would.  She has questions, she’s looking for answers.  She doesn’t understand, poor thing.  She expected you to be the husband you claimed you would be.  But it didn’t happen, did it?
   She’s crying her eyes out, just wanting you to hold her and tell her you will never be mean to her again.  The cussing, the threats, the control…you know , the pattern you have perfected.  Do I console her?…NO!!!  I tell her you did the same to me..I tell her about your addictions, the gambling, the porn, the lying…I tell her that everything in his house was stolen from me.  If she takes a bath, it’s my towel she dries off with.  The sheets she lays on with you belong to me, when she cooks, she’s using my pans!  No need to hide it…it will come out sooner or later.
   So I educate her on narcissism.  Of course, she doesn’t know about it, just like me when I was looking for answers.  She has questions…why you only touched her one time for sex?  Why you won’t let her buy clothes?  Why can’t she buy food?  Why won’t you pay bills?  The list goes on and on…. you’re mean to her, throwing her phone across the room…(been there, done that), threatening bodily harm, yelling, screaming.  Yep…that’s you, alright!
   She’s still crying.  But she loves you so much.
She doesn’t understand.  She doesn’t know what to do.  I bet you’re smirking right now as you read my words…I know you, I have figured you out!  She will have to learn on her own.  Maybe she will come back to you, or maybe she won’t!  Meanwhile, you are on your phone, looking at porn and trying to line up the next one in line.  Just enjoying your time alone, doing what you do best….trying to find the next woman you can use.  Even if your wife comes back to you, you’ll have a side piece lined up.
   Enjoy your time alone, look at porn, go to the Casino, …like you told me, you’ll break the new bitch in!  You always do!
Not yours anymore… hahaha

One thought on “Knowing the Narcissist : Letter to the Narcissist : No. 138

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Some empaths may experience very deep addiction to narcissists, others may not have as deep – why? Differences in life experiences, the types of abuse they experienced, the kind of LOCEs and where these were. Other considerations are the empath schools / cadres ‘measurements’, including the narcissistic traits that may also have different ‘measurements’, from one empath to another. Effectively, the understandings may differ too.

    In this letter’s scenario, maybe the empath ‘types’ were not the same for this one narcissist?

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