Knowing the Narcissist : Emotional Thinking Blinds – Fly on the Windscreen

  You know how much I like to drive my car. It is an impressive vehicle. It is fast, attractive and demonstrates to the world beyond just how superior I am to other road users as I surge past them with just the slightest pressure on the accelerator. Cocooned inside this metal shell I race […]

Knowing the Narcissist : 11 Traps of Narcissistic Entanglement

    Vent your spleen. Have your say. Give us both barrels. Let us know what you really think. Such sentiments towards my kind are entirely understandable and they invariably occur post discard and sometimes post escape. There are differing rationales associated with this almost overwhelming need to speak to us about your experience of […]

Knowing the Narcissist : Why Is the Narcissist Always On My Mind

“He is always in my mind.” “Try as I might I just cannot get him out of my head.” “I can’t stop thinking about him.” I am sure such comments or similar have been made by you at some point about the narcissist in your life. We have this formidable capability to get into your […]

Excuses Equals Endangered

  The fact for so long you had no idea what you were dealing with resulted in you engaging in an anticipated behaviour. This behaviour is one which we regularly rely on in order to keep you in the dark. I have made mention of the various traits which we look for in those who […]