When HG Met the Narcissists

Gain knowledge, be entertained and help others! Learn what happened when HG met a narcissist and dealt with him in this instructive encounter which will enable you to understand more of when narcissists collide but more importantly, when one comes up against The Ultra. The purchase price for this insightful and entertaining material will be put towards […]

When Narcissists Collide – Part Two

  What is the dynamic when a Lesser Narcissist and a Mid-Range Narcissist become entangled with one another? Briefly, the Lesser is categorised by a lower level of cognitive function, low control threshold on the ignited fury, reduced levels of charm, a narrower stable of manipulations, an often chaotic life in terms of relationships,work, addictions […]

When Narcissists Collide : Trump Vs Biden

    What do you get when an Upper Lesser Type B Narcissist collides with an Upper Mid Range Narcissist on television? A bitter and chaotic 2020 US Presidential “debate”. America : You Are being Conned   The fact is that many politicians and most political leaders are narcissists. It is a circular environment. To […]