I am a huge fan of James Bond, both the literary and film versions. Why ? Because he is one of my kind. He draws universal admiration where ever he goes. Women want to be with him and men want to be him. No wonder he operates at a whirlwind speed. The fuel 007 is receiving must be ultra grade, super refined, mega potent fuel. I can feel myself surging just at the thought of being him. He draws women in within a matter of moments, deploying a range of seduction techniques that have been highly polished from repeated practice and his expert observation of people. He goes from meets to sheets in sixty seconds. He is some boy. He never holds on to the particular woman as another one will soon be along to furnish him with further admiration and affection.

Bond loves his gadgets and conforms with our objectification focus. He clearly belongs in our gang when he derives more enjoyment from a pen which turns into a laser than he does in hunkering down for a night in watching a soap with a long term partner. See how his eyes widen with delight when Q unveils to him a watch which also doubles as an explosive. He appreciates perfection and expert craftsmanship. From his Turnbull and Asser suits to his Walther PPK and then to the high quality motor vehicles which he drives at a reckless speed.

He has no concept of boundaries. He will join a card game without invitation, enter the villain’s lair through a series of destructive acts and thinks nothing of stealing a lady away from a competitor. He even breaks into M’s home and tinkers with her laptop. His addictive qualities come to the fore in the appearance of copious vodka martinis and his serial womanising. He regards everyone around him as inferior and has no difficulty in offing anyone who is of no use to him or gets in his way. His sense of entitlement is massive. He will go where he wants, have any woman that he desires and shoot anybody that tries to confront him without a second’s hesitation.

His self-confidence is off the scale. In Die Another Day he struts into a hotel in Hong Kong looking like Robinson Crusoe but does so with the air of a man tailored in an expensive dinner jacket. In the Moonraker novel,Bond attends a club, Blades with M and imagines the clientele regarding him as a ‘tough looking individual’ and ‘not the usual chap one sees in Blades’. Is he not using them as reflectors?

Ultimately, anyone with the motto ‘The World is Not Enough’ can only be one of my kind.

3 thoughts on “007

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Ah! I knew it! Of course, there has to be an article titled ‘007’.

    Imagine my surprise, HG, to ‘gracefully’ stumble across it (laughing).

    Laughing…..”Bond loves his gadgets”.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It was delightful to peruse and excellently written, as usual.

    I still have that image of 007 bound to that chair….saying the words similar to….”do you mind, I’ve an itch”……whack! Laughing……a lot…..

  2. Maddie says:

    You so much more than Bond!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Glad you think so.

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