Embracing Evil

“I’ve been reading on narcissism for 4.7 years. It’s been a brutal search for info and anything I can get my hands on to understand. If you’ve been confused and worn down long enough you get what I’m saying immediately. All the literature, counselling, education I’ve obtained has all been worth it, but nothing, and I mean nothing explains it better than HG TUDOR’S books. It is valuable, valuable precious insight to hear it from a man who lives this life. No other literature I’ve ever read has done this. It’s exactly what I needed to read.”

Embrace Evil and begin your understanding and recovery.

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31 thoughts on “Embracing Evil

  1. Alive and Well says:

    Hello, H.G.,
    After reading books by Lundy Bancroft, I left my second abusive marriage. I’m not interested in a relationship at this time because I will not tolerate another narcissist in my life. Thank you for sharing your perception it helps me know I didn’t choose them, they chose me. I wonder how a person can protect their kids from the tyranny of emotional abuse? I know that they are often used as pawns after they are left because their supply is cut off from the victim. What words of wisdom might you have for parents?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello A+W and you are welcome. There will be more written about the dynamic with children and our kind in the future but you should keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming blog article this week which is called “Save the Children” you will find it interesting.

      1. A+W says:

        Thank you, I will be watching for this blog.

  2. Nikki says:

    I just got out of a relationship with a narc. We started as a hookup/casual but then he love bombed me for 4 months and I fell in love. Relationship lasted 8 months, and was just hitting the devalue stage. I got suspicious and busted him with his new primary. He’s mostly ignoring me. From reading your books though I know he will try and come back on some level, although I’ll never be primary again. I’m too much work for him. He liked the challenge for a while, but his new primary agreed to marry him after only 2 months… much better supply for him. Question: the sex was really amazing. H G do you have any tips for me to just hook up with him without getting hurt? Or would that not interest him, as it wouldn’t be supply? Selfishly just wanting that great sex again.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Nikki, well you are upfront about your intention. Is it just about the great sex though? You state that you will not be the primary again but the receive you give is not because you choose not to be the primary but because he will not choose you to be because you perceive yourself as too much work for him. Do you want to be the primary?
      Do you also want to wreck his marriage in order to get back at him (and maybe even her) because he replaced you with her? I am not judging you if your answers are positive in nature, I am just raising the points with you so I can better understand your motivation and mindset and thus I can give you the most effective answer.

  3. Thank you for explaining.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  4. I was wondering: how did you get to be a Greater Delight…I mean, Elite…as opposed to Lesser or Mid-Range?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      As a consequence of my inherent intelligent, awareness and upbringing where I was dipped and covered in malice. Whereas others (such as my sister) sought to overcome this by giving more and more of herself, I realised that replication and improvement on that replication was the most appropriate way forward in order for me to survive.

      1. A+W says:

        This sounds sad. I do commend your effort to move forward.

  5. I just downloaded samples of almost every one of your books onto my Kindle. And, then I will see which I want to order in paperback, along with Sitting Target. Do you have any books related to the NPD & the BPD relationships?
    Thank you,

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Tamara, no I have not written anything concerning NPD/BPD.

  6. Deb says:

    Hi there, I was discarded 3 months ago after a 2 year relationship and have just discovered your writings. Could you tell me in which order it would be best to read them please? Thank you

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Deb, thank you for getting in touch. I would anticipate that you have a desire to make sense of what has happened and also to protect yourself from future entanglement by the relevant individual. I would suggest Fuel, Grimoire, Fury, Sitting Target, Decipher, Manipulated, Devil’s Toolkit and Black Hole to start off with. After that there is Your Fault, Smeared, Red Flag, Black Flag and Sex. This will provide you with a substantial grounding across various areas of the relationship to understand why it was as it was. The Confessions series and the alliterative titles (Beautiful and Barbaric etc) can be followed in date order of publication to flesh out that understanding and act as excellent reminders as to why to stay away. Departure won’t be relevant as you have been discarded. Escape, No Contact and Revenge are valuable reading but I would suggest reading them later since you have been discarded. If you have any questions throughout do please ask either here or you can PM on the FB page if prefer to ask privately.

  7. Freedom says:

    Tonia sounds very familiar to me your story. I was supposed to just crawl away like a hurt animal but I didn’t I like you became detective. My exes narc son told me lots of things and I’ve discovered other things for myself. I also wouldn’t rule him out about having sex with men. I sometimes think they slightly mis judge us and think they know us in doing so they forget that we to are intelligent. I’m a scientist so it’s in my nature to route out the details. I’m with you not all survivors will be hoovered back especially in our kind of cases where the narcs family believe us. My exes son has disowned his father and his new wife.

    1. Tonia says:

      Freedom I have become good friends with his oldest daughter and her mother they have been an unexpected source of understanding and support. His daughter is truly sad that her dad is treating women in this way. Once I’ve dealt with this experience and healed I hope never to see him again but right he lives with the ns ……… Around the corner 45 seconds from me

      1. malignnarc says:

        Ideal placement for triangulation and hovering. Location, location, location !

      2. Freedom says:

        We find support and solace in the strangest places Tonia. My exes son feels line your exes daughter. It’s so sad. He maybe with his NS for now but going off what HG posts and other survivors posts he’ll be packing up his old kit bag and moving on its just a question how long will it take. Could you move away ??
        HG problem with the show location location location is they don’t always listen to what’s required and they don’t always get what they want. A bit like Narc + empath relationship. The empath is prob best leaving those choices and finding something a little more to their taste.

  8. Tonia says:

    Maybe H.G. Out of all the women I played detective the most. I was I think the most gullible trusting and stupid but once I got the bit between my teeth I didn’t leave the stone unturned. I know there is loads more and something tells me there has been sex with men as well. Because He got away with things for so long he got a bit sloppy in places. Usually when he has split from someone he has looked like the victim and people feel for him. With me though it was very messy and he didn’t come out of too good especially with his family. His brother who was the black sheep now looked a bit grey compared to him. I was to put and shut up about my treatment but I didn’t. That said he did hurt me to the max and he seems very happy and close to the ns. Even he’s on dating sites still

  9. Annie says:

    I am currently reading Confessions of A Narcissist. Out of your collection, this is the first book I’ll be reading. Fortunately, I have a Kindle Unlimited account here in the US and I plan to read all of your books so I will never, ever be taken advantage of by another Narc.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hi Annie thanks for reading. Well armed with KU you really will be able to fill your boots and seize the power. Thanks for letting me know.

  10. Tonia says:

    Ive read all your books and posts You say that targets/victims are never free as you could Hoover and could back.. I don’t think that’s always the case. I’ll use myself as an example as I know X as he really his I’ve uncovered many things the dating sites, using my computer to webcam, bring women to my home, affairs, the lies, the manipulation and there is so much more. The fact that he has new supply that lives 45 seconds away from my door (they had been having an affair for 18 months ) he knows I’m really hurt by all this I guess he’s really happy he got good fuel for hurting me and knowing that I’m round the corner while he’s with ns. Is great for him. He would never Hoover he hates me as I know far too much and have told too many people. Some people can’t be hoovered

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thanks for that post Tonia. How long have you and he been apart?

      1. Tonia says:

        Hiya H.G. Sorry took so long replying we have been split since the end of February last year. I just know too much and too much has gone on there is no point and like I said he hates me. He scurries away when he sees me

        1. malignnarc says:

          Hi Tonia, interesting. He must regard you as too much of a challenge and thus too much energy will be expended dealing with you so he goes elsewhere. Scurries away? He is danger of losing his Narc Club membership (and Laurel getting it instead)

  11. Nikita says:

    Totally agree with the statement above. I had read thousands of literature and books on narcissism and thought I had understood, but after reading HG’s book I realized I had just acknowledged a theory but realized I had not really understood what narcissism is and even less how it applies into my life. HG’s books are the best you can find to connect narcissism to your real life and besides he is such a gifted author. He adresses every subject in a marvelous way that makes the reading a pleasure. EVIL is the best book to start discovering the world of a master Narcissist but every single book brings a new piece of knowledge.

    1. malignnarc says:

      High praise indeed. Thank you.

    2. I strongly agree with you 100%. He does what he does incredibly well.

      1. malignnarc says:

        I am obliged.

  12. I get it.

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