Beautiful and Barbaric

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10 thoughts on “Beautiful and Barbaric”

  1. I am really starting to believe that they are like those poor craving
    “fallen angels” – who lusted after the daughters of men ( see story in the the Bible, and extended story in the Book of Enoch) in human flesh.. craving our love and adoration.. because they cant get it from anyone else..

  2. Never Again: Life will never ever ever be the same after the dance with my Narc. How true how true. My credit rating, my self esteem, my health, will never be the same.

    Withdrawal: My mucho macho Narc is ill. He is mostly housebound and has 2 phones and me and god knows who else for supply. Women are so compassionate and love to care for the wounded noble savage. Even if he drops a yoke around your neck to insure he survives through your enslavement. Barbaric.

    HG thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.

  3. Another interesting and informative book. Just finished reading it. As you were describing your attractions to these targets, and the inevitable wrecking ball you’d become to them, I had a revelation, of sorts. Narcissists are the most neediest people around. They need fuel, which can only be derived from the adoration and subsequent devastation of other people. They need, need need it on a never ending loop. He needs a phony persona to lure his unsuspecting targets . He needs to be a fake, just so he can refuel. Without them, he crumbles. He needs them more than they need him and he’s determined to change that dynamic.
    Would it be possible for a narcissist to be a hermit? Like Ted Kazynsky (psycho Unabomber) ?

    1. Theoretically one could be physically apart from everyone else but through technology garner fuel. If a narcissist had put in place an intimate partner, inner circle friends etc beforehand, then removed himself and only contacted them through the telephone, messages and e-mail fuel would be gathered. It is not as strong as being in the presence of the individual but if done on a repeated basis it could sustain a narcissist. If no networks were in place and then the narcissist used technology thereafter to garner fuel it would come from strangers and be weak. If a narcissist withdrew from the world totally and received no fuel, he would be obliterated.

    1. Thanks Alexis. How beautiful am I? Depends which criterion you are applying. Do you mean looks, personality, my big toe etc. Is there an equation? There is when we are talking about what we say and do. Just because we may appear beautiful that does not necessarily have a bearing on the degree of barbarism we mete out. It is all about the contrast between why we are so beautiful and then so barbaric with reference to certain situations.

  4. Bought 👍🏻👍🏻 im again the first one 😃😃😃 your first customer.
    You know the first kiss, first love and first customer will never be forgotten.😂😂😂

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