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9 thoughts on “Smeared”

  1. I do realize smeared is much more than the smearing, what I do find interesting is the mechanisms, the power plays of the narc, the description of how they pit loved ones friends and foes, how others view one another while the narc remains steadfast in his false persona. He is the puppet master they all his toys, and the ignorance of all the players……this is what I find helpful, this is insight into human relations, where humans stand intellectually, emotionally, and so forth. Now I not only feel equipped to recognize the narc, I feel equipped to see those that are easily persuaded by one, it really helps to narrow who I share my most intimate thoughts with who I reveal my authentic self to, and even value how others feel and act towards me. It think your making my head too big.

  2. The smear is coming from all ends. My youngest sister, quite independently of our mother, has begun a smear campaign against me (in addition to our mother’s ongoing smear campaign against me) and there’s no clearing it. It’s as thick as horseshit.

    1. I had wondered how you are and where you had went. I was looking forward to hearing your response to the question I had posed.

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