Crystal Ball Gazing


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“Hey look Sandra, a gypsy clairvoyant, I have always wanted to try one of these out.”


“Oh yes, I am interested in that kind of thing. Do you want to as well?”

“No thanks, you go ahead, I will go and get a drink, see you in a few minutes, I will be just over there.”

“Okay. Oh hang on, is that my phone,” you scrabble in your bag and pull your phone free, “It’s Graham, I will see you later,” you wave at your friend as you jab at the screen but you have missed the call. You consider calling back but you are too excited to learn what the Gypsy Rosie Lee has to say.

You push the curtain aside and enter.

“Hello?” you ask tentatively.

“Please come in,” says a low voice.

You move forward and as your eyes adjust from the bright sunshine outside which has blessed the fair to the dimmer interior of this tent you see a lady sat to one side of a table. She beckons you towards a seat opposite and you oblige, sitting down and opening your purse to place the required fee in her outstretched and wrinkled hand. Paper certainly seems to have trumped silver in terms of crossing her palm these days.

“Give me your hands child,” she says gently and you proffer your hands. She takes hold of them, her grip stronger than you would imagine. You look at her, a veil across the lower half of her face, headscarf wrapped about her head, only her aged forehead and gleaming dark eyes visible. She holds your hands for a moment as she remains silent. Eventually she lets go and then moves her hands, probably more for show than effectiveness, over the crystal ball between you.

“Let me confirm the present for you,” she begins. You nod, eyes wide with excitement and anticipation to ascertain if she is correct in what she sees.

“You are a professional lady, earning your own income,” she begins. You nod already impressed.

“You are very much in love, in fact, you are head over heels in love with a man. He is handsome, charming and he loves you unlike anything you have known before.”

“Yes, that’s right,” you say with a gasp of amazement.

“His name begins with a G”

You give another enthusiastic nod.

“He is called Graham and you adore him.”

“Wow, yes he is and I do, I love him so much.”

“You recently moved in together.”

“Yes, he has moved in to my house,” you confirm staggered at the accuracy of what she is telling you.

“You have many friends and they think highly of you, you are a popular and you want to start a family soon, in fact you want children very much.”

You continue to nod.

“I have a grounding of your present dear child, now, let me see what the future holds for you.” She waves her hands theatrically over the crystal ball and peers into it, staring intently into it depths. You watch and wait, hardly daring to breathe…….

A little time later you emerge into the warm sunshine again and walk over to Sandra who is sat drink in hand watching the world go by.

“Hi, how did it go?” she asks raising her hand above her eyes so she can see you against the bright sunlight.

“What a waste of money,” you reply part in anger and part in upset.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” laughs Sandra but she cuts her amusement short when she sees how wretched you look. You sit down beside her.

“What is it? What did she say?”

“Well, she started off so well. She took my hands and then told me that I was a professional lady with my own income. That I was head over heels in love. That I wanted children. She told me that I lived with Graham and she even knew his name, I was blown away at how much she knew.”

“Oh Elaine, you are too trusting you know. I have always said this about you.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, she can tell by the way you are dressed and your smooth soft hands that you are hardly a factory worker, so that was an educated desk. Professional lady can cover so much.”

“Hmm, maybe, but what about knowing that I am head over heels in love?”

Your friend taps your finger.

“You are wearing an expensive and modern engagement ring. Whoever is wearing one of those is bound to be caught up in the rush of love and from that there is a good chance you will be living with somebody.”

“Well yes I see your point, I guess, but what about wanting children?”

“Wow, breaking news, young woman in a relationship wants children. That’s never happened before has it?”

“Okay, okay, but answer this then, how did she know he is called Graham?”

“Honestly, I think I should set up as one of these fortune tellers, she heard you mention his name when he called. Chances are it was a partner otherwise you would have said “it’s dad” or “it’s my brother”. These people are skilled at recognising types and of course you want to believe what she has to say, they are conditioning you so that when they get the basics right, they can tell you any old bunkum about the future. They program you to hang on their every word and so you are brainwashed into thinking they know the future. Talking of which, what did she have to say about that?”

“Well, that is where I lost faith in here. I still think she knew about my present well enough, she got so much right, but she just went completely off at a tangent about the future.”

“How so?”

“Well she says that Graham is not all that he seems and his apparent love masks an empty heart. She warned me that within months he will, how did she say it, yes that is right, he will “show me the true meaning of hatred”. She said that he would kick me out of my home, my home! She told me that he is a con man and that he would rack up huge debts in my name, force me to do horrible things with him in bed and that he will have a string of affairs. Oh yes, she even said that he was bisexual, can you believe that?”

You friend lets out a hoot of laughter.

“See, I told you, it is a load of rubbish, I mean Graham is the loveliest man you could ever meet, he is so good to you.”

“I know, I told her she was wrong, but she just fixed me with this stare. It unnerved me actually. It was as if she was looking straight through me you know, there was no emotion, just these really dark eyes looking at me.”

“Did she say anything?”

“Yes, she said that the “devil always beats his handmaiden no matter how hard she tries to please him” and I wanted to laugh at that but do you know what I actually felt terrified. I asked her to stop then.”

“I must admit, you looked rather distraught when you reached me. Don’t worry about it.”

“Honestly, the things she was saying, that he would not be a good father, that he would ruin us through gambling and that I would think I was with two different people, even in the same minute. She made him sound like some kind of madman. To be honest, it sounded like the plot of some terrifying film.”

“Tell me about it. Don’t be concerned, Graham is wonderful and he makes you so happy, yes it has been a whirlwind romance so far but you cannot let such an opportunity as this slip through your fingers can you?”

“I’m so glad you agree with me. I know what she said is all nonsense, my Graham is not like that all, but it was the way she looked at me, it chilled me to the core.”

“Forget about it, you have satisfied your curiosity and you know not to waste your money on something like that again. Come on, there’s a wheel of fortune over there, that’s going to be more reliable than Gypsy Story Teller.”

You smile and stand pushing the prophesy of the gypsy to the back of your mind. Nobody behaves like that and certainly not the man you love.

76 thoughts on “Crystal Ball Gazing

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Poetic Me. I finally got the nerve and did your reading. I shuffled and thought of the one who currently calls herself Poetic Me on I cut the deck three ways and pulled your card from a random spot. The Queen of Cups upright came up. No big surprise there with its meaning but freaky that i pulled it out of the deck. You need to protect your interests. You are intuitive. You’ve earned respect and you give respect. You will not lose your identity. You are kind. Please follow your instincts.

    Again, no big surprise with respect to what the card says. Huge surprise that it came up. I hope you are doing well.

  2. Indy says:

    HG, A “cappy” is a Capricorn. Just a silly musing on my end when I saw 1Jaded1 ask if you were born on 1/9…. sign of the goat. (stubborn, successful, business savvy, achievement oriented, the sign of the classic business man with a cold air about him)….but that’s just the sun sign and who knows when your birthday really is.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I thought Capricorn was December/January?

      1. Indy says:

        I though it was January 9th….or was it inverted in that horrible other format….if so, never mind. That would be Virgo, the virgin. Hardly applicable to you…Hahahahah

        1. HG Tudor says:

          She was referring to 1st September, you know, in the way the date should be written!

          1. Indy says:

            what-eva~ **hairflip**

  3. Fool me 1 time says:

    You should probably be a little more careful HG! Seems you are writing things on your post about yourself that you don’t remember doing!! I’m sure you will get a lot of Birthday wishes sweetie!! Xxx😘

  4. twinkletoes says:

    I won’t go into details but at one time I saved the a*s of a bpd friend. Went above and beyond, got split black and discarded in return. Not only was I out a lot of money, I felt the sting of betrayal from someone I knew since childhood. Though it took a year and a half, I did eventually get an apology, closure, and even some of my money back. I hold no ill will towards this person (even tho we are no longer in contact). What’s funny, Tubby was my primary support during that year and a half; he saw how devasated the experience left me. Is this why he left in the same manner, HG ? Was Tubby’s “support” only information gathering?

    For the borderlines here, I also wanted to know if you feel remorse ? Do you ever realize, say after a discard, that you behaved badly? If I am correct, this is a moment of clarity that never occurs with an npd?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Tubby saw the value of providing “support” by way of the appreciative fuel you gave in return. He will also have realised that removing this support would draw further fuel and as you point out he will have seen how it affected you and realised there was potential for additional fuel by treating you in the same manner. I understand that borderlines do feel remorse and feel “bad” for the way they have behaved, unlike me. I don’t feel bad because I have no capacity to do so and in any event it is not my fault so why would I beat myself up over something that isn’t my fault?

      1. twinkletoes says:

        Ignorance is bliss 💋

  5. Cara says:

    But are you really bisexual, or are you just an opportunist who will fuck whoever you need to fuck to get what you want?

  6. 1jaded1 says:

    Ha..N2 went into a graveyard with me on Halloween. I had tarot cards. We were 18 months in. The single reading card was 3 of swords. It denotes a triangle. He then humored me as I did a 3 card reading. I shuffled the deck well and cut. Past card was 3 of cups…celebrate. Present card was…shit you not…3 of swords…Future card was 9 of swords…I laughed. I should have ran.

    I believe this stuff more. My aunt went to a teller. Aunt was one of 12 kids bc Catholic and large family. The teller told my aunt that she saw many feet under aunt’s table. Aunt laughed and said she was one of 12 kids…so duh..The teller boomed and said I said YOUR table. My aunt later married and had 6 offspring. Another time same aunt asked a teller if her brother would die from his illness. Teller refused to answer but told aunt she would get a sign. Two weeks later, his carnation for aunt’s kids wedding fell apart and uncle was dead 7 months later.

    With me, I went to a teller just after I was engaged. I wasn’t in the habit of wearing my ring. He had changed over night and I didn’t feel that giddy I’m engaged feeling one is supposed to… She called me out and told me that she saw twin girls waiting to come out with my N2, should I marry him. Thankfully I didn’t so we will never know. N2s mom was salivating at the thought of twin girls. Lol. Teller also told me that I would move west even though at the time I was looking east. She insisted. She was right.

    Have you had your fortune told, HG? What would a teller say about your past, present and future in a 3 card reading? Maybe I migbt buy a deck. It’s all hogwash, right?

    1. 1jaded1 says:

      Let’s meet in a graveyard on Halloween, shall we?

    2. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you for sharing that 1jaded, I found that rather interesting. Nobody reads my fortune, I make it. I would probably make the crystal ball crack. What would they say in a 3 card reading? I don’t know. I do have a set of tarot cards though because I find the drawings interesting.

      1. 1jaded1 says:

        You are welcome HG. The drawings are beautiful. I had three decks but always went back to the Rider deck. Which drawing did you find most interesting? I think the crystal ball would remain intact if you went. Let’s make a date for 10.31.17. It will be incentive for me to stick around this place. If not, that’s okay too.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I like the Giger deck. I like the Emperor, The Devil and the Knight of Wands. A Hallowe’en meet (Much as I love the US I still jar at the way you write the date!) spooky! Where would this foul union take place?

      2. 1jaded1 says:

        The Giger deck is one we couldn’t put out on the shelves. The date…I have to be cognizant. 31.10.17, right? I would have thought you a King of Swords (reversed optional). I am a Queen of Swords…don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we are *chokeengagedormarriedchoke* i used to do readings on my hatchday and Halloween. It is now my hatchday but I need to think about gifting myself. Regarding the logistics…we have plenty of time. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t. I still haven’t made it past this year. September and October are the decision making months.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Why couldn’t you put it on the shelves, too malevolent or more likely to be stolen? Do you run a store of some sort? What kind? Thank you for accommodating my calendar needs it is appreciated. Are you a witch? I would like you to do a reading for me to see if you can do it whilst my eyes remain fixed on you.

      3. 1jaded1 says:

        It was NSF some of the members who would frequent the store. A bit risque. Woe to the person who would try to steal them on my watch. No. I don’t run a store. You are welcome around the calendar needs, no biggie. Am I a witch? It all depends on whom you ask. I do identify with pagan days as I have tongue in cheekly wished you well on some. I haven’t done a reading in years. You’ve awakened my passion, kind of, may it outweigh the other sht in my mind. We still have something like 14.5 months…that is much longer than the shelf life of someone who actively remains in your life. I would be happy to do a reading for you. My gaze would penetrate you as I told you the details of the cards.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I look forward to it.

      4. 1jaded1 says:

        You say it…lol. We both know it likely will not happen…ever.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          We shall see.

          1. 1jaded1 says:

            Okay, King of Swords. You like Knight of Wands. It doesn’t mean you are. I really want to gift myself now….Here i was going for a car…silly me.

          2. 1J1,
            I will be in Detroit for Samhain. I predict me & you at Hockeytown with Margaritas. Hold it. I’m getting another vision…….oh sorry that was the wine that I am having now. Oh wait…Here’s another one….I’m getting……..Rocky 3. What’s your prediction for the fight? Mr. T says PAIN….wait I sense another Mr. T too….huh? I predict pain there too. Yes yes, a H. Tudor….he likes a Giger deck….becuz of it being H. Giger who designed it. H.G & H.G….it’s in the cards.

          3. 1jaded1 says:

            ABB…you are awesome. HG…yes his moniker is appropriate. Pain…yes…I want to be home this year for Samhain and would love to join you in a toast. If I had pm, I’d ping you…I don’t. Cheers and raises my glass to you.

      5. 1jaded1 says:

        I already made one promise this week. That’s my one promise for the year. I fully intend to keep it. Mostly the response is I will do my best or we will see. The promise is something that I didn’t want to make. I kept going around. She finally said that she would bet her life I could fight this battle. She is a widow with two young children. Smh so I promised to fight a losing battle. I’m so sick of battling people, more of your kind….I tried to tell her that they can’t be beaten. They are all smoke and mirrors. No facts to back up their fluffy claims. I have solid proof to back up mine and I will still lose…but promised to fight. Maybe more to come but have said enough for now.

        I bought a new deck and am going to do a reading for me…then you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Can you do a reading without me being there?

      6. 1jaded1 says:


        1. HG Tudor says:

          Interesting. Will you tell me first what the cards are and then what you understand them to denote?

          1. 1jaded1 says:

            I pulled the seven of swords. Swords mean action. I shuffled and cut the deck three time, then pulled a random card. Omg Too funny but not. I’m using what the book says bc I’m rusty. Peter Pan is the boy who refused to grow up. You are getting away with something. You get glee knowing you have power over others. You are toying with your partner’s emotions. *I’m a bit queasy as I write this…gah* All I had to do was think of the one who names himself HG Tudor on as I shuffled and cut.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            I am getting away with something? I get away with everything. How does that description link to seven of swords, I am interested to know.

          3. 1jaded1 says:

            Yup, just like the card says. Here is my interp. So…the person is leaving the scene with a look of arrogance on his face….something like that douchecaptain pic in one of your posts. He carries five swords in his arms…they could be his knowledge or someone else’s or whatever he acquired. He leaves two swords behind. He will be back…hmm sounds like a hoover attempt is in the future. The reference about Peter Pan…i wish I could have thought that up, but I can’t take credit. Very interesting. Makes me now wonder if I want to keep reading. I’m glad we aren’t dating and in a graveyard on Halloween.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you. October hasn’t happened yet. There remains time.

      7. 1jaded1 says:

        I did a one card reading bc thats really all it takes…obviously.

      8. 1jaded1 says:

        You haven’t gotten away with everything. A meaner interpretation is that the two swords left behind is the fact that you haven’t gotten away with everything. They could also represent Drs. E and O, since you haven’t gotten away with everything and must keep returning to them.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          My interpretation is that I have taken the horse because I am entitled to do so. I have taken the five swords because I am entitled to do so. I have left the two swords behind because they are no longer shiny and new.

          1. 1jaded1 says:

            Your interp of this card makes sense but for the horse. There is or may be a horse in the distance of this card. If so it may be coming for him. This card doesn’t have him stealing a horse. It’s uncanny how this card describes how you portray yourself (notice I didn’t say how you are). I was totally expecting to pull a Knight card…never expecting this one. No one says, “please pull me a 7 of swords” when doing a reading.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Presumably if you did another reading for me you would get a different card. I should imagine that you would be bound to interpret that in the same vein as you have with the 7 of swords?

          3. 1jaded1 says:

            Presumably I would pick a different card. It is funny though, I did a reading for myself yesterday and another today and many of the cards were the same. Some were the same as when I did readings for myself years ago. Some things havent changed.

            No, I wouldn’t go looking for the narc traits in every card. I’ve already said I want health and peace for you. I would have been elated to pick the six of wands for you. It represents leadership with integrity and honest work, not trampling others with your size 11 (UK) shoes. It also denotes altruism. You get to ride a horse to continue the momentum, but you didn’t steal it.

            The 10 of cups exudes joy. Rainbows, cups, blue sky and children playing…happy family. I don’t see anything bad in it. If I pulled that card while thinking about the one who calls himself HG Tudor on, I would have asked wtf, but would have been happy. Reversal of this card brings challenge but even in reversal you know you need help and ask for it.

            So, maybe another reading at another time. Your birthday is coming up? It’s all hogwash anyhow, right? Just another card game.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you for expanding on the point, I do find it interesting. Yes you can do one for my birthday. Use your powers to determine which will be the appropriate day.

          5. 1jaded1 says:

            You are welcome. Ha. I have no powers. If I did, I would have won the lottery and bought my own island. It’s okay if you don’t want to say. I hope it isn’t September 1, though.

          6. HG Tudor says:


          7. 1jaded1 says:

            Is it 01.09.xx?

          8. HG Tudor says:


          9. Indy says:

            A cappy, are we?

          10. HG Tudor says:

            A what?

          11. 1jaded1 says:

            Why #1. The date is a juxtaposition.
            Why #2. If I’m wrong, I can keep guessing. I don’t think I have to since it might be hiding in plain sight. The month day switch, and all…duh. I was just reading it wrong. Plus you wrote it on a blog…hmm.

          12. 1jaded1 says:

            I was due that date but hatched a little early. I still feel as if I should have been born then. I come alive. That still doesn’t answer your question why#1 and you didn’t answer mine so we are even.

      9. Poetic_Me says:

        I am surprised a skeptic , such as yourself Hg would have a set of a tarot cards. MY psychic friend is a brilliant reader, not only of cards, he is a Clair sensitive. He uses his spirit guide. Morningstar as the catalyst for knowing. He has told me things with amazing accuracy, through Morningstar. Right down to the color of fingernail polish. The details are hauntingly eerie, like he can see me to know such things. He lives In the UK, and I do not. He also has sent him to protect me and my sleep. He has put a protection spell around me in past months.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Yes I daresay you might find that surprising PM, although as I mentioned it is more because I admire the drawings. I don’t do anything with them although with the right victim they could be used as a tool for extracting fuel. An imagination like mine would find it easy to concoct some appropriate back story to accompany the reading. An imagination like mine would revel in the dark application of the cards.
          What is a Clair sensitive?

          1. Poetic_Me says:

            Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses. Psychics who are clairsentient are able to retrieve information from houses, public buildings and outside areas.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            I’m obliged.

          3. Poetic_Me says:

            Have you ever done that HG to one of your targets, for some fun and fuel for yourself? I have had tea leaves read and crystal ball reading that were absolute bunk.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Not with tarot cards. I have used belief in other supposed future telling etc to my advantage.

            With a few victims I would tell them that there is a magic mirror in my bathroom. I would write a message on it in the condensation and tell them to stare at the mirror and run the hot tap underneath to access the power of the magic mirror and tada, lo and behold the magic mirror would reveal its choice message for them. This is used during seduction and devaluation to equal effect.

          5. Poetic_Me says:

            Lol…I can imagine the message if related to seduction, get thee to the bed chamber, wench…lol did that really work, were they intoxicated or drugged at the time, or not very bright? Such a thing would make me smile, but not believe.

          6. HG Tudor says:

            If I chose anybody who seriously believed a mirror was magic I would have throttled them for their stupidity. They knew it was me who had done it, that was the point. Delightful and uplifting message for the seduction, horrible and nasty for the devaluation (although of course they thought it would be a delightful message after having seen the “magic mirror” reveal delightful comments previously).

          7. Poetic_Me says:

            Yes clever and brilliant way to incorporate seduction and devaluation…both forms would make me smile…I laughed at throttle them if they believed it was magic…ha ha.

    3. Poetic_Me says:

      1jaded1, last tarot reading I had done where card was an inverted three of swords. I know wonder if that wa a related to my Relationship with D at the time, my mother has just passed as well.

      1. 1jaded1 says:

        Hi PM. I’m sorry about the loss of your mom and about your relationship at the time. Three of swords is a challenging card. Reversal may or may not lessen the blow. As you say, it depends on our actions. Each card has positives and opportunities. I’m not a reader, only for entertainment. I don’t have a spirit guide. It was just a bit bizarre regarding the card that came out for HG. I’ll be happy to do a one card reading. I’m on vaca and in a house with 9 other people, so is next week okay? No privacy and very mixed energy.

        In the end, it’s just another belief system. People flog me but it’s just another system of belief (or disbelief). It has a foundation, a spritual vessel, perception and faith.

        I hope you are doing well.

        1. Indy says:

          Have a wonderful vacation, 1Jaded1!!! I think your tarot card readings are cool. I like to refer to my spiritual beliefs as a patch work of various spiritualties that help accept this current life, find peace and meaning.

          Peace to ya!!!


          1. 1jaded1 says:

            Thank you, Indy. 🙂 Fun so far. Peace to you, too.

        2. Poetic_Me says:

          Thank you 1jaded1, yes anytime would be fine, thank you so much for considering it. Enjoy your holiday x

          1. 1jaded1 says:

            Thank you, PM.

    4. Poetic_Me says:

      1jaded1, unlike HG I do not balk at such things. I do believe In the concepts of fate and destiny. Along with our own determination of how events will play out, according to our actions,
      Would you be able to do a one card reading on me as well, I am curious as to what it would reveal now. Thank you.

      1. 1jaded1 says:

        I haven’t forgotten this. I did 3 readings while I was on vacation and had 3 people angry bc the cards told them what people tell them. The first had a queen of penteactle as a focal point. She was reversed and that can mean martyrdom. People tell her she portrays herself as a martyr. My best is also breaking free from an N. The reading told her she was still into him more than she wanted to realize. She called it me projecting so I had her pull a clarifying card. It was 7 of swords. She told me I was evil. It was in jest but still. The third involved a former colleague. Her fiance was married and she found out after 9 months of dating. Cards said to be aware about a romantic interest because shady and now I am a witch in her eyes. I’m hoping if I do one for you, it is way off. It will be.

  7. Indy says:

    Love the story style when you write, HG! Enjoyed reading this one.

    Ok, I hope it is OK to put a chuckle for the day, sometimes with all the pain and deep stuff, laughter can be the best medicine. If this is inappropriate, HG, let me know. It is related to your blog…..well sort of….
    So I get this email from my power company with the line “Get protection from vampires”. I thought, noooooo, not my electric company…. I open it and this is what it says:

    “Many appliances continue to use energy even when they are switched off. This is known as “vampire load.”

    So, I wonder, is my coffee maker a narcissist AND an appliance? And what does that make me? LOL

    Ok, corny, but I laughed.

    ((((virtual hugs to all)))))

    1. Poetic_Me says:

      This was awesome example Indy, and funny.

    2. alexis2015s says:

      I think appliances continue to use energy when they’re switched off because appliances are real and tangible and have endless energy which can be dimmed but never extinguished. Just have to conserve our energies sometimes x

  8. nikitalondon says:

    Wow a very good story !!! Excellent writter.. But could be the story for a drama thrill that ends up in mightmAre 😖😖

  9. Poetic_Me says:

    I have a G in my life… ex husband, his name is Graham too…ooh, spooky HG.
    I believe in Intuition and spiritual advisement and heeding warnings received. Where was my gypsy back then? Thank goodness for my brilliant friend and spiritual advisor now. He keeps the demons and beasts and entities at Bay.
    For protection… bury an iron nail in the ground protruding upward to the full moon and recite this incarnation….

    Wonderful story, very fore telling.

    1. Indy says:

      Hi PM,
      This is weird, I too had an ex G. Iron nail? Intrigued.
      Hope you are doing well, sending positive vibes as I wash my crystals and burn a frankensense candle. I’m one of those weird people that both values hard science and spiritual energies (a friend of mine refers to my “earthy side” as “woo-woo” hehe)

      1. Poetic_Me says:

        The iron nail , from long ago….my friends, would tell me when engaging with negative energy forces through this medium or via phone, to run my fingers through earth. It is calming, helps to ground yourself 😏 I am same way…my beliefs are varied. I do not dismiss until proven not to be effective for me…ie Narcs

  10. Fool me 1 time says:

    If only we all had a crystal ball! Xxx

  11. CC says:

    I am very emotional reading this one….too many memories, I too saw a fortune teller, twice. Both times he was with me. The first time he entered the room during my reading and she stared at him and said, “Oh you are the type that likes to learn the hard way.” He just loomed over me, semi demanding semi whining …”I want to hear!” I some how got him to “leave” I know he stood outside the door/curtain …listening.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Of course he did, we need to know and there was bound to be material that could be used to his advantage.

      1. CC says:

        Yes, there was, and he used it to his advantage well, looking back he never did waste an opportunity.

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