O Come All Ye Empaths


O Come all ye empaths

Honest and so decent

O come ye, O come ye to my illusion,

Come and be ensnared

By my golden period

O come let you fuel me

O come let you fuel me

O come let you fuel me

Narc the Lesser


O cry tears of sadness,

Cry in sheer frustration,

Cry and be hurt by

My manipulations

Give to your narc fuel

In the plenty

O come let you fuel me

O come let you fuel me

O come let you fuel me

Narc the Mid-Range

All hail Greater we worship thee,

Malevolent and so handsome,

O Greater for always will you hoover us,

Words are your weapons

Devaluation appearing

O come let us fuel him

O come let us fuel him

O come let us fuel him

And never stop



29 thoughts on “O Come All Ye Empaths”

  1. Oh come all ye greaters
    Magnificent and powerful
    Oh come ye oh come ye
    I have only been with a mid-range
    Come and behold me HG the greatest greater
    Oh come ye oh come ye
    I will drown in your seduction
    I know you will discard me
    A price i’m willing to pay
    Oh come HG oh come ye
    I’m waiting impatiently

  2. HG, very nice. I am digging the Horriday Delights~~I actually sang this as I read. 🙂

    Did you already do “Narc the Harold, Empaths Sing!”? Glory to the Greater King?

      1. Hahaha, I didn’t even think of that. I had an uncle Harold. He was sweet. No, you are not a Harold. Maybe a Dirty Harry, but defintely not a Harold.

        Yes, you did do Narc. the Somatic.

        Oh, Ex-Mas Tree, Oh Ex-mas tree
        I did discard thee, promptly….
        But I shall return, when fuel goes bad,
        Don’t pout like that, I see you’re sad
        Oh Ex-Mas Tree, Oh Ex Mas Tree
        The hoover is soon coming.

  3. I am so going to sing this this morning. Lol i have an employee that thinks you are brillant in what you are doing and I am sneaky in the way I am going around policy to talk about such things.
    They just are not paying attention to the words and think I am singing carols.

  4. A real life psychopath gets to torture women and gets to send voice recordings by voicemail: Beep Beep Beep (His workvan) GO for your life, get rid of her! Then BRAGS about how he killed her. Then my friend comes over and says: That is you voice and what do you mean by your comments? Then he holds his fiat to her head and her every name under the sun and says to her………………..

  5. Being that Christmas is a religious holiday, the songs do not resonate with me unless it is jingle bells. But you are one crazy fucker, and I will never hear these songs the same way. I had to sing this one. As a matter of fact, Christmas religious songs will forever be Narc music to me. Thanks a bunch.

  6. This was so good, I now want to know your lyrics for the other Narc Holiday favorite, “Silent Treatment.”.

    1. What about some additional lyrics for, Let old supply sources be forgotten and never brought to mind? Happy New Year.

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