The Narcissistic Truths – No. 124


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  1. πŸ₯€πŸŒΉπŸŒΊ says:

    Cognitive Dissonance…You are very kind, Dear Mr. Tudor… It’s very strange. I feel as if I am spinning a bit. Hmmm. On one side, you are a Sociopathic Beast, and everything terrible that this name implies. And yet, on the other side of the coin, you appear to be more kind to me and personable than my very nearest, and most beloved friend. Is it possible for you to explain this to me, please? How can this be possible?

  2. πŸ₯€πŸŒΉπŸŒΊ says:

    You, yourself, must have the awareness, Mr. Tudor, in all the insight that you show, that being married to a Sociopath would equate to a life of sheer Hell? Can you attest to this after everything you write on the subject? [The lies, cheating, gaslighting, crazymaking, manipulation, horrible spiritual and psychological abuse, triangulation, the constant put-downs, murdering of self-esteem, killing of spouse’s identity, and so much more…?

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. πŸ‘Ύ says:

        You have such understanding and such insight as to what and why your kind do as they do. And, you seem to have such self-discipline and self-control, especially being a Greater Elite Narcissist/Sociopath, as yourself. You have developed and fine tuned your skills over time with practice, from what I understand, from a need. Even though I get the basic idea, it still doesn’t make sense to me because I am not like one of you. I cannot imagine what it would be like, even if I try. I wish you could write a book using metaphors to help us understand what it might feel like to be you; to understand, and have the insight that you do, and to know that you hurt other people, but to have no love, nor care in your heart, whatsoever, for this outcome. But, you do have anger, fury, and rage. I do, too. But, I am able to fully feel love, empathy, care, and remorse. I think you are correct in what you say about Codependents in your book of Chained. We are somehow stuck in the middle. It’s very painful. When BPD is added, it’s all the more painful because all feelings are intensified; Love, Anger, Remorse, Fury, Rage, Sorrow, Passion, Lust, Pity, Sadness, Happiness, and so forth… Sociopaths and Narcissists know how to trigger BPD’s it seems…yet, BPD’s look to them for guidance and help with control.

        Sorry for rambling; it seems that I had a bit of spare time, today, and was a bit sentimental. β˜‚οΈ

      2. πŸ–± says:

        Yes πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

  3. πŸ₯€πŸŒΉπŸŒΊ says:

    I’ll let you in on an even greater truth, if you dare publish it… I wouldn’t want to be married to an actual Sociopath because we all know Sociopaths cheat, bring home STD’s, lie, and tear out their wives’ hears, one by one…not just specifically you, HG, but most all Sociopaths… it’s a marriage made in Hell. I’d rather never be in a relationship for the rest of my life, than to ever be in one with a Sociopath. Once I start getting out, again, I do plan on getting into a healthy relationship compliments of your guidance from your past articles I have read on Narcissist Abuse. I did not mean to make you angry with my comment about being married to you as I was only jesting as many of us here on this blog do. Again, my apologies, HG.

  4. πŸ₯€πŸŒΉπŸŒΊ says:

    I’ll let ya in on a little secret: the ever mysterious “HG” happens to be my husband, so I’d say I know him pretty darn well, in fact… πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I’ll let you in on the complete truth. No I am not.

    2. Too bad claudia, because he’s cheating on you with me! πŸ˜†

      1. πŸ‘Ύ says:

        And, he’s cheating on you with two other women πŸ˜‰

        1. That’s to be expected…

          1. πŸ–± says:

            Yes, indeed, sister PTSD πŸ˜‰[that rather rhymes] πŸ˜‰

      2. πŸ‘Ύ says:

        ha ha…that did make me laugh, though…πŸ˜‰ PTSD ❀️ cute…and true

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    You are welcome, HG.

  6. Becky says:

    HG, this statement is soooo true. When I was married to my narc, I craved time to myself to recover from the loneliness with him. Now I am married to an absolutely incredible and loving man, who I love every moment with and would rather be with him, than time to my self – very unusual for a mother of 5. Most mothers of 5 would kill for some time to themselves.

  7. Lucky little loony/yay/yay 4 unicorns/claudia(?),
    Realize this:
    ‘What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ 🌹 (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet)

    1. Love says:

      So true PTSD! Very sweet of you. 🌹

      1. 🌸🌸🌸

    2. Joy to you, PTSD 🌻🌻🌻

      1. Same to you!

  8. AH OH says:

    Claudia, you admit that you are batshit crazy with numerous issues and disorders. I am happy you stood up for yourself.

    Post all you want, as you said it is up to HG to let it through. I don’t pay attention to you when you go on a rant. Do you know why? Because I know you are batshit crazy. But it is you and you have a real life mental hell every moment, every day. For this I will just watch from afar.

    But please do stop changing you name. It is annoying as BE mentioned.

    Please do not loose yourself in this blog. It is not reality. We all admire this mystery who labels himself HG TUDOR GREATER NARCISSIST SOCIOPATH.
    Do not hurt over someone who you can never have.

    I know I will accept your batshit crazy on here as long as you really try to control it because after awhile the sorry will mean nothing.

    Now go ride your unicorn and be happy! If you can.

    1. Thank you, Ah Oh πŸ™‚ 1). I always stand up for myself, but I choose my battles wisely as some battles are not worth the energy, time, or thought. 2). Just as this Blog is not reality, neither is my character on this Blog. The things I have written about are true, as far as the Narcs in my life, but my own characte in which I project on here, itself, is not. In person, I am level-headed, calm, easy going, happy, and grateful in just about every aspect of my life. 3). I am no longer on this Blog as I have become very busy in my personal life as of lately, but I do try to answer comments sent to from time to time- when able. 4). No one really knows anyone else here on this Blog, in any way, shape, or form. 5). Unicorns do not exist.

      Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comments πŸ™‚

      1. AH OH says:

        The blog is very real Claudia. It is what we do with it that makes it unreal. To think of HG as a man that anyone can have a normal (what society deems normal) relationship with is definitely not reality.
        What I post on this blog is the truth and most likely to my detriment.
        What I write is what my little pea brain thinks at that moment.
        I am the real deal.
        Yes! Unicorns do exist, and if you say they do not again, I will get off my beautiful majestic friend right now and look you straight in the eyes.

        1. πŸ₯€πŸŒΉπŸŒΊ says:

          AH OH,

          Perhaps I worded my last comment wrong. What I intended to say is that, this Blog, though helpful, does trigger me, as HG’s Posts are very powerful, as is many of the commenters replies to his posts. They trigger me to react in ways that are not my “normal” character, but someone far deeper inside of me, who has put up with abuse from early childhood, as many of us have. But, away from this Blog, I am not so triggered, and I am very much a different person than whom you “see” on this Blog. The difference is between black and white. On this Blog, it is as if I am going through some deep hypnotic state that takes me deep into my childhood abuse and through all the Narcissist abuses, from then on, into my adulthood. It stirs horrific memories up in me that are very painful, and despairing.

          I believe in Love. When I am in-love, I give my all to my beloved because this is who I am. It seems that I have always lived for love, and always will. It is my breath of life. To give my all to a man is my greatest pleasure in life, and I know of no greater pleasure. At this very moment, unicorns do not exist for me only because I have been healing from a muscle injury, and thus have been isolated inside my house for several months, unable to join others, [and a bit afraid to try due to past Narcs], and this is why I say “unicorns do not exist”. I feel that, for me, they only exist when I am in-love. When I am with a man whom I love, then I do fly upon unicorns, and slide down the most colorful of all rainbows in existence! 😍

          But, being a BPD, it is extremely difficult for me to find my own identity and unicorns away from that of being in-love. Having a man to love seems to be my life’s blood and identity. I know this might sound pathetic to some of you liberalists, or Women’s Rights Advocates out there, but I am a traditional woman, with traditional values, and I love to have a man in my life to care for, pamper, dote on, adore, and appreciate. It brings out the very best in me.

          Yes, sadly, I do understand that HG is merely a figment of my imagination being that I can imagine him to be anyone whom I wish, and he is that person, since he mirrors so well, and I have never seen him. This is another reason why, besides, replying to comments addressed to me, I have exited this Blog- it is not healthy for me. Thus, off of Blog, out of “site”, out of mind. I do not even give HG a second thought, when I am away from this Blog due to the business and happenings within my own personal life. But, I do not mind answer comments that are in my notifications, when I see them. I just no longer make it a point to read any more articles, posts, or random comments due to triggers.

          It is not difficult for me to meet people, but after several Narcissists, I have become afraid of who it is I will actually be meeting! I do wish to ride upon my beautiful unicorn, again, whilst avoiding the fire πŸ”₯ breathing dragons πŸ‰ !

          With All Due Respect to HG Tudor, and his powerfully potent articles on the dynamics of Narcissism πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

          Thank You, HG 🌟🌟🌟

          1. Becky says:

            I hope you find someone. I totally get where you are coming from. I could not handle not having a man in my life. My second husband is totally opposite of my ex-narc. I love pampering him and spending time with him. The difference is that he loves me back. Don’t settle just to have a man in your life, but don’t be afraid of trying either. Love is possible post-narc. Just be thorough in your testing. I tested my second husband to no end before I married him. He never once responded like my ex. I honestly didn’t know how to cope with true love for a while. It took me 4 years of testing to finally marry the guy. Now I wish I had done it sooner. Don’t let any liberal feminazi tell you it’s wrong to want a man to love. Just pick a good one next time.

          2. πŸ‘Ύ says:

            Thank you, Becky. I feel in my heart that I will one day find True ❀️ Love! Your comment was beautiful.

    2. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

      1. AH OH says:

        Thank you for the flowers.

        1. You are very welcome, AH OH.

  9. I get this ‘gut instinct’ or intuition at times, that Narcissists want to beat the He*l out of me. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so 🌈🌈🌈

  10. Bloody Elemental says:

    I cannot tell you how it pleases me that you chose Lucky Little Loony as your new screen name, YAY.

    It is a testament to my brilliant mind and excellent sense of humour.

    You do know how to make a girl smile!

    1. I am most glad to make you smile B_E… It gives me great reward β€οΈπŸ’œβ€οΈ

    2. I am sure that you are the most loveliest of all when you smile, and that your brilliance lights up the darkest of alleyways. ⚑️⚑️⚑️ I feel it spectacular that you even regard me, whether to scorn or compliment me. Thank you, B_E.

  11. this song is for you, from me, HG. Amy Grant wrote it for her baby….She loves her baby more than any man.

  12. noah80 says:

    It is just what i feel in my story with him… loneliness… but this deep loneliness is with me right now… and i know that there are a lot of persons that love me…but nobody is him and no one can fill the void that he left inside me…

    1. Love says:

      I’m sorry Noah. ❀

    2. 🌷🌹🌸🌻

  13. Bloody Elemental says:

    As usual, I do not understand what you are going on about YAY. You do not know anything more about HG than any of us here. He is a brilliant man and has covered all bases when it comes to protecting his true identity.

    We will not know anything about him unless he wants us to know. You can be sure of that. In fact, the absolute mystery that surrounds him is one of the (many) things that makes him so bloody attractive. There is plenty of evidence to prove that is the case.

    We have debated his age time and again in this space and I remember a few times now, HG has posted that he is 22. When I answered the query about his age, I said I did not think he was 40 yet, but that he was probably mid to late-30s and that is still what I think.

    Based on the limited information HG has presented here and in his works, and based on comments he has made, common sense would suggest he cannot be much younger than mid-30s.

    And do not get me started on his voice. With a voice like that, I do not much care how old he is.

    1. It is not really about Mr. Tudor, per say. Bloody, but rather about my own experiences with Peter Pan from the past. From that past experience of mine, along with Peter’s Momma, I simply cannot be enmeshed with a younger man…say, below 40ish. I know this is a learning site, and not a dating site, but one can hope, can they not? 😊 But, I do not even wish to pretend with a man below 40. It’s nothing personal. It’s just from my own past experiences with Peter Pan triangulating me with his surrogate Momma, and all his Tonka trucks… it’s wears thin after awhile.

      1. Bloody Elemental says:

        I see.

        That is not what I gathered at all from your comments, YAY.

        1. What did you gather from my comments, Bloody? Sometimes I put several meanings into what I write. Perhaps you picked up on this…

          1. Bloody Elemental says:

            I know that, despite your reasons for it, I continue to find it annoying that you have adopted so many aliases on here.

            The way you worded your original comment made it sound like you found something out about HG, which amused me.

            Honestly, you are so all over the place, it is hard for me to understand much of what you contribute here.

            One minute you are leaving the blog, the next you are back with SURPRISE – ANOTHER ALIAS!

            One minute you are calling people “slut” and “sleaze” and the next you are apologizing.

            One minute you say you do not want anything to do with HG and the next you making acidic comments laced with jealousy to others for flirting with him.

            One minute you go on about how pointless/triggering all of this is for you, how banal we all are, and the next you and your four thousand aliases are cluttering up the forum with questions like, “HG, do you have a woman tied up in your basement?”

            I mean, really.

            Not to mention going on and on and on about being called a brown-noser, then turning around and calling others much nastier names than that.

            That is just a small sample of what I have noticed, since you asked.

          2. Thank you for answering my question, Bloody. Yes, lately I have been rather changeable due to many things I have been thru that you do not know about, but you are able to witness the aftermath of it. I might be a bit wishy-washy at the present moment, because of my impulses, and then when I see I’ve done something wrong, I desire to better my character with my apologies. So yes, I get angry, and then retract, and get angry, and retract… it is more than I can say for those of whom are set on being Narcissists, and deem to never change, but in knowing who they are, choose to only continue to keep hurting others. Yes, I fall off the horse, and get back on, and so forth, and keep trying….I am fallible and have major CPTSD, BPD, Attachment Disorder, Rage Syndrome, and Narcissist Victim Syndrome, and I am always trying to better myself, and be a better person. Can a Narcissist say the same thing? What you see with me is what you get. Narcissists, on the other hand, “act” sweet or agreeable and then stab you in the back.

            As far as my name changes, that’s my business, and it’s my WordPress Alias and I can change it a thousand times a day if I wish. At least it’s just a name. A Narc changes their masks and whole identity to harm others as much as they wish. Hmmm, I think I will change my name again…

          3. 🌸🌸🌸 says:

            Incidentally, HG says that he likes me on his blog. And, if I wanna ask if he has a woman tied up in his basement, because I really wanna know, and he allows the comment, then what’s your problem? I wanted to know, and M. Tudor was kind enough to answer. Are you on your period, Bloody?

          4. Bloody Elemental says:

            Well aren’t you a Lucky Little Loony that HG likes you.

            You have stated numerous times you do not care what HG thinks about you and you do not need him, so I am very surprised to hear that you value his opinion of you so intensely.

            Not on my period Yay, but that was really classy of you to ask.

            I am just a real bitch – especially when provoked.

            Thanks for noticing.

          5. 🌸🌸🌸 says:

            I think this shall be my new Alias name: Lucky Little Loony. I like it very much, and feel it is has a nice ring to it. I feel I will get slammed for saying this, Bloody, but I wish we could be friends. I will try to act better. You know that I will fall off my horse, again, though. So…. I am sorry for asking you about your period issue. This was not nice of me. This time, the horse I fell off of was a very tall one. I am sorry. I am almost crippled from all these horses I keep falling off from. The truth is, I admit it…I terribly respect M. Tudor…i admire and adore him. Sometimes I hate him because I love him so much and it hurts me so bad that he will go away some day. I know you might think it’s stupid, but I am crying over this right now. I do not care if he is 20 or 99, I love him, and adore him. I do not know why. I am trying to distract myself so I do not love him so much because it hurts too much. I hate him for loving him so much because it hurts my heart too, too much. How can I go on? Yes, my new name will be Lucky Little Loony, only it should be Unlucky Little Loony. Bloody, though you do not wish this, I have grown attached to you, and wish that you were my sister. And now, I cry for this. See, I am so much a Loony. But, still, I wish you could be my sister!!!

        2. Of course, had Peter Pan initially said, “I wish for a mother, and not a lover”, I would have obliged, even though I was only a few years older than, he. But, he never said this. He simply played his Peter Pan games on me with his Mommy Dearest. I can be almost anything that anyone wishes of me because I am adaptable, but they need to give me a clue, and not make me into their pawn to be played without my knowing my part. I want to be a partner, not a left out piece. I loathe being left out of anything.

        3. I think he might have still been attending Romper Room sessions when I met him. Silly me; I thought he’d graduated.

        4. His surrogate momma dearest never failed to tell me that she found my boyfriend to be the most “mentally stimulating” man she’d ever been with in her life… And, of course, Peter Pan beamed with pride. Incidentally, she, herself, was married to a quiet sort of fellow. She certainly had a glow about her after she, and my triangulating Peter Pan, boyfriend, had their daily, hour after hour, ‘mind escapades’ of “mental stimulation”. She was about 65 yrs of age. When he, and I, finally we’re broken up, she was one of the most meanest in his Smear Campaigns. I even have Snapshots of a few of his Facebook Smears of me, with his surrogate Momma, and Romper Room classmates, joining in. So cozy.

  14. I will never date another Peter Pan, again. I need a real man. Yes, someone over 45 yrs of age.

    1. I believe HG is in his late thirties or early forties. In “Chained” he wrote that his sister is ten yrs younger than him, and that she’s in her late twenties – if my memory serves me correctly.

      1. 🀑πŸ˜₯🀑πŸ˜₯🀑πŸ˜₯

      2. AH OH says:

        You little slueth!πŸ”¦

      3. AH OH says:

        PSTD Really??? I AM SO DISAPPOINTED! I was hoping he was a bit older.

        Goodness, he can not handle one such as myself. He would be stomping his foot to it caught fire. Nothing like the expirence of time on the planet. I would have him figured out in no time. (Besides the fact that he has given us the blueprint)
        To bad, I was hoping he could travel the world with me. (As much as a IPSS can)

        Always a day to early! 😒

        1. AH OH,
          You stated: “Goodness, he can not handle one such as myself.”
          But do remember that HG loves a challenge! And i do recall seeing your pic a few months ago. Along with a great personality, you have lovely looks! But then again, it is all about the fuel!! ♨️♨️♨️♨️

          1. AH OH says:

            Yes it is and my fuel would be not easy to obtain, I am a bit spunky.
            I believe he would be quick to put his hands around my neck.

          2. I believe reading in an article that he has done so in the past – putting his hands around somebody’s neck! You meanie HG!! 😠

          3. AH OH says:

            How fun!

          4. AH OH says:

            When I say he cannot handle me, it is that I am not empathetic enough for a narc.

      4. Love says:

        Lol Ah Oh. So Mr. Tudor will be your IPSS? Lol you go girl!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Like I am ever going to be somebody else’s appliance. Interesting admission however to regard others as an appliance.

          1. 1jaded1 says:

            The thing is that you are her appliance. That is what hurts. That and the fact that you have the compulsion to pass it on.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Do you mean MatriNarc’s?

          3. 1jaded1 says:


          4. HG Tudor says:

            Much as it infuriates me, I would have to concede that I once was her appliance when I was a child. I know that (sub-consciously) she regards me as one now, but I reject that and indeed I am in that respect a malfunctioning appliance thus I have thrown that yoke off. I am not an appliance to anybody else nor will I ever be and it does not please me to be referred to in that way. Of course I am able to refer to all others as appliances, but that is the usual contradictory nature of my kind.

          5. 1jaded1 says:

            Thank you HG. To me you are a person.

          6. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you 1jaded.

          7. You, an appliance to AH OH?! Inconceivable isn’t it?!
            Oh chill out HP… I mean HG! πŸ˜‚

          8. HG Tudor says:

            It is entirely inconceivable.

      5. Love says:

        Apparently you go full throttle with the ‘hands around the neck’, Mr. Tudor. I like. My ex narc did not pass muster based on those standards πŸ˜‰

      6. Love says:

        I’m sorry Mr. Tudor. I apologize for saying you were Ah Oh’s appliance. I did not want to make you upset.
        I think you are magnificent ❀

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You didn’t upset me. I just pointed out the facts, Love.

          1. πŸ‘Ύ says:

            I do not think you are Magnificent, HG. I think you are a spoiled brat who thinks he’s better than everybody else, and hurts people just to keep feeling that way. And I don’t care who gets mad at me for saying so. You are a punk who gets paid for being a punk. And no need to use your stupid, “Nice to see you, Mum” joke, because I’m not your mum.

      7. Never says:

        HG is very intelligent….his anonymity I believe is a priority. I don’t know that all the “data” about him is accurate per say. For example he (if indeed HG is a “he”) may have sister but she is actually 8 years younger. With the ability to refine internet searches….I just don’t believe he would leave many “data points”….However, this belief is solely based on what I would do it if I wanted to provide context yet assure anonymity.

        1. Never,
          That’s an excellent point! Indeed HG would be intelligent and clever enough to do as such! I never thought of it!

        2. πŸ‘Ύ says:

          “He” could be a “She” or even “they”… a group of people answering our questions and selling books

  15. Perhaps I might find an “older”, more “mature” Narc/Sociopath blog to entertain myself on… [well, “all is well that ends well”, as they say]… HG, do you like Tonka Trucks? Maybe as a gift? Well, take care now… cuddles.

    1. I figured it out. Right down to the period on the end of the sentence. Rather disappointing.

  16. Interesting….

    1. πŸ₯€πŸŒΉπŸŒΊ says:

      Incidentally, I find it a bit curious, Hiding, that I had not seen you again on this blog for a long time, yet only with this one remark above, but you came onto my own personal blog to ask me questions about HG. If you have questions for me, please keep them on HG’s own Blog, and do not use my personal blog for your questions, to me, pertaining to HG. I do not even know you. Or, email HG personally, yourself, and ask him- not me. Why would I even know anything, and even more so, even if I did, why would I tell you, a stranger who just happens to pop up on my blog, out-of-the-blue inquiring info about HG without ever even introducing yourself to me, asking how my own day is going, or anything else- except to want to know, on point, what you want to know- period. I might know a lot about him, but I will never tell you, or anyone- EVER.

      1. May you reap the seeds you sow.

        1. πŸ₯€πŸŒΉπŸŒΊ says:

          May you throw your seeds out the window, climb the stalk that grows from those seeds, and stay in that neck of the woods.

          1. I am beginning to think you are the kind of person when someone first meets you, they don’t like you. But when they get to know you better, they hate you.

          2. πŸ–± says:

            LOL.. Sing On…🎢 🎢 🎢

          3. πŸ–± says:

            Gosh, Hiding; thank you [blush] 🀣 That could be the BPD in me 🀣 MUAH πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

          4. πŸ–± says:

            In other words, I beg you not to fuck with me.

      2. Claudia, if Hiding is asking you questions about HG on your blog and not here, maybe she’s an ex of his, discarded, and does not know where to go for answers. Just a thought…

        1. HG Tudor says:

          A fair point PTSD but she is not. I do think however that she thinks her ex is me, hence the questions.

          1. πŸ‘Ύ says:

            I apologize, but no matter what we talk about, or even jest about [to relieve the stress from what we have all been thru; I, for one use very zany humor as a stress reliever], do not think there’s any reason whatsoever to go behind a Known Sociopath’s back, on my own personal Blog, and ask me questions, putting me in a potentially risky situation of being tempted to talk behind the Known Sociopath’s back. I don’t think there’s any excuse or justification for it; I really do not. I don’t care if she thinks I know you, Mister Tudor, or not…it’s not very courteous to take this on another commenter and do this to that person- for “whatever” reason.

          2. Claudia, it is risky, and i’m glad you drew your limits.

          3. πŸ–± says:

            Thank you, PTSD. The truth is that we cannot make everyone happy, no matter how much we wish we could. So, we need to remember to keep ourselves safe, and realize that there are many wolves out there dressed in sheep’s clothing. I am a great sinner, and the first to admit it [worse than anyone], but I do know it says in the Bible to be as “innocent as doves, but as shrewd as snakes” because of deceivers. As you notice above, or below, [wherever her remark happens to be, she is hissing her hate at me, presently, simply because I publicized something she, herself, was doing “behind the scenes”. [ If this, indeed, is what you are even talking about: e.g. Hiding… I cannot see the full length of comments, right now, becuz I’m on my friend’s device].

            Claudia ❀️

        2. πŸ‘Ύ says:

          She need not choose me, possibly putting me at risk of talking behind his back. I have a lot of questions I get curious to ask others, but I do not feel it courteous to go onto their personal blog and ask them behind Tudor’s back, putting them at jeopardy. I can ask Tudor on this blog, or email him.

  17. Oh my gosh!!!! Everything is changed, now!!!! I wish you all well, my friends. I must leave. The whole dynamics have changed. I just found something out!!! Everything is different, now. I think our dearest M. Tudor is…is…YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!! [AKA: IMMATURE]!!!!!!!!!! I am having a nervous breakdown for sure, today!!!!

    1. AH OH says:

      forever young? How cool is this? But his voice? How odd it would be to hear this voice coming from a “young” person.

      1. His voice does not sound like someone below 40!! I cannot find a man below 40 to be intriguing.

        1. AH OH says:

          Not to my ears.

          He sounds like a mature man with beautiful silver hair and eyes so blue that they seem like ice. Tall and regal.

          But than again he could be short with a belly and bald as hell.

          I am going with the former.

          1. I would not care what he looked like, only that he was older than 45!!! πŸ•Έ dear sweet HG… 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭 here is a lollipop

          2. AH OH says:

            Stop changing your flipping name!!! Just stop it! There is no need and it doesn’t fare well.
            And I will take that candy!

          3. One of my flaws, Ah Oh, is that I am a constant CHANGER. I try to help it, but I keep losing the battle. I did have a name, once, that lasted for quite a long time, actually. I do not recall it, presently. I am sorry that I annoy you, but …

            I do change my mind an awful Lot;
            At least I even have a mind in which to change!
            And, I am never boring to be around,
            In fact, people often say, “Wow, she really is very strange!”

            It is one thing, of many, I must work on
            to change… it puts me in a bind.
            I guess the main reason why I change my mind so much is because….
            Oh, Never Mind…..

            Yes, you can keep the candy.

          4. AH OH says:

            Change your mind but not you name.
            Thank you for the candy!🍭🍬

    2. Love says:

      Come back soon Yay!

      1. Love says:

        You are one of the bridesmaids after all!

        1. What if he’s like …in his twenties??

    3. anteah says:

      Narcissists are all usually immature to a significant degree, regardless of their bio age. So not sure why his immaturity is only being discovered now. In fact if he is physically younger than late 20s-early 30s he is actually fairing surprisingly well for someone whos development was so fractured.

      1. Anteah, well I dated a Narcissist who was younger than, I, and he triangulated me with a surrogate Mommy who was old enough to be a mom to the both of us. And, he ran to her and always told her absolutely everything I said, he would have her pick out my bday gift, he told her all his Deep secrets [not me; he made sure I knew that], he sent her his best pics which she plastered all over Facebook, and I got the blurry pics of him with Pink Eye; he spent hours everyday skyping with her and had their web cameras set up so they could just watch each other eat and do normal activities of daily living, ETC… It was so weird. He told me how she had told him that he had Sensual Eyes, ETC… Ugh…This woman was like 25 years older than him..I was actually wondering if he might also be BPD with PETER PAN Syndrome, and that She was an Inverted Narc of some kind who needed to enable Narcs…since her 5 brothers were Narcs.

      2. AH OH says:

        He is in his 40’s. otherwise he needs a permission slip from the matrinarc to play in my funhouse.

        We start with Post Office!

        1. AH OH, I love to play house! Oh yes, I do! May I play?

          1. AH OH says:

            Sure! Yay

          2. Thank you, OH AH! This will be so much fun!

  18. Does anyone here ever fantasize of marrying HG, cuz I don’t. But, I was just wondering if you all ever did? I never would!

    1. Love says:

      All the time! We will marry in his castle (which he will acquire soon along with a title). We shall be the Duke and Duchess of Narc-Empath Land.
      Everyone is invited to the wedding!
      Come friend or foe.

      1. Love says:

        Mr. Tudor, do you have an ETA for the title and castle?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I have a title already.

          Castle? I am working on it.

      2. Love says:

        Yes!!! Let me know when the castle has been secured as well πŸ‘‘

    2. AH OH says:

      I asked him and he turned me down😜

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Ha ha so do I count you as the sixth marriage proposal that I have had Ah OH?!

        1. AH OH says:

          Yes! I don’t fool around. I even had the Chapel picked out. It is on Maui.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Ha ha, I tip my hat in your general direction.

          2. AH OH says:

            Now how hot is this? I think of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the movie) with this statement HG. Nice visual you give me for my trip to the Chapel to say my prayers of wispers.

          3. AH OH says:

            This should read Whispers.

          4. πŸ–± says:

            Ha ha, I tip my hat in your general direction πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š [and kiss ass every chance I get]

      2. What if he’s 29-37??

        1. AH OH says:

          Than he is 29-37, this is a span of 8 years. But me thinks not. Do not worry your pretty head as he can be anything you want. Just close your eyes and dream.

        2. AH OH says:

          If he is this young, then he would have scored to land me.

          1. He is probably already married, with children. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

          2. AH OH says:

            Then sad for all of them. If you think this then why be here flirting with him? I don’t care actually I will still body slam him if I get the chance.

          3. Lol…because I really do not know, of course.

      3. And I know why AH OH…you forgot to promise him (like I would) ,that you were willing to never say these 3 words once you step inside the chapel… and ever therefore after..
        “Isle…Alter…Hymn”…;) HG…drinks are on the patio…your guests are waiting…and btw…how deep do you want me to dig that moat anyway?

        1. AH OH says:

          My bad! I always colored outside the lines and never follows the rules. I guess I will end up IPSS and the golden period here ever after. Sucks to be me. πŸ˜‡

      4. If i were male, i would accept your proposal AH OH! I find you interesting, full of life, strong, independent, and humorous! πŸ’—
        HG will be missing out!!

        1. AH OH says:

          I am truly flattered!πŸ€— Perhaps we can be travel buddies.

          1. I would be more than pleased!

  19. I speak from the heart! I NEVER “brown-nose”…!!!

  20. M. Tudor, I was watching a Lifetime movie last night, and I was wondering if you have a woman tied up in your basement?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No I don’t.

      1. Love says:

        Lol πŸ˜‚ Yay you are so funny!

  21. I so do not want to be with Narcs, anymore! I want a normal, boring, peaceful person.

  22. Bloody Elemental says:

    1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE ❀️ Elvis πŸ•Ί Presley sooooo much!!! He is my favorite! If he was still alive, I would be so much in-love with him β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’œ He is such a major doll!! His lips, πŸ‘€ eyes, baby cheeks, and that leg!!! Ohhhhh!!!!

    2. AH OH says:

      What a perfect song. Is this your theme song BE?

      I have been told this before.

    3. Bloody Elemental says:

      Ah Oh, it is my theme song. One of many. I have been told this many times and it never gets old.

      The only part that does not suit is the “but I got wise” part. Because it has been my experience that many of the men and women I have ensnared have yet to get wise and keep coming back for more.

  23. Yup. When I went NC with my sister a number of years ago now. My wider family said they were worried I’d be lonely when I was old?

    I’d much rather be elderly and alone than in the company of someone who makes me feel more alone……than being alone πŸ™‚

  24. The one isolating themselves will seek their own selfish interests.
    (Ancient Chinese Secret or found on my fortune cookie)…..(Ok, really stolen from the bible)

    1. Love says:

      You forgot to say ‘in bed’. That’s how you end all fortune cookies.

    2. AH OH says:

      I must be selfish.

  25. So sad 😒😒😒

  26. AH OH says:

    Time for the song. Perfect for the meme you have posted.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thanks Ah Oh.

      1. AH OH says:

        The pleasure is all mine.

    2. BraveHeart says:

      Beautifully Sad! Thank you for sharing, AH OH.

  27. 1jaded1 says:

    HG. I can know lonely in a room of hundreds. Being with you would not change it. You’d likely be annoyed with me.

    That said, he couldn’t keep me in or out of islolation. That is my own choice, even with no one pulling the strings.

    1. 1jaded1 says:

      *as much as he tried.

  28. Absolutely true!

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