The Narcissistic Truths – No. 226




  1. Does this really happen? You just tap into your other fuel lines. As much as silent treatments kill us, then to be the one to instill the silence is like a punch in the gut too. I never wanted the silence on either side to begin with. I hate it.

    1. This is how it feels when somebody is ignoring us and it gets worse if there are no other fuel lines to tap into Clarece and that can happen.

      1. But only if you are actively still wanting their attention. If you discarded and moved on then all we are is simply an annoyance to you.

  2. You hate to be ignored yet you do so of us by calling it the silent treatment.. It is a clusterfuck…full circle. Thank you for that, expressed with much indifference.

  3. Let the machinations begin.
    I once went to dinner with a group of 8 couples. One of the females is the epitome of victim narc. She complained at her appetizer, her drink had contained two liquors, one that had to appear swirled in her glass, sent her dinner back, yelled at the waiter and as I was in the middle of telling a funny story she screamed out OMG My Eyeball!!! All the patrons in the entire restaurant turn and she says, My eye is falling out! Grasping her eye and rocking back and forth she is offered to have an ambulance called. I say, your eye cannot fall out, it is attached. She takes her hand away and says, an ambulance is not necessary I popped it back in. Dumps out 10 different kinds of pills on the table, tells her husband I can’t see, get my pain meds, Husband who believes her, wtf? Gives her the pills and she looks up at me and says now what were you saying? Like nothing happened! You cannot make this shite up. I got a million of them with that one. Just so you guys know, she’s not my friend but an aquintance of an acquaintance. If I am at any function that she is attending I try to sit at a table near her just so I can watch the entertainment. Always new material. Never met a Narc like her literally fake dying for attention. I always make sure I work in an aargh when I speak to her. Or a parrot joke or a reference to the eye. Is that guy eyeballing us? Hardee har har! HG, You wouldn’t go to such extremes would you?

      1. Oh I know this is not your style. You would never stoop that low. She’s in a class of crazy that is off the charts. Makes for great jokes and entertaining stories for me though. How’s work HG….weren’t you kicking someone to the curb? I feel insecure with you HG. Any chance you can reassure me that I haven’t been kicked to the curb?

    1. Oh no. I have dinner plans tomorrow. First time in years. Nervous as .hell Purely platonic. Maybe something like this will break the ice if someone’s eye falls out. Or maybe I will just suggest McDonald’s. At least one expects this behavior from little kids.

  4. Wow! These are powerful. I think it is awful how you abuse but understand you were abused yourself. It’s a very sad state of affairs. HG I have just purchased one of your Kindle books but from others on here I am led to believe one explains your life. Which one please?

    1. Thank you for reading. The Confessions books and the ones with alliterative titles contain more details about my life and there are further works which are in writing at present.

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