The Heart Hooks No. 6

i love you (and i always have)


18 thoughts on “The Heart Hooks No. 6”

    1. My narc just said this the other day. Verbatim. It is uncanny how similar they all are. (I escaped…but still am in contact, fighting the head vs. heart battle)


  1. Exactly what he used to say every single time after returning. Especially if pressed for explanations for his absence and cheating. Almost like an excuse or way out of accountability. …. but you know i love you and always have. HG have you ever used this on your victims after returning into their lives post discard/escape and when they confronted you about your behavior?


  2. I loved him too.. still do for some stupid reason. I always will and that is what hurts. I gave it all, he took it and used me.


  3. Hahaha yes, I’ve heard this one so many times ! It just makes me laugh. That along with, ‘it’s only ever been you’.

    I’m always messing him around now, agreeing to meet, then changing my mind. Agreeing to him buying a gift then deciding I don’t want it anymore. It’s just a constant cycle and I love it.

    The most recent occasion. He complained that I’m always changing my mind. I agreed And I asked him, “if you know I always change my mind, why do you keep trying?” His response, “in the hopes that one day you won’t, because I love you and I always have”

    Haha, gotta admire the persistence. But I know what he really means – I want to punish you so fucking badly and I won’t stop until I can !


  4. I actually said that first. I always told him ‘I love you… always have, always will.’

    Little did I know I was looking into a mirror. 🙂


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