Too Good For That




We regard ourselves as superior. Even a Victim Narcissist has a superior view of himself, he is special because of his illness and infirmity and this means that he should be treated better than everybody else. The Somatic Narcissist is better looking, physically fitter and has a tighter bottom than anyone else. The Cerebral Narcissist is cleverer, more intellectual, a brilliant advocate and has a brain the size of a planet and as for the Elite of us, well not only do we look great we are dazzling, witty, entertaining and knowledgeable, superior in every department to the likes of you. This lofty sense of ourselves is apparent all the time because we feel no need to hide our light under a bushel. Oh, we may attach some false modesty to some of our brags and boasts but it is only done to generate an ever more appreciative response from people around us. We like to remind people about our superiority repeatedly. It appears during seduction but you will naturally regard it as an attractive quality then, labelling it as confidence, a dynamic approach, someone who shows no fear and gets things done, an achiever, somebody successful and who doesn’t want to be associated with such a person. Accordingly, our superiority will be exhibited in plain sight but portrayed as good thing. It continues during devaluation as we repeatedly remind you that we are the master, you are the servant, we are in charge and you are not, we do and you are done to. Even when we hoover you we remain superior because someone who wants you back after the way you have behaved or someone who (falsely) recognises their own shortcomings must surely be superior mustn’t they? The unleashed smear campaign is another piece of our superiority. We are not smeared are we? We are impervious to it, nobody would dare do it and if they tried nobody would believe them because our innate superiority embodied in the façade that we have created. Every single step of your dance with our kind exudes our superiority. It is felt, seen, heard and witnessed, from the way we behave with you through to the way that we behave with others. It is natural to us and therefore should be expected. It is also necessary. If we are not superior to you, we cannot be in control. If we are not in control, then how can we keep you providing us with fuel? Our superiority is necessary. Our superiority is always evident. Here are twenty ways in which we demonstrate our superiority through the things we say.

  1. I don’t do domesticated
  2. I would never shop there. It is for the great unwashed.
  3. I wouldn’t expect you to understand what I am saying but you could at least try.
  4. Someone has to lead, someone has to make decisions.
  5. Don’t expect me to do something like that.
  6. Don’t be sorry, be accurate. Like me.
  7. I don’t have time for this.
  8. That isn’t something I would ever be found doing.
  9. People like me are above things like that.
  10. Yes, well it is about your level isn’t it?
  11. Don’t worry about it, how would you ever know that?
  12. These things are best left to people like me.
  13. It can be tough at the top you know.
  14. I don’t shovel shit.
  15. Do I look like a cleaner to you?
  16. I have more important things to do.
  17. This is minutiae and beneath me.
  18. Come back when you earn as much as I do.
  19. Show me a good loser and I will show you a loser.
  20. Do you know who I am?

9 thoughts on “Too Good For That

  1. Carla says:

    Curious though; why would a narcissist downgrade with so much preoccupation with appearing superior?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      See ‘Have You Seen who He’s With?’

      1. Carla says:

        Just when I thought I’d read everything on this blog…

  2. It is a fine line between arrogance and humility. Having a healthy view of oneself is always attractive. Pretentiousness is easily spotted if you pay attention or read the above from Our Fearless Leader. It is not attractive when someone continues to act like that. It can be embarrassing. Especially around others. Funny though, if you call them out then you are the lesser one for doing so. Then why do you stay with me I’d ask? Because you give good…….was the answer. I didn’t think I was worth more than that. Sad.

    1. superxena says:

      Hello Anna Bell Black!
      Interesting comment..but what are you exactly referring to? Could you please explain further?

      1. SX,
        I’m saying if you point out to a narcissist that they are overly pretentious, that they will sometimes accuse you as being so “low rent” that you don’t their superiority. If they dress down someone in your presence it can be embarrassing, especially in a crowd.

  3. Jenna says:

    My ex helped around the house often though, asking if there is anything that he can help with.

    He did use ‘i would never shop there’ and ‘i don’t have time’ sometimes if i bring up a disagreement.

  4. indiglowsky says:

    My ex middy said 2 and 20. Both made me chuckle as I saw it for what it was in the moment, arrogance. I actually teased him hard about such statements. He later got me good with all his gaslighting buts that’s another story.
    It is true, confidence is very attractive and I thought he had this and it drew me in, though later I learned it was a false front. He’d never admit to that ever, though. I found myself wanting to spank the petulant child while nurturing the wounded boy. Then I realized, I was worth a man, I already raised a child and was done with this.

    1. KDB says:

      Numbers 3, 6, 8 and 20 remind me all too well of past experiences. Angry? Sad? Something in between. Some of these sound like something a confident person might say, so it seems very attractive in some respects. I suppose absence of humility is what comes later when the door swings open.

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