Why Does He Seem Like a Different Person?



It is accurate to state that we operate in three essential states. There are varying degrees within those states, differing levels of intensity which are affected by factors such as the type of narcissist that we are, what we require from you, the level of empathic individual you are as well as several others. Nevertheless, there are three basic states. The first, as you would expect, is the golden setting. We are at our most wonderful, most brilliant and most loving when in this state. This always appears during our seduction of you and we will reinstate it from time to time and often when we hoover you in order to suck you back in and keep you hanging on to us. The second is the dark setting when we instigate our devaluation of you. This dark setting allows us to deploy our various machinations against you, a variety of different of manipulations as the abuse begins and we make your life particularly unpleasant. This requires effort and energy on our part and whilst we will be rewarded with fuel, a certain degree of application is required to use these manipulations against you. When we unveil our dark setting it is upsetting and confusing but often you will find some reason to explain our behaviour. It is usually the wrong reason but you will find one nevertheless as you like to understand and have a reason to explain why someone is behaving in a certain way towards you – you decide we are stressed, tired, hungover, in need of affection or perhaps you are unduly harsh on yourselves so that you, in that usual empathic manner, blame yourself for the behaviour we have meted out against you. Perhaps you did not listen when you ought to have done, perhaps you should have realised that we wanted to go out tonight, or that we would not want chicken for a second time this week.

There is a third setting and this often proves more confusing that our unpleasant dark setting. This setting might be regarded as a neutral setting, somewhere between the golden and the dark, but it is not. This setting is on the road to the dark setting and is closer to that than the golden. This particular setting is the stranger setting.

There will be times when we do not wish to apply considerable energy to our continued devaluation of you, but the devaluation must continue. It may not be as harsh, since there is no shouting, no violence, no insults and such like. It is not the golden period because we show no affection, we do not do things for you and we do not exhibit any of the charm that once flowed so readily from us. During this stranger setting we are neither wonderful nor awful but we behave like someone who doesn’t really know you and you are certainly left feeling like you are dealing with somebody else.

If you telephone us we will not dole out a silent treatment and ignore your repeated calls. We will not answer in less than a ring and speak to you with affection and enthusiasm, instead we answer and engage in a monosyllabic conversation. It is like drawing teeth. We confirm that nothing is wrong and you may think there is but we have not responded angrily or harshly. We have not accused you of anything, we have not labelled you in some way but the conversation is flat. It is as if our personality, whether golden or dark has vanished and left almost an automaton in its place. We function, we talk about our day but with little detail and certainly no enthusiasm. We ask questions of you but they are polite and perfunctory as if we are just going through the motions. There is no nastiness, no backbiting or sneering. It is difficult to process because it is not nothing, that cannot be the case because we are talking to you, but it feels like nothing.

We may call around to see you but it feels like an inspector has called around. We sit, we decline a drink that you offer us and we answer your questions without offering you anything much in return. Where has the charmer gone? Where has the monster gone? Who is this stranger that looks like us, sounds like us but is not behaving like us? You cannot accuse us of being unpleasant but it feels unpleasant because you are dealing with someone you do not recognise. Any questions about what is wrong with us are politely answered and you are assured there is not a problem, but we seem lifeless. You flatter us, compliment us and whilst we accept them there is no spark of interest, there is no response.

Why are we like this? Why is this being done? Why do we seem like someone else? It is as if we have been abducted by aliens in the night and replaced with a robot which is neither wonderful nor savage but is frustratingly something else. This third setting occurs during the devaluation period. It is not a respite from devaluation as that is the golden setting once more. It is clearly not the dark setting as that is the rolling out of nastiness and abuse. This third setting is an indicator of the calm before the storm. Whilst there are occasions where we might switch from golden to dark setting in the blink of an eye, this third setting is used when we wish to conserve energy in readiness for unleashing a particular savage next stage in the devaluation as we will move to the dark setting and crank it up to eleven. You are not cruising along being driven by fair winds, nor are you being thrown up and down buffeted by a storm, instead you are becalmed or moved along by a weak breeze. This is the time we are girding our loins, gathering information and plotting. The switch of functions to the organisation and scheming of what is to come, along with the intense outpouring of energy required to sustain the vicious intensifying of this devaluation means we adopt this near automatic state. You may not ever see this happen dependent on the nature of the narcissist you have become entangled with, but when you do, you should be aware that a storm is brewing and not just any old storm but a supercell storm of savage and damaging proportions. This is a warning.

12 thoughts on “Why Does He Seem Like a Different Person?

  1. Maria says:

    Many more flattering words and promises.. in the last few days.. and every day..
    beautiful words and love declarations.. but only words… 😢
    We never lived together… or anything…

    “Mio amore meraviglioso, it is
    unbearable​to think of how you have been hurt. Ohh, you are the most amazing miracle in my life: we deserve to be together, and we​ are going to be. ”

    “Oh, I want more than anything for us to be together in happiness, joy and love – we are made for each other. Yesterday I was reflecting again on the beauty of our union: we are not only a couple, we are the most amazing team and partnership; we have a wonderful mission that we share together. We are made to flourish as one…”

    “Ohh, mio miracolo, the past few months have been so wonderful: I can feel our union being transformed and reborn so beautifully. I will do what I should so that we can be together properly and openly and lovingly in peace, joy and love.
    Ohh, we are made for each other, mio amore miracoloso…”

  2. Maria says:

    Some of the late fake future frases
    which i have been hearing for the last 8 years. Many times he just copy and paste. And some are extraordinary amazing promises…
    the thing is astonish is that he must not realise that they do not have the same effects anymore..??.. as i hear them now too many times.. and it is actually annoying me.. because either he does it in a purpose in humiliation.. or he thinks that i still like to hear it.. as a broken record??
    Oh my God what a comedy!

    “Oh, there is so much wonder for us to experience, and there are so many amazing things that we can accomplish together, mio amore miracoloso – that is what we are made to do.”

    “Ohh, it would be such a joy, such an ecstasy to be there with you now…”

    “I will show you, Maria: I love you; we are made to be together; we will be together. I want that more than anything!!!”

  3. Gee.G says:

    Not texting at the same time every night. No more good morning texts. No smile when greeting me. No more future faking. I knew it was coming…thanks for the insight.

  4. Flora Nora says:

    Don’t do as I did,and learn his pattern to break the never ending vicious of hell,you can’t get out of. Don’t learn his cycle to shove it right back to finally end the night mare and your finally free. Don’t mirror him and show him you can become him and in the end, you’ve shown the evilness that is him, there is a much higher power. Then for the finale go no contact to kill his evil soul. Yes I did this. I beat him at his game.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    “We function, we talk about our day but with little detail and certainly no enthusiasm. We ask questions of you but they are polite and perfunctory as if we are just going through the motions. There is no nastiness, no backbiting or sneering. It is difficult to process because it is not nothing, that cannot be the case because we are talking to you, but it feels like nothing.”

    Holy hell, every single word of that! Total and complete indifference. But he also always made it to be a pity about himself as to why he acted and spoke that way.

    One example was this convo…

    Me: “It’s been awhile, I have missed you”
    Him: “I missed you too darling girl…” (said in an indifferent tone)
    Me: “Are you all right?”
    Him: “I am just very depressed and I tend to withdraw when I get depressed. Don’t take it personally…I owe an apology to everyone in my life not just you.”
    Me: “Why are you depressed?”
    Then cue some sob story of how he feels shame and guilt for having feelings for me. How he cannot be faithful to his wife, how despite him trying so hard he continues to fail in that regard. Always a pity party. Always a lie. A lie to get me to soothe him. Is that just one of the many reasons for this indifference?

  6. Karin says:

    Does this setting correspond with the “hollow dead eyes” a lot of people mention?

    I experienced that, too.

    1. Gabrielle says:

      I experienced that as well. It was looking into an empty nothing. That and an indifferent vocal tone.

  7. Bronwyn says:

    HG, Your insights regarding the inner and outer narc\empath dynamic are eerily and equally remarkable, gripping, pitiful, enraging and repulsive. You remind me of the superb analytical trickster god Hermes. By any chance are you a Virgo?

    Thanks again for clarifying the maelstrom raised by my encounter with a great dragon’s wings. I do enjoy reading your blog.

  8. rose says:

    i am in this phase for sure. what can I do to protect myself?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Get out. Stay out. Go no contact.

      1. Maria says:

        Easier said then done HG

        ” Get out, stay out, go no contact ”

        you know better than us!!
        did you noticed that a placed a commas and not a puntuation between?
        that’ s us empaths…..
        can you get what i am driving at?
        of course you do..
        do i get it?

    2. Sthenah says:

      You pack your shit And leave!

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