Isolation Through Occupation


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I have detailed how we will apply ourselves to isolating you from your support networks in order to prevent them interfering in our grand design for you and as a consequence ensuring the success of seduction, devaluation and control. Whilst we may deploy an insidious campaign, the well-known salami-slicing methodology which causes you to lose those connections without actually noticing it is happening, we also apply ourselves to isolating you through occupation.

We always want to dominate your time. This is because you have been chosen as the primary source of fuel. It is therefore our entitlement and your obligation to provide us with fuel and to do so to an excellent standard and frequently. It is also because we want to ensure we retain knowledge of everything that you are doing so we can continue to manipulate you and head off any threats we identify. It also allows us to isolate you by spending as much time as we can with you. How does this manifest?

  1. We organise your social life for you. We plan days out, evenings out and weekends away without recourse to you. We make the holiday plans, we invite people to our house and ensure that our invitations are organised with those who are under our spell, those who form the façade and our coterie. You will find your available time at weekends and holidays already filled. Of course, all of this is done under the pretence of doing something pleasant for you, to surprise you and to reward you because you work so hard. Who is going to object to such thoughtfulness?
  2. If you arrange for friends, your friends, to come to our house and you understandably tell us about this we will not accept that you want to spend time with them alone. Why would you want to do this? We see no boundary here and will always assume that we are invited to attend as well. It does not matter that it is your friends and we might be the only man amongst several women, that does not concern us at all. All we care about is keeping an eye on you and seeing such an opportunity to draw fuel from the others guests. As time progresses and this takes place during the devaluation we see it as an excellent chance to cause a scene and sabotage your evening in some way. The muted enthusiasm for our attendance from your guests and the comments of,

“I’m surprised to find you here still.”

“I thought you were going out?”

Will not prove of any concern to us. To you and your guests we appear to have the hide of rhino and a complete short-sightedness, being unable to pick up on the signals that we are not welcome at this gathering. We know we are not welcome but that is irrelevant. We go where we want and when we want. Besides, all those reactions just add up to fuel and we want to remain a presence so that eventually your friends tire of us being in the house at the same time and interacting, so that they decide against visiting.

  1. We may opt against direct interaction but instead spend our time hovering nearby. We will be listening in as we apparently pass through to get a drink or collect a book from the room you are all in.

“Don’t mind me, pretend I am not here,”

we will say with a gleeful smile as we settle down nearby and start jabbing our tablet or we open a book. We know that we are making you and your guests uncomfortable with our presence but you know it is my home too and you are too polite to move me. This invariably will result in the evening being cut short after a while because of our looming presence. Any accusations of us deliberately spoiling the evening will just amount to fuel for us and be met with denial, deflection, blame-shifting and provocation in order to gain more fuel and assert our control.

  1. If you make arrangements to visit  family, we will always accompany you. It will be done under the auspices of appearing to care and being pleasant. You will hear comments such as: –

“It’s a long way, we can share the driving.”

“It will cost you a packet for a taxi. I will come with you; I don’t mind driving.”

“Paula will be there? I haven’t seen her in ages it will be great to catch up with her, she is such a lovely person.”

“I would rather come with you with it being at night.”

“I need to speak to your dad about something so I will come along too.”

“I like that poet as well you know, I will join you, it will be an interesting evening.”

“I just want to be there to look after you, it can get a little hairy round there after dark.”

We have no qualms about inviting ourselves so we can continue to be with you.

  1. If you do manage to get away from us and attend somewhere you can expect us to appear shortly after the evening, afternoon or event begins.

As ever the plausible explanation will be rolled out in order to suggest that there is nothing untoward going on and also to make you appear unreasonable and unpleasant if you actually do try and object to our presence.

“I was just passing and saw you in here, so I thought I would pop in for a quick drink” (And then I stay all evening)

“I thought I saw you with John and wanted to say hello.”

“I needed to speak to you about something and it couldn’t wait, I may as well order something now I am here.”

“Hey, I couldn’t let you have all this fun to yourself could I?”

“I’ve always wanted to try this place and I was in the area anyway.”

“I am meeting somebody later nearby so I thought I would show my face (said person apparently cancels and we end up staying)”

  1. If you somehow prise us out of the house, we will find reasons and excuses to come back and remain with you and your guests.

“The trains aren’t running so I can’t get there.”

“I forgot my wallet, oh hello Sandra, not seen you in a while, how are you? I will just have the one then, thanks.”

“Tom has fallen ill, he couldn’t make it (more likely we cancelled and came home)”

“I need to change my shoes.”

“I forgot my keys.”

“I need to speak to Mary about something and I thought this was the only chance I would get to do so.”

Lots of different excuses will be used in order to return and remain.

  1. If for some reason we are not able to physically remain with you then we will rely on technology to do so on our behalf with repeated telephone calls and text messages, interrupting your evening and of course you will know better than to not respond to them. We will in such circumstances invent an emergency which causes you to leave what you are doing so that you have to return to us.

The repeated application of our occupation of your time through our presence will result in you rarely having any time to yourself. It will feel like you have an umbilical cord between you and us all of the time because we are always with you. Your friends and family will soon tire of our presence (especially when we escalate matters so we cause a scene, prove difficult, create an atmosphere and so on) and therefore the invitations will dwindle. We will play the victim card to stop you going out without us and engage in the battle of going out so ultimately you decide it is just easier just to stay in with us rather than try and do something without us. All manner of emotional manipulations will be deployed in order to keep you next to us. From making you feel happy and wanted through to feeling guilty for failing to take us into account, include us and spend time with us. We regard the occupation of your time as our entitlement. We fail to respect the boundary and we will keep on doing it as we get our own way.

You will eventually become isolated through declining to keep certain connections open as it becomes too much like hard work. Those that you do keep open are never without us so we know what you do and what is said so we can gather this intelligence and use it to our advantage in our continuing campaign against you. By being with you as much as possible we squeeze other people out of the picture and thus isolate you.

So, where are we going tonight together?

10 thoughts on “Isolation Through Occupation

  1. A Victor says:

    My kids used to worry about me, that I didn’t have any friends. Well, I did of course, but, I didn’t have them over any more when most of my kids could remember.

  2. Amy S. says:

    This is what he does to me…

  3. SVR says:

    OMG! If this is how someone I know is being treated then I dodged a big big big bullet

  4. 1jaded1 says:

    I’d say let’s spend the night together but you couldn’t handle it.

    1. Mick Jagger said the same thing back in the 70s. That was my parents “song”. Ugh!

      1. 1jaded1 says:

        Lol. Oh no. Sorry about the song. People have been saying that before Mick.. HG wouldn’t be able to handle my boring self. I’d be reading books and blogs. No TV or radio. He wouldn’t be able to leave fast enough. Or, i would take him on a wild ride. Just depends on the mood.

  5. Jill says:

    Why are narcissists cruel? Why do you enjoy hurting people?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The cruelty is the collateral impact of the need to place our needs above everything and everyone else. Any enjoyment derived from such behaviour is a sadistic streak.

  6. Stephanie Farlow says:

    I remember this well. I didn’t even know it was happening . He even isolated me from my children. Evil

    1. Shantily says:

      Hi Stephanie just like you reading this latest posting has my blood boiling !! …he pulls this shit on me alll the time. All the stupid ridiculous crap they say and do to …manipulate and derail us! How do they even come up with these ideas to do it all in the first place??? And the freaky thing is so many of them do the exact same things!! It’s not like they go to school or read a text book to learn narcissistic tactics (more like warfare) they just do it naturally…it’s just bizarre!

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