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  1. HG is the Queen’s dog’s nephew’s owner’s daughter’s grand uncle’s cat’s parrot’s owner’s nephew’s cousin’s sister’s brother’s son’s aunt’s granddaughter’s twin sister’s father’s uncle’s business partner’s nephew’s niece’s grand uncle’s cousin’s gold fish’s caretaker’s nanny’s uncle’s parole officer’s boss’s nephew 😀

    and of course he would appear anonymously in his own video…like maybe a toe or an ear just to keep us hanging on from the suspense 😛

    1. I do not have one. If matters go in the direction I want, then yes I will. I did have someone express interest in purchasing the blog from me a little while ago, but I declined.

      1. Pleased that you declined…May I ask what qualifications would you require for your publicist?

          1. ….both academically & generally… If I may, pick your brain a bit more, would you have a tendency to hire empath or non-empaths, or would it depend on the position for which you were hiring? (domestic help vs non domestic) Thanks for any insight!

      2. HG, this comment totally lost me! How can you buy a blog? If you weren’t involved it would cease to be the unique forum it is. It would transform into something totally different. It’s not just like it’s a blog on narcissism that anyone could run?

  2. This reminds me of the ‘I am Legion’ thingy that had to be exorcised from the bloke.
    But the symptoms of demon possession seem to be cutting oneself and crying out. Narcissistic behaviour is not associated with demons in the bible.

      1. There is a jezebel but she is not explicitly associated with possession. Satan himself tempts people and wants to be worshipped I guess.

          1. Proverbs 21:24(niv)
            “The proud and arrogant person, “mocker” is his name” (behaves with insolent pride and fury) synonymous with proud, scoffer, scorner.
            Insolent pride is more than just pride. It is contemptuous, rude behavior/speech looking down at others. These traits line up directly with narc traits.
            Think of a king or queen that sees themselves above all others, as though they only exist to serve them.
            A few examples are Pharaoh, Jezebel, Nebuchadnezzar, Ahab.

        1. Don’t think someone necessarily has to be “possessed” to be evil. Right? Lol
          (and yes, I did understand your original Legion comment)

          1. of course there is reference to evil in the bible, I was noticing the similarity between the people displaying similar behaviour in the video and possession. Narcissism is believed to be the result of possession among some, but the only reference to narcissism in the bible is Jezebel and some writings of Paul when he talks about ‘lovers of self’. Neither of which are said to be the result of demonic spirits.

    1. Brian,

      Research the Leviathan spirit, it is mentioned in Job and Psalms.

      Though the sword reaches him, it cannot avail; nor does spear, dart, or javelin. He regards iron as straw, and bronze as rotten wood. The arrow cannot make him flee; slingstones become like stubble to him. Darts are regarded as straw; he laughs at the threat of javelins. His undersides are like sharp potsherds; he spreads pointed marks in the mire. He makes the deep boil like a pot; he makes the sea like a pot of ointment. He leaves a shining wake behind him; one would think the deep had white hair” (Job 41:26-32) Read Job 41 regarding the Leviathan Spirit.

  3. I’d say you’re getting too big for your boots, HG, but we all know that’s impossible! Well done, very stylish and let’s hope it helps get the message out to who needs it most. Bravo

  4. This is fantastic!!!! This should be a Public Service Announcement just like texting and driving. Excellent HG. Love the music. I would definitely watch this if it were a commercial on TV or an ad on the internet. It’s compelling. Do more!!!

  5. There’s an ad under this video ” why men leave a good women ” lol irony much?? 😂 Very effective video mind you HG well done

  6. This should be broadcast world wide, in all languages during Prime Time TV, to raise awareness. Hoping you are already on that…. Huge HG, Huge!!!

  7. Uncanny timing after some questions I just sent on Attachment is the Seat of Misery.

    Have you ever considered working *with* the authorities HG?

      1. Could you expand?
        Your reply could mean any number of things.
        Serious question, serious answer please.

          1. That being the case (having a link to the authorities), have you ever used access to databases or other resources that would not be available to the public, to carry out machinations against people on a personal level?
            If so, was this what caused the legal issues that prompted you having to enter into therapy with the doctors?

          2. HG,
            It was my impression your therapy was the result of a reluctant compromise with family. Did I misinterpret something?

          3. Thank you for replying HG….you know you haven’t really answered what I asked but I’ll leave it there.

            I’ve been wondering though…and sorry if I misquote you but I think I read in your intro that it’s your family partly who are behind your therapy and this blog? I think also you said recently that Matrinarc does not know about this nor therefore your plans for revenge.

            Elsewhere, in answer to someone asking what you’d do if one of your ‘harem’ were to post here, you said with certainty that they would not.

            How is that possible if there are people who do know you’re doing this? There’s surely a chance of it filtering out through the ranks?

          4. We’ve talked about how some therapists only deal with trying to help survivors of abuse by treating the effects, not the cause.

            The exact same can be said of the justice system. The way cases involving abuse of any kind are dealt with are all the wrong way round. If they even make it as far as the courts, its all about addressing the crime resulting from the abuse. That’s why victims of rape who had been accepting money for helping to recruit other girls can be accused of the same crime as the ringleaders of the grooming itself.

            Is one of the reasons this approach hasn’t been addressed because the abuse IS indeed everywhere? The cover up starts right at the top. Just as we’ve seen in the celebrity, political, church and police scandals that are ongoing.

            Do you have an opinion on what, if anything, can be done HG?

      2. Are you intimating that you work in the authorities already or making a reference to the obvious fact narcissism/psychopathy is rife within them?

        If the former, ok, and as you’ve already told us you won’t “come out” until your job is done i guess at least you’re spreading the word via us (your readers) and other tertiary sources in the meantime.

        If the latter, then please can you give my serious question a serious answer?

      3. I wish you will be the judge for my marriage battle. Anyone can pay an attorney to listen to their lies but the judge is the final word.

          1. Because your statement above Ah Oh’s comment reads that you “will be making an appearance”. Appearing is probably being interpreted as full exposure.
            And I will add, when the day comes, if / when you reveal your identity, I sure hope you are really a 6’1″, blonde, blue-eyed guy that you have consistently stated you are here. Otherwise credibility will start to crumble. lol

          2. How do we know you’re not lying about your appearance? I mean, you’re a narc after all and you have to protect your identity.

          3. Along with knowing about your family composition, your general area of profession, your location, your personal stories that an ex may someday concur with, i would say it’s getting narrower. Don’t let it happen! We need you! 😩

      1. An appearance?!! Are you serious?!!!!!!! I can’t wait!! But we won’t know it’s you i guess. The mystery continues…

      2. He’s auditioning as we speak for a 3 foot 7″ one-eyed bald man, with the dress sense of Magnum P.I.

        The fuel from that should see him into the new year, what, with all the wanks we’ve had over him.

          1. I’ve lost count and have been thrown into the abyss of orgasmic fuzziness and exhaustion. I broke a fingernail at one point.

            The eccentricity of Higgins’ attire is most appealing.

      3. An appearance on video!?? 😮 Its silly i had wanted this initially, but now its kind of your tradenarc :p remaining unseen. I think itd ruin the mystery and i love a good mystery lol regardless if we see you or not your blogs and vids are greatly valued 👍

  8. Do you work for the government? Is there a huge conspiracy currenly underway, so you need everyone here on this site, oblivious? Or do you just want us to end up being too afraid to trust anybody else again?

    1. I’m not sure how you suggest I want you to end up being too afraid when what I am imbuing you with is designed to achieve the opposite.

      1. She’s got too much tin foil on to understand the information provided anyway.

  9. They are ubiquitous. I have one in my group of friends. She is a lesser and she reminded me of my ex’s mother. Her behavior makes complete sense now. My group of friends is a well balanced continuum. One narcissist, four normals, and me. The narcissist is fairly innocuous, even more so, now that I know what she is. But she has caused drama and problems with other people in the past and still does. Her shenanigans never really worked on me though.

  10. I liked this video very much. Thank you for raising awareness that narcissists are everywhere and not only in intimate relationships. The information on this blog is priceless.

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