Black Hole

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Why and how does the black hole that is the narcissist hoover you?





3 thoughts on “Black Hole

  1. NarcedOut says:

    H G. I mentioned in another post of yours that mine never hoovers, and I have been away from him before for 3 months and nothing. It has been 2.5 months since the last fall out with him. He blocked me everywhere, hasn’t not responded to anything. I first contacted him this a month in to not contacting him after he replied to someone in a blog about me….a really mean comment. ofcourse he didn’t respond.

    He all but destroyed a blog of mine, people left, he is a poison and the most disliked person. He has been banned from every blog he has gone too because of his threats, behaviour, and attacks. He never accepts responsibility for what he does, someone else always provokes him….blah blah blah.

    The other night he was getting slammed by everyone on the new place he blogs, people called him out. So he wrote a ‘poor me’ I am the victim post to everyone. I had emailed him earlier in the day, first time in weeks. IN that post on his new blog, he referenced me. I never go to that new blog, do not post there because of him and was not part of the bashing he got. However this was part of his everyone is picking on me post….

    he said ” Either this blog will improve or it will go down the toilet, just like one other. I can put up with the cowardly sniping and periodic emails from another moderator who doesn’t know when to let go…”

    That is me he is referencing. WHy did he throw me into the mix…. Is that smearing me? or a hoover? or just trying to embarrass me. Maybe I hit a sore spot in my email to him, I did let him know he ain’t got “it” with women in bed as he claimed on the blog. (People on that blog know who I am and dislike me, left my blog because of my association with him.)

    So Hoover, a smear or just a low blow?

    Thanks again.

  2. EVB says:

    My N discarded me 7 weeks ago – I was a ISS triangulated with a pregnant wife I didn’t know about until she called e 7 weeks ago. I went NC, blocked him everywhere but I have the misfortune to work at sane place – he pops up everywhere I am , walks right past me, throws his proverbial toys around when I’m close by, watches out for me and happens to always pop up same place same time as me whether it be to open a door, pass me in a corridor, be walking in opposite direction toward me etc – I’ve ignored and been indifferent to all attempts to capture my attention or reaction – but are these all hoovers & why does he never actually speak?

  3. Karma says:

    Good read and finally back on track. NC implemented and residing far away. Triggers are less frequent and I will make sure I reclaim my life.
    What a surrealistic experience .. and all according to what is written here. Gone through the whole cycle and it ended with a personal disaster, both financially and emotionally. Lost my home, finances are a nightmare (although now it’s under control again), Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and a few stupid bumps on the way.
    Don’t ever believe what they say… they lie, steal and are emotionally handicapped (no offense HG).
    … waiting for some private guidance .. but I know exactly what HG will write due to being on here and have many of his book. Good to get a personal feedback to validate what I already know.

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