Horns and Halos

  To read is to become informed. To be informed is to embrace logic. Logic is the foundation of freedom from the narcissist. US e-book here UK e-book here CAN e-book here

America : You Are Being Conned

  The police officer accused of murdering George Floyd currency stands trial. The ongoing pandemic has been denounced by some as a hoax, an attempt by the federal government to control its populace. Many opinions have been advanced about why such behaviour occurs and what drives it? Those opinions repeatedly miss the catalyst and result […]

The Platinum Collection

  **** Includes **** The Cliff Fightback The Cliff Fightback Vs The Empathic Supernova The Man Who Would Be King (The Mid Range Narcissist Who Thinks He Is a Greater Narcissist) The Narcissist Has Turned My Children Against Me : What Do I Do? This is a collection of my work which has proven of […]