Little Acons – No. 37


7 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 37

  1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

    If you show that meme to the good doctors it screams “do cbt with me” lol 😛

  2. E. B. says:

    Yes, people with a Cluster B disorder make us responsible for their feelings. My NPD father’s favourite sentence was: “You’ve ruined my [Birthday/Nameday(*)/Christmas/holidays/…]” and I cannot even remember what it was that I had said or done to ruin HIS special day.
    He also made me responsible for my mother’s health or how she felt and my narcissist mother enjoyed playing the victim role. Fuel.

    (*) He was so self-centred that he used to celebrate his Patron Saint’s Day or Nameday. Nobody else in the (extended) family celebrated it and I have never seen this tradition in any other families either. He was the only one I knew who had at least one additional day every year (there were other occasions as well) to be the centre of attention.

  3. Mona says:

    Obvious again. No, never heard. This is “only” the voice of a violent person. I always complain about my mother, but I do not want to be in your shoes. No wonder, that you developed this disorder. What a cruel, cold family. Very foreign for me.
    A friend of mine has a father like this. He went no contact for more than 15 years and now he is sometimes desperate because he finds more and more similarities between himself and his father`s behaviour. I reduced our meetings because I saw this violent side of him (not aimed to me, but to others). No, I do not want to have a “friend” like him. I am sorry for him- but I withdraw, because that was a huge red flag for me.

  4. Hazekitty says:

    Dead fucking on. Another of my favorites is:

    If you’d just let me spank you (with wooden spoons, hair brushes, 70s style belts with the metal eyelets), I wouldn’t have to beat you.

  5. Patricia says:

    Well then I guess I am in control of you

  6. Narc affair says:

    Oops acon lol altho this could also relate to a parent. In the narc parents case they feel we have no right to our feelings were there to serve and respect them. We are just another appliance like the rest even moreso bc were their offspring and should never malfunction. Our feelings dont factor into the equation.

  7. Narc affair says:

    Truth! They really dont stop to think how we feel at all unless it is important in some way to how they, the narc will feel. For instance they dont want you pissed off if they wanted something from you at the time so theyre on their best behaviour.

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