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I want you to look into my eyes and there you will find yourself. You will see everything that you have ever desired in my eyes. Every hope you have will shine from my eyes, everything you have every wanted will be visible to you. However, you will not look on the ordinary version of those things that you covet. You will see the enhanced variety, the shining and gleaming types of those things which you hold dear. I want you to stare deep into my eyes and focus on what you find there. Allow yourself to become absorbed by those deep pools of desire as you begin to lose yourself. It is only natural to want to fall into what you see, to let go of those constraints and inhibitions so that you become consumed totally by what you are looking upon. No harm can come of it for you are only staring at the very things which matter to you. Honesty, humility, humour and desire. Integrity, values and passion. Everything which you regard as a virtue can be seen in the world that I have created in my eyes. What you tell me, both directly and indirectly, will invariably come into your view within a matter of moments. It is like a far flung barren planet which has been discovered by intergalactic explorers who commence terraforming of the planet in order to make it habitable. Everything you want becomes a reality as they are formed in this world right before you. The interests you have appear; the places you enjoy visiting come into view and the events that you like to attend flare up. You are hypnotised as this wonderful world forms in my eyes, all generated by you although you are so taken by the process and what you see that you do not realise that all I am doing is taking the materials that you are furnishing me with and replicating all those things that you want to see. I am skilled in ensuring you tell me everything about yourself to add to all the preparatory work that I undertook before I made my move. Like ingredients in a particularly delicious cocktail I combine all of these things which matter to you and weave my magic to create a drink which you will never want to stop drinking. It is intoxicating and invigorating, an addictive concoction that once you have taken your first sip you will continue to draw deep on. You have no chance to escape because from the moment I cause you to look deep into my eyes I show you all the things that you want. I show you the world where you are queen, where nothing will ever hurt you, where your true worth has been recognised by me. This world is perfect. Everything is in its place and accords with your values. You ever stop to question how is it that I have been able to create this world so accurately and so brilliantly. You do not query how this creation is so magnificent because it is everything that you have always wanted. From the fairy tale existence you promised yourself as a young girl through to the correct treatment that you deserve as the decent person that you are, everything appears on this world which I have tailor made for you. It is captivating, mesmerising and alluring. You want this world more than anything you have ever known. You want to be absorbed by it and to fall deep into its fabric, cossetted by the security that it provides. Nothing goes wrong on this world, it is a clear utopia and best of all it is right there before you. All you need to do is maintain my gaze, letting yourself fall deep, deep into this marvellous world and everything will be alright. Everything will remain wonderful.

What you never realise is that this world will be consumed in an instance. In just one blink, this utopia will be obliterated and it will be as if it never existed. The dark inky pools that are the reality of these eyes will devour this created world, erasing it just as readily as a black hole consuming a planet. Once again the darkness will take hold and annihilate the fabrication which you held so dear. Even when this happens you will go on searching though. You will stare deep into my eyes, trying to find this world again amidst the ink-black darkness. There is no light that can shine any longer which may just happen to illuminate where this world has gone to. The darkness is absolute because it is the darkness that is the reality. Not that it will stop you trying. You will keep looking and searching, trying to find the perfect world once again, hoping for it to emerge into the light once again. You will keep trying and that is why we show you the world in our eyes.

11 thoughts on “Your World In My Eyes

  1. Jenna says:

    His eyes always shone when face to face (mirroring?). I was never truly devalued, except for silences (usually 3 days) and future fakes.

  2. Becoming Observant says:

    Hypnotized: it’s the strangest thing… To have a most experienced, knowledgeable, worldly person hold your face close, and start to speak in low tones, lots of long pauses, caressing your cheeks and neck and staring deep into your eyes, while telling you exactly what he wants you to see, think, feel, do… and it’s hard to break the trance or forget the stronghold it has. Nothing matters in that trance, outside of the person speaking in the soothing voice to you. Peripheral vision is blank, gone. How do they learn this, in the world which caused their empahy to vanish? It is strange: while empathy evaporates, the need/ability to suck it dry out of others proliferates.

    How do you all learn to become so seductive this way? Does only the self-aware narcissist know how to hypnotize/entrance this way? Is this what subspace is?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is a natural consequence of what we are. One does not become a narcissist and learn how to seduce, one seduces in this manner and thus (along with other criteria) one is a narcissist.

  3. analise13 says:

    HG, how many blog article titles are song titles as well, especially Depeche Mode ? I think that is clever in demonstrating the use of music related to narcissism, per your articles.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I don’t know. A number are as you have noticed.

  4. Merripen says:

    When the utopian world disappeared from my narcissist’s eyes, I was left staggering out of a grey mist, alone. Already weakened from the incredible amount of energy I had invested in him, as well as the cumulative effect of his subtle emotion abuse, I found myself completely eviscerated with the pain of his discard. This wobbly place is where I somehow needed to come to grips with the fact that it had all been an illusion. It had all been for nothing. It had all BEEN nothing (but his fuel). As an empath, I always relied on intuitive reasoning over cognitive. The muscle memory of this persisted. I just kept banging up against the logic of how something that I experienced as so authentically, technicolour REAL, was, in the light of day, nothing more than a half-assed set design, made out of tempura-painted cardboard cutouts. The cognitive dissonance remained, even as I saw the truth. It is just unsafe, how emotionally top-heavy we are and he truly brought me to my knees. My gut had never steered me wrong until him, or (perhaps closer to the truth), good luck kept me out of the crosshairs until him. Battered, but upright, I am ready to direct my intent on gaining a deeper understanding of what makes him do this to people. It seems that my healing and acceptance depend on it. Empathic abilities have been an ineffective tool in this. So, thank you HG. By letting me see thru your eyes, you are empowering me with constructive knowledge and giving me a much clearer vision. It has helped.

  5. MyTrueSelf says:

    ‘The eyes are the window of the soul’ is a poignant sentiment but a spade is also a spade! So let’s call it what it is- coercion and controling behaviour.
    I think care needs to be taken that controlling and abusive behaviour isn’t romanticised.
    My narcissist was equally capable of looking at me manufacturing a false image of what he thought I ought to be.

  6. shantily says:

    Mmmm right back to my teens and the movie Legend” staring Tom Crusie, my girlfriends watched it over and over because of Tom Cruise and how gorgeous he was … And I ? loved The Lord of Darkness scene where he tries to seduce Lili..
    LILI: I have nothing to talk about. You’ve stolen my dreams away.
    DARKNESS: All things change, lady. The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity. Dreams are my speciality. Through dreams I influence mankind. My dream is of eternity with you. I offer you this rose, princess: my heart, my soul, my love.
    LILI: Love?

    Even now his voice and the whole scene is super sexy to me

  7. Lisa says:

    I could not hold the con mans gaze. Not for the life of me. It felt awkward, uncomfortable and weird.
    Until…..weeks later…he put me in a position of having no choice but to look. A forced position I am thinking now. I realized he actually had beautiful eyes. Highly expressive. Beautiful colour blue, which changed in photos I took of him. They appeared very dark there.
    Funnily enough, I get compliments on my own eyes all the time (thanks to Max Factor no doubt) but they dont change in photos…hmmm
    The gaze thing is certainly a red flag. Or so I have discovered…….
    Thanks HG.

  8. Paula Sarno says:

    For the first time I am leaving my comment deeply affected . You are horrible people ( people of your kind )
    Eyes are the mirror of the soul , empats
    believe in what we see in persons eyes .
    It is your worst betrayal , it is deadly painful .

  9. Asia says:

    Let me first begin by saying thank you, your writing on the subject is very informative, errie yet great. I have a question, one which perplexes me. Why does the narcissist need a person to get supply from? Is there some sort of inability to connect with the “supply” that is around all of us, all of the time, that isn’t connected to a physical person or thing? “The supply” that exists in the universe and emanates from everything? I am sure you have heard of it, but do you experience connection to this? It seems that the person with NPD is obviously controlling others both overtly and covertly around them to get supply from them, but they are actually controlled by the need for supply, am I correct? It seems that if one could connect and be fed by the general energy that makes the universe tick, it would provide some freedom. Or is it that emotional energy feels somehow stronger? I don’t think it is as it cannot create stars and planets, but perhaps your experience is somehow different? Also you have mentioned multiple times that some in the midrange are completely oblivious to the fact that they are narcissists, does this mean too that though they are receiving fuel in regards to their behaviors that they are unaware that they are getting fuel, they just feel better somehow? That being said what does feeling “better” actuallyfeel like to the narc?

    Great reading. Thanks again

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