The Narcissistic Truths – No. 157




    1. Hi Twilight……I already feel as if I have seen most of the people in my life as they truly are………that’s why I prefer animals!!!!…….Diva

    1. Diva

      The movie Consitine where he places his feet in the bucket of water while sitting in the chair and walla a trip to hell.

      1. Hi Twilight……I had no idea what movie you meant but I just watched the trailer and now I understand your comment…….I couldn’t watch that movie…..the trailer was more than enough……I think I just held my breath and didn’t blink for 3 minutes!!!!!!!……Diva

        1. Diva

          Eye drops and oxygen mask would be needed for you!

          I eletricuted myself once saving kittens I can promise you that hurts like hell

          1. Hi Twilight……I don’t know about an oxygen mask and eye drops but I think I would need to be sedated before I could sit through that movie.

            I have done a fair bit of animal rescuing myself…….I don’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone here when I state that I prefer animals to people……..Diva

  1. Reminder: I am an appliance and my job was to provide the narcissist with fuel (traits and residual benefits), I am irrelevant and he only loved me for my fuel. He did not exist. He was just a mirage. Rote is very helpful here.

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