Your Fault!






Why is it always your fault? Why does the narcissist never accept that he or she is to blame? How are they so adept at blaming others and especially you? Why do they do that? How do they achieve this blame evasion? What is behind their need to place the blame elsewhere? Why do narcissists create blame bombs and what do they do with them? These questions and more besides are posed and answered in the usual direct style, straight from the caustic tongue of the narcissist himself. Understand the reasons behind the narcissist’s relationship with blame and finally understand why it is always your fault.


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4 thoughts on “Your Fault!

  1. Blank,
    I’m happy to hear you are home and safe now, but i’m sorry you have to deal with her at all.
    I still cannot fathom the damage that the ones who are supposed to love us can inflict on us.
    I hope it is a good long time before you have to deal with her again, and that you are able to relax and regroup in the meantime.
    Healing and recovery doesn’t seem possible unless you are able to remove the cause.Not likely since this is your mom.

  2. Blank,

    I’m so sorry you feel you have to go see her. I wish I could alleviate your anxiety, I’ll just have to wish you virtual hugs, instead.


    1. Blank says:

      I’m only reading this now, thanks for your compassion Perse, I survived :). Took me 3 days this time to recover, the agression left me this morning, after a good night’s sleep :).

  3. Blank says:

    As a child, whenever I had issues at school or with a friend, my mother would say things like ‘you probably started it first’, or ‘I guess you weren’t such a sweetheart yourself’. Never believing my (true) stories, never being on my side. And a few times a day she would say to me: ‘are you not ashamed of yourself?’ Shame, guilt, silent treatments, spanking and fury, that’s what I got. I’m gong to see her tomorrow. The anxiety is in my blood already. I can see my stomach bloating. I’m asking myself ‘why is she still alive?’ And then I feel shame and guilt. Tomorrow I’ll be sitting there with her, saying to myself ‘don’t go mad’, ‘just relax’, ‘never mind whatever she’s saying’ and watch her shaming and blaming my dad.

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