Little Acons – No.55



3 thoughts on “Little Acons – No.55”

  1. oh wow ! I love this HG!

    When my husband first saw a photo of my sister and I, he said, “I can tell she’s your sister because you both have your claws out”

  2. I find these meme pics eerie yet really get one thinking about the message.
    “Two used items triangulated”. Thats been my brother and i yet he also uses my mother. She knows if she doesnt keep him happy she will lose her non intimate primary source. He validates her sense of worth and she caters to his golden child status.
    Im so glad i removed myself from their dynamic years ago. She can no longer triangulate him with me. She can try but its futile bc it doesnt bother me anymore and she cant get any reaction like she did years ago.

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