Poll : What Is Your View About Warning Others About Narcissists?


You have become educated about our kind or you are in the process of establishing your education and with this knowledge it is often the case that you wish to do more with it as you see more and more of our kind around you, around your family, your friends and generally. How do you proceed?

Do you have the desire to warn and inform others but think there is no point because people just do not get it if they have not experienced it? Perhaps you are evangelical about spreading the word but are concerned that you will come across as obsessed because of people’s lack of understanding and/or the impact of smearing that has taken place?

Maybe you want to warn people but you will only do so when the narcissist has engaged with a person and if so, would that be the next victim who you may not personally know or just in terms of your friends and family?

Perhaps you would like to want people but you realise that you need to look to your own defences and conserve your time and energy, rather than spread it thin trying to ride to the rescue of other people? Maybe you have successfully warned people that you know or possibly even people you do not know about a specific narcissist who has targeted them? You might be busy spreading the word far and wide, looking to forewarn people before it happens, pushing the information to all that you can as essential knowledge to ensure people do not suffer in the way you have.

Whatever it might be, do select as many answers as are applicable to your situation before casting your vote and do expand on your experiences and thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you for participating.


What is your view about warning other people about narcissism?

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152 thoughts on “Poll : What Is Your View About Warning Others About Narcissists?”

  1. The very first night I was as his. My life was under his complete control. The changes were so subtle that I thought I was the one with the problem – I was deficient in all areas – “baby, your talents lie in other areas”.

    What’s left? There’s so much anger and some bitterness. There’s the constant desire for him even after 15 months of total no contact, I’ve married again to a normal man who will do anything to make me happy every day. He’s read my many books on NPD so he can understand my feeling myself better. I have this wonderful husband and lifestyle, but Richard is always invading my mind – literally like mind control. God c. Daknows if he called today I’d be scared, but I’d want to go “home.”

    I want some sort of revenge. Perhaps that book that everyone has in them, to write a book that they’re to write. I want to expose this vile snakeby using his name! Did you know there are a couple of real companies online who will get revenge for you for money? Somehow, someway I’m going to expose him to everyone he knows (not that many. You know how narcs are).

    After 15 months of don’t feel much better coming onboard

    1. Hello Dorothy

      After discovering the ex was a Narc, I have spent months plotting my revenge, exposing him to his family, making him pay the money he owes me, sharing his profile on Dating Sites to his new IPPS…But it all comes to one event: When he hoovered me, I raised the hoover bar. Blocked him all over social media, deleted his phone, deleted his message on corporative e-mail (the only I could not change) without reading and he even had the guts (of lack of) to write my best friend and ask her why I wasn’t replying, I advised her to block him too and so did she. So I had my closure, the only one that’s possible – Revenge through the right No Contact. So please, rethink your desire for revenge, do you want this to stop or keep riding the breakless car?

      All love from Brazil!

    2. Dorothy

      You are married NOW to a man who will do anything to make you happy everyday and has read your books on NPD to understand, and you are having ongoing thoughts about the APPARITION that was your ex? If thats true then it begs the question why did you marry again, but shit happens and you were emotional so…I’ll leave that as is. If you have a good person now then I’d say you got your revenge in showing the ex (and everyone else) that youve moved on and there was life after him. What if you got it all out here in the form of the Letter to the Narcissist exercise? Think that might help? A no holds barred let er rip about the waste of skin that he is-only he wont get any satisfaction from it and you will have exposed him (so to speak) here to many who understand and will be cheering you on. I’ll be damned if I would spend one red cent on him to get revenge and give him the feeling that hes even worthy of a passing thought in my head while Im living a life he can never have. THATS the revenge girl. Your husband is real and worthy of your best- your ex is not and worthy of nothing. Nothing is what DESTROYS them. Destroy him with nothing.

  2. Well, I will write a script about a Narcissist. It will become a film. It will get the Oscar for the Original Script. I will go to gloriously accept it and, in my speech, I will thank HG while the whole planet will be watching.

    1. I will watch your movie from the front row. I find a lot of characters from movies and TV series strong on the narcissistic spectrum, still they are purely labelled as “villains”. How infuriating!

  3. Dearest HG,

    What about you?
    (if you care/would like to share with us)
    Has this ever happened to you?
    Has an ex-IPPS, friend/colleague, or family member ever tried to warn someone about you?
    And has anyone (besides the original ex-IPPS & Lennox) ever told you what you are?
    – What effect did it have?

    ooohh and here’s a question: Have you ever warned someone about one of the brethren?

    1. They have tried but the instances I know about have been ineffective.
      No, they have not.
      I have warned people about some of our kind, I have not used the word ‘narcissist’ because they would not understand, but I couched it in terms that would result in that individual taking evasive action.

      1. HG
        Under what circumstance would you warn someone about your kind if you have no empathy?

      2. To make me look good, to fuck over the narcissist for my entertainment. Nothing to do with saving the individual who is warned.

  4. Catherine,
    Yes! Exactly true! I posed a similar comment on another post. I think it’s because narcissism isn’t well -known to the general public. Hell, even the DMC5 may be altered to remove npd from the cluster-b personality disorders.
    IMHO, that would be a real shame. What we need is more education.. not less. The last relationship I had the (dis)pleasure of experiencing, fits NPD to a TEE. But its all hindsight. I’m not certain I would be able to recognize it (as discussed here) when in the midst.. how does one SEE?? Still at a loss on that one.. Nevertheless, I believe education is key.

    1. Jasmine

      Perhaps the DMC5 is going to award NPD its own category:
      Cluster Fuck

      It is hard to recognize and confusing to those not ensnared because they were formerly (and still now) known merely as Giant Dicks or Grade A Assholes.

      1. LOL narc angel. Cluster Fuck is perfect!! My life certainly feels that way… more times then not.

    2. Jasmine, I believe so too. Education is key here. In my country we still commonly and clinically use the term of psychopath as a general term to encompass this antisocial disorder; and to a much lesser degree sociopath; but both terms are problematic I guess. Psychopath can be used as any invective nowadays and is still unfortunately mostly associated to a high degree with inmates in high security prisons. I’ve actually lately started to see lots of interest and psychological articles referring to NPD here though, but I don’t think people realise what it’s all about anyway.

      Regarding how to know that you’re in such a relationship I know how difficult it is because of all the subtle mind games, the haze and the confusion when you’re in the middle of it. Emotional abuse is not easy to pinpoint, it doesn’t leave visible scars, but when you hurt inside and there’s no space within the relationship to address the pain, you know something is not right and we need to attune our hearts to realising then what’s going on. In the end an abuser will always be an abuser no matter if he’s a narcissist, psychopath, alcoholic or whatever.

      1. thanks Catherine,
        At least people recognise the psychopath. And they’ve ALL heard the… “But he was such a nice guy… the best neighbor, whatever. What they can’t seem to do.. is connect the dots. Psycho, not recognizable, …. “OH”.. “Hey! Maybe his wife is right”… “Just MAYBE this nice guy.. ISNT SO NICE.

        THAT connection is missing in our society…

  5. I have directed a few people here as well – I have no idea if they have made use of the resource though.

    I also bought a dead tree copy of one of HG’s books for someone.

  6. I have sent 6 women specific posts from this blog that pertain to their situation. I have discussed NPD with my friends and family. I’ve noticed that even though the evidence is there, and they see everything fits, there’s no immediate get the heck out of dodge reaction. I get it. It took me well over a year for it to truly sink in.

    It makes me wonder, is anyone able to run before it gets bad or immediately remove themselves?

    1. It is extremely rare for anybody to escape prior to devaluation the first time they are ensnared. The method of seduction and the grip of emotional thinking means it hardly ever happens.

    2. Yes, when you know what you are dealing with. Problem is, you usually would have no idea, or you would stay away in the first place.

    3. Sophia,
      Escaping is volatile. That’s when things become truly dangerous. If they are violent at all..

      1. Jasmine,

        Yes, it is. I watched my mother go through it. I also went through it. I just wish I had paid attention to the red flags. I wish someone would have said, “you’re at risk for emotional abuse…read narcsite.com” Would I have listened? I’ll never know for sure but I’d like to be able to say yes. I just never imagined that the beginning could be fake.

      2. Sophia, I’m so sorry you had to live through that twice. (Child/adult) I hope you are both out.
        Those rose colored glasses are REALLY difficult to remove. I did see the red flags, and was warned by an ex, and this isn’t my first rodeo either.
        The best thing we can do is TRY and learn.

  7. HG
    Does the publisher of your books prevent you from putting narcsite.com in smaller print under your name on the cover of your books? It seems obvious that it is not on there for a reason-but who knows. Maybe you should change your name to that, then they couldnt refuse-AND it could be in bold print lol. Reviews are great, but some tempted will sit on the fence about purchasing, mistakenly thinking that it may be like many other self-help books they have purchased with less than desired results and pass. There are also lazy readers out there who will not commit to a whole book (gasp) on such a topic but would like a little information. This generation is more likely to check out a website than read a book. As a publisher I would not balk because someone may not buy the book but if they check out the website and get interested, they will come BACK and purchase the book. Still others may need the information but be short on funds (even though you make them quite affordable). Its probably some legal thing or something obvious I havent thought of (since I’ve yet to finish my coffee) but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

    1. That is a good idea Narcangel. The blog is referred to at the end of the books but there is no reason why narcsite.com should not appear on the cover of the books for the reasons you have suggested. It hasn’t so far purely because I had not thought to do so.

      1. Now that NA mentioned it, I thought about YouTube video descriptions.
        A link to your blog is on your YT channel home page (About). When new viewers are given a link to one of your videos, they do not always visit your channel start page. They like your videos and do not know you that you have a blog.
        Adding a clickable link to each video (Description – e.g. ‘Blog: http://narcsite.com‘ – http:// to make it clickable) next time you upload a new one could help make more viewers aware of your blog.

  8. “Do you have the desire to warn and inform others?”

    I warned and informed others several years ago and I wish I had not done it. Two friends of mine distanced themselves from me after I spoke about narcissism and recommended some books. I tried to reconnect with them but they ignored me. I sent a sibling some books and learnt she made fun of me in front of other people who knew me behind my back. Since then they think I am crazy. She did not read any of the books I sent and married a MRN.

    “Maybe you want to warn people but you will only do so when the narcissist has engaged with a person … Maybe you have successfully warned people that you know or possibly even people you do not know about a specific narcissist who has targeted them?…”

    When *important people in my life* were about to be targeted or had already been targeted by a narcissist (at work or in business, familial, intimate relationships), I let them know. A couple of times I succeeded but other times it backfired.
    A sibling had been complaining about all the things two people had done to him in the previous years so I decided to email him and let him know that they were narcissists, they were using him and taking advantage of him. He forwarded my email to several people, including the narcissists and then I had fourteen people against me bombarding me with intimidating emails. They threatened to sue me for libel, although they have been slandering me for years. Many narcissists wear a cloak of kindness, generosity and altruism. Very few people can see through it. They’d rather be blind and repress their fears than accept the truth.

    As for people I do not know, I have successfully warned them on the internet. I redirect them to this blog or recommend your books. Writing reviews on Amazon under a pseudonym is safe too. I will continue doing so because I am not using my real name but I do not help anybody in real life anymore. I do not trust anybody.

    “Perhaps you would like to want people but you realise that you need to look to your own defences and conserve your time and energy, rather than spread it thin trying to ride to the rescue of other people?…”

    Exactly. I would like to but if I am going to be smeared, harassed, threatened or considered crazy for preventing others from being hurt, manipulated and abused, I would rather conserve my time and energy. It is THEIR problem if they do not want to know.

    I would like to add that I do not think in terms of narcissists. Many Normals and Empaths are abusive, passive-aggressive and take advantage of others too. It does not matter to me if someone has a NPD or not. I look out for manipulative, controlling or malignant behaviour rather than disorders.

  9. “I would warn people but doubt they would understand” specifically relating to my Narc. The friendly, thrice married family man who goes above and beyond to help a fellow in need. His clear mid range relaxed demeanour, complete confidence, utterly cock sure attitude, clever wit and higher than average intelligence can not easily be taken down. He would play games, groom and set challenges for a woman he’s only just met, texting and texting and texting. He’s not like that.
    Although.. there are a few women that I have confided in. All of whom where relaying their tails of woe about different men, all creatives like myself, empathic individuals, all who also have a Narc. I say the words and relief floods across their face. Someone who knows…. someone who’s been there. It’s facinating really and utterly deverstating in the same move.

  10. Unfortunately there was no response about being afraid to anger the Narc by warning others. I would do, but if he found out I would be back on his radar and risk his escalating the harm.

  11. The education like your site is needed.
    Also I’d find awesome the opportunity to buy all collection of your books in form of “gift batch”. I’d use it for the cases when somebody among friends is involved – best of all to leave her alone in presence of all this knowledge in the room to read and think.
    For me your site was saving turning point – where all the problems ended with logic.

    People are not inclined to think seriously on such a deep psychological topic unless/until they are involved with narc themselves.
    I informed only few of the most close people – probable prospects of further manipulations in my circle – whom I’d contacted if I were on the place of recent narc. Who have interesting for this narc traits and who he is likely to discover around me during the stalking.
    (two of them later uncovered to be pair of narc+codep themselves, which is quite funny, but that’s offtopic))) Actually it is much harder to spot narcy if you occupy far positions in their matrix – just nice, nice bright people…

    1) Public education is needed for prevention (from school age is best)) – just to know this kind of phenomena exists, what is love-bombing and how to stay safe.
    2) Help is needed with exact people when situation is already here – this is when they are ready for this site and books.
    3) Informing somebody who is close enough to believe you and who is in danger now because you brought that narc around – it is just normal care.
    Informing here and there – has all chances to be useless, to bring you “obsessed” image, to be channeling/releasing of the energy devoted to narc anyway. Better not to, to my mind: better to use that surrounding for a more strategic purpose of involving in alternative life realities with other people which build new paths in your brain and distract you from your narc.

  12. When I first started reading about NPD, one of the things that I noticed was when reading people’s experiences with narcissists they seemed to have encountered so many and in my ignorance , this made their stories less credible . I thought it was ridiculous that people could have had so many narcissists in their lifes . After 2 years of reading about this disorder I now have a reasonable understanding of it and it really has taken that long . Even though I got it after 6 months of reading , I still wasn’t fully seeing it and was still puzzled regarding certain areas of the condition and how it shows itself . So in my opinion it is incredibly difficult to explain this condition to anyone that has no knowledge of it . I also am now aware that I have encounterd many narcissists and I see it every where , but when you don’t understand it , it’s difficult to see how other people claim to be victims of so many in their lives. I have told my mother and a couple of close friends and they do have some understanding of mental health problems and are open to hearing my explanation of this , but they don’t really understand . I have also only told them about the one narcissist that I was romantically involved with , which led me to learn about this , I have not mentioned about the ones that I now realise I’ve worked with or members of my family , because I know they will think I’m nuts and obsessed with it and my imagination is running riot !!! I have come to realise my stepfather is one ( def a lesser ) my mother has been having problems yet again in her marriage with him which has been ongoing for years , I think my mum is codependent and definitely an empath (people pleaser to her detriment) I have recently tried to explain to her that she’s married to a narcissist and the evidence of it , is now glaringly obvious to me and explains so much about this mans behaviour with my mum and me and his own children and every area of his life , I know 100% that my mother does not understand one word of it or believe it.
    I’m sure there are people that can be helped or alerted but I think it’s incredibly difficult to explain this very complex disorder and how it shows itself in such different ways and yet at the same time is so similar with them all . Has anyone out there managed to convince anyone of this regarding someone in their life ? I would be very interested to know ?

    1. Hi Scarlet!
      I identify w what you write. After reading Manipulated but esp Devil’s Toolkit, it was as you say ‘glaringly obvious’ my dad is a narc.

      My mom believes everyth he tells her.. so i carefully asked a couple questions just to be sure of my own recollections – then sent her the Christmas w a narc post listing all the crazy stunts they pull (the image on the post is the Christmas tree on fire) and we then actually had a good laugh about it & she totally agreed!

      I would think the articles on how they ruin birthdays etc would be good ones to share to point out specific examples of what makes us realize they are narcs..
      Good luck!

    2. Scarlet,
      I have not. Yet. I am starting to think that my cousin in currently entangled. She’s becoming harder to reach though. They really do a good job with isolation. My mother has mentioned that to me (about my own circumstances) though I didn’t see my own, I can see it in my cousin.

      I’ve also started.. just barely.. to see it in others. I saw 2 friends on fb that were “quabbling”.. one of them sounded exactly like my ex. It was freaky. The other was my own doctor.. I was kind of thinking it about him, then at our last appt he hit on me! I was shocked.

    3. Hello Scarlet,

      Yes, I for one convinced my mother that her own mother is a narc, but when it comes to her father she refused to beleive, even when they show exactly the same traits. It guess at the end of the day people are more easily prone to accept someone they dislike of being a narc than a person they fancy. People will always beleive what they want to beleive, not what is in front of them.

      It is very frustrating!

      1. Hi Carol M, that’s an interesting point you make about it being easier to agree or claim to see it regarding someone that they may dislike .

      2. Yes, Scarlet, because when you are already given to demonise someone, adding a serious label like a Personality Disorder is just a step further. When it is someone you idolise, however, you keep in denial because it implies accepting the fact that your own perception of this person has been faulty.

  13. I have not referred to the word “narcissist“ more so “ abuser”, and have referred many to your site in hopes of them having further understanding of what they have endured, tools to help them break free, and the personality type they are dealing with. Your site is a breakthrough in clarity for so many HG!

  14. I would probably need to know them on a personal level in order for them to even listen . People in general are usually not interested if it does not concern them !!!! I have and would in the future recommend this site and or consultation if someone was actually confiding in me , and I was thinking there problem might be narcissistic partner ( I always find short quotes on narcissism helps a lot ) as they are to the point and people identify a lot of traits !!
    However in general I do like to spread the word haha , I keep it simple and always mention to friends family especially my daughters , when they date someone ask them what they think if their mum , or find out what the relationship is like . Listen carefully to the answer !!! It’s a good start 🤷‍♀️

  15. I have referred several people to your blog because mostly they didn’t understand the true
    nature of narcissism. However, I don’t think people understand the extent of the manipulations, pain and heart ache unless they have been victims themselves.

  16. The heart is wide open ❤️💀Until it is to late. Education is sought during the aftermath processes . Sexual pain stretching every inch of your mind, body and soul. I begged to be fed on and no one could have stopped me…but him. For 2 years I was picked up and placed back into the silence of dark space over and over
    Unique Experience into your own self awareness….. Strenght to see more than ever

  17. “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
    (Albert Pine)

    HG, would you have been very surprised 2 1/2 years ago, if you had known what your blog would have become today?
    When did you start to offer consultations?

    Your blog posts in the beginning are more true blog posts, more in the style of diary entries, but now you are writing directly for us and address our issues. What is the feedback on this by your doctors? The task was to write about yourself, wasn’t it? To reflect about yourself and your impact on others. Do they think you still fulfill the purpose of this task of writing about yourself today? As you deflect from yourself quite nicely (just a thought). What are your own thoughts on that?

    I have also another question: in 2015 you write that you had 3, then 2 girlfriends, but you’ve stated ever since that you have one IPPS. What were the three women back then to you?

    I’ve given the link to your blog to lots of people …

  18. I tried to explain to my father that my mum’s behaviour was due to her being narcissistic. He didn’t take it seriously though. I think he is deluded and also codependent. Although I can see he is generally unhappy and very deep in thought much of the time, he would dismiss this as being due to many other things. I think he strongly believes in the illusion that his childhood sweetheart truly loves him and cares about him. As a man who is devoted to his family, I believe he can’t even comprehend that their life together is not based on true love. On the other hand, I can see how she treats him as an appliance. I believe my mother is a covert victim mid-range narcissist.

    To help my dad, my response is a long-range one. I want to show him the genuine love and respect that he’s missing. Without mentioning narcissism or criticising my mum very much, I treat him with as much genuine care and respect as I can. I want him to see the contrast, and maybe that will give him some comfort and relief, and also demonstrate that my mum’s behaviour is not normal or fair. They’ve been together for a very long time and the nature of my mum’s covert and subtle mind-games can always be justified by either of them in some way.

    As the scapegoat of the family, my views and perspectives are nearly always minimised, ignored or invalidated. This attitude is ingrained in my dad as well, but I can tell it’s not in a pointedly mean, vindictive or self-serving way as it is with my mum. I hope that some of the truth will be recognised by my dad if I persist in treating him with genuine love and care.

    1. Hello Jennifer,

      I’m really sorry about your dad, but maybe you should concentrate your efforts on your own healing. Being a scapegoat must have been served a lot on your plate already!

      All love from Brazil

  19. If they don’t heed your warning they are stupid….been there and she still with him and wonders why hes so mean….and for a minute there it looked like maybe I was crazy and their life was fairytale….. Not the case he’s worse if a shit than previously suspected. Good! Your perfect for each other!

    1. Hmmm…just stupid. That would make every single person on earth stupid. Not a single one of us whether with a narc or not has ever heeded all good advice given to them. We’re all stupid in our own way.

      1. 12345 is right. I never listen. I always nod politely and then do my own thing.

        It’s hard to break those habits

  20. Thank you HG. Since discovering your site, I have done much healing, and have tools to deal with the Narc still hoovering, and have bailed out on a date when he showed traits of the mid range. I have been able to openly and freely discuss narcissism in general, and save my personal experience with only 2 very close friends. And the other day was at my hair dresser, mentioned my ex narc, she paused and started asking questions. She was completely engaged and I could tell she had a situation which was just explained and validated. I wrote down the information for your site and your name and encouraged her to watch your videos. She was relieved! So yes, your influence is profound. Thank you! And I am thinking… Wait a minute, it’s the hairdresser that usually listens and gives advice! Lol. So I refer people all the time to your information. But I don’t use any personal names, and under no circumstances post ANYTHING on Facebook!

  21. My 22 year old daughter is an INFJ like myself, and in a high empathy career. I have made a priority of general education about things like “deal breakers” boundaries, and catering to the needs of others. I point to her narcissist grandmother as a reference, but the end goal is to keep her from the clutches of an exploiting man.

    1. Sandra,

      I’m horrible with boundaries. All my common sense seems to go out the window with certain people. What you’re doing for her is invaluable. I’m an INFP. 😃

  22. This is one of the reasons I’d rather stay in this blog and discuss matters to fellow resilient survivors (sorry, I don’t particularly appreciate the label ‘victim’) – I joined not one, but FIVE groups on Facebook of people sharing experiences, exchanging opinions, etc., towards narcissitic personality disorder and many of them shared screenshots of potential abusers asking the participants “What do you think? Is this a narcissist or an ordinary joe?” and even though 98% of cases portraited every point this blog describes so minuciously, they simply concluded, “Ok, folks, you are overthinking this, this dude is not a narc” so at some point I stopped clenching my teeth and left. Recommending the blog, books, Psychology Today and even a specific therapist is useless if people don’t want to accept there are lots of narcissists everywhere. I give up, I would really like to help but there are limits and sometimes trying to explain didaticaly is such a waste of energy. On the other hand, doing a power point explanation about how to spot a potential narc to present to my coworkers helped my own healing so very much!

    1. Interesting observations Carol, thanks for sharing them. The calibre of information in some of these groups is dire.

    2. Carol M
      How did it come about that you gave a presentation at work on that subject if you dont mind me asking. Kudos to you for doing it as well.

      1. Narc Angel:
        Not al all, I’m happy to share.
        I happen to work in Human Resources and every time each one of us has some new learning to share, we book a room and the person prepares a small presentation to the group. Not long ago, we had a trainee that was, for sure, a narc. He was an entitled and overly indulged millennium who would steal passwords, get to work late, do not clock in and then say he has forgotten to pass the card, get three slices of cake on a birthday and then two employees would have none, deny accountability about any task done incorrectly (even when it was a silly mistake, very quickly corrected), criticise others to look good in comparinson, get into all kinds of conversations as an expert on the subject. etc. We were more than happy to let him go! By the time, I knew nothing about NPD, I thought he was just spoilt. Now that I know how to spot a potential narc, I thought I should spread the news. However, you have no idea how hard it is to make others beleive this is a serious disorder – what I hear the most is motherly indulgence. such as “His/her parents did not teach him/her well, it is not his/her fault” , “Why, (s)he is just a child, (s)he will outgrow it!” and “You are exaggerating, this person is nothing but misguided” and so. Society is grooming narcs and I don’t want to be around when it comes the day to reap the crops.

      2. Carol M
        People are such twits! I believe you; he was definitely a narc.
        Someone said to me: it is just boys being boys. I replied: No, it isn’t boys being boys; that child is disordered.

      3. Carol M

        Thanks for your response. Its great you have these opportunities to share information. Too bad he wasnt still there to enjoy your presentation, although he likely wouldnt recognize himself. There would probably have been a lot of heads turned in his direction though lol. I hope you do a refresher course the next time one shows up.

  23. I have told people that the best relationship advice comes from a site run by a Greater Narcissist Sociopath.

    Then they look at me like I have 3 heads. I love it.

    I have referred a number of your articles to a number of people/sites. Whether they choose to get it is up to them.

    1. The people I’ve shared that with found it logical and interesting … but then again they might be as offbeat as I am … But no, hardly anybody has the patience to get into it in depth.

  24. I have been generally educating friends and family on narcissism after my own experiences. Additionally, I have been helping a close friend to deal with her ex, who is a very high profile, and very successful psychopath – he is the only person I know (personally) who is worse than my ex, and my ex is a monster. I have helped another friend to eliminate 2 narcissists from her life – it took a long time but she finally did it. I have been teaching my kids about narcissism in general, as well as telling them about specific family members and friends.

    As for warning the next victim – I don’t think it works until the victim has been devalued. I remember that during my golden stage I was so brainwashed – my friends and family told my that I appeared hypnotized. At that time nobody would be able to help me understand the truth and pay attention to the red flags (I saw them early on but ignored them). It was only when I was devalued, and called the other woman is when I have learned the real truth and became open to comprehending what is going on. And even than, my ex still kept hoovering and manipulating me which lasted for a few more years.

    So, how many of you actually tried to warn the next victim? Have it ever worked?

  25. HG, my phone malfunctioned and sent my comment before I was done writing it. I wanted to shout it from the mountaintops! Two people that I know are involved with npd’s. One took the warning seriously and the other had been discarded but wanted to be hoovered again. She lives with the Narc now. I believe that this Narc knows what he is because she told me that he reads tons of psychology books! The 3rd person is waiting in the wings for this same Narc.

  26. This is why I reported him to Canadian Immigration when I heard he intended to emigrate there. I couldn’t justify it only being about revenge. I do have a conscience after all.

    I do not think this person should be inflicted on another country and if people do not get to suffer at the hands of this individual because of me it can only be a good thing.

  27. I voted that I would warn people generally, but I doubt that they will understand. I’ve been obsessed for a long time with this kind of closure I get from putting a name and a label to the evil of my ex. Just being able to grasp that he actually has a personality disorder helps me understand and to eventually move on. That was the missing part of the puzzle for me. But I’ve been obsessing over it for some time now and people around are really not that interested or they just don’t get it because they haven’t experienced it so I’m a bit worried I come across as tiresome and crazy and I’ve decided to keep my thoughts on the subject to myself, my therapist and to you here. But I would definitely warn a friend or family member if I saw any red flags around them. Without a doubt.

    1. Catherine,
      I Think you hit the nail on the head. Most people don’t want to know, and tire easily of any perceived “drama” They would rather just go about their business. Such is life

      I lost 3 “friends” when I mis-posted my article. Granted it was Christmas eve.. but so what? Life doesn’t stop for the holidays.

      Oh well.. their loss. I have done my best to keep my introspection and learning off my regular profile. I cannot please everyone, and will surely upset most… eventually.

      1. Jasmine,
        thank you! That’s my experience as well. Even close friends who truly have my best interest at heart can’t really listen that long to my obsession and I can only imagine what acquaintances would think then. But SuperXena has a very valid point when she writes above that people tend to close their minds immediately when labels are used, that’s somehow strangely taking things too far and in some mysterious way pretending to know too much for most people, but if you instead describe patterns and behaviour and leave the categorisation out of it, I’ve found people to listen more to what I actually have to tell.

    2. I love you, Catherine.. Sooo much!! Seems like we are always right in sync! I feel the same way.. I keep my thoughts and labels here on this forum, with my counselor, and to myself, through journal entries, thoughts, feelings, etc.. People, in general, just don’t understand this dynamic.. You really have to had gone through it, experience being devalued, and witnessed the narcissist move on without a care to comprehend that that person has a personality disorder..

      1. Oh, you’re sweet Bekah B, I guess we’re in sync you and I! Yes, I find it hurtful in the end to try to explain things to people and watch their disbelieving looks. There’s been so much pain already; I don’t have any room for more. I’d rather talk to you, all the others here, read HG’s articles, write and stay in therapy than to try to prove to some friend that what happened to me actually did happen. Hugs to you!

    3. “…but if you instead describe patterns and behaviour and leave the categorisation out of it, I’ve found people to listen more to what I actually have to tell.”

      Absolutely true, Catherine! I have learned that, as well, and very quickly with my narcissist.. I called him a sociopath a couple of times and he was offended.. I learned to only point out his hurtful behavior when it occurred, from that moment forward, but never try to present it as an indication of him being a narcissistic sociopath.. I have told friends of his condition, but again, they do not understand.. My closest friend stated to me she was very confused as to why I could not just leave this person alone.. It is so complicated, especially when you are constantly manipulated into believing what you see and hear from the narcissist, when they are on “good” behavior..

      1. Bekah B, yes, that’s the real problem; when in the relationship the manipulations are so effective and custom made for you that it’s difficult to realise what’s going on, let alone to explain to your friends what’s happening. Also it’s an example of Narc Angels discussion of ego in the empath; which I agree with; that you don’t want to shatter the façade of what you have built together; I was too ashamed after insisting for so long that all was well. But afterwards this cover up makes it straining to get someone to believe you and to understand what you went through. And thereby the first seed of resistance to you naming him psychopath or narcissist is already planted in any further discussion with friends and family. Just as intended by the narcissist.

  28. I have warned my friends and family about my ex being a narcissist, and they believe me. Problem is that none of them actually know what narcissism is, and it is hard to explain it all in a good way, and without sounding «obsessed» by some for idea. My experience is that noone likes to hear about it, and it is hard to explain and engage people in this topic. I find that my friends find it difficult to understand and relate to, because they have never been entangled with a narcissist.

    I really want to warn the new IPPS, but I know that is likely to fail, like you have explained before.

    If I ever would get involved (which I am not), I would have to wait until she is in devaluation. That is when she is most likely to believe it. maybe I could use an unknown email or fb- profile and just say I strongly believe X is a narcissist and link to good sites online where she can read about it and go find the answer for herself.

  29. I didn’t vote, I refer people here to the blog, have left your books at a library, spoke with people who deal with domestic violence and once I had their curiosity I gave them the website, referred books and even encouraged them to speak with HG.

      1. Your welcome HG

        Your work needs to get out there, and what I do know word of mouth spreads faster then anything. Hell if everyone of us just spoke to 5 people a week about your insights, 1 person out of those 5 will come and see for themselves. Two more may out of curiosity, two would stay closed minded.

  30. It seems as though every narcissist I’ve ever known uses the same “playbook” of rules. When it comes to understanding manipulation of the human psyche, they’re geniuses. Once they wrap their tentacles around you they insidiously squeeze every ounce of life out. Teaching people about the reality of narcissistic behaviors and the effects they will have needs to start at elementary school level. Otherwise, the conditioning about how “love conquers all” and dysfunctional coping mechanisms kick in. It’s much worse than an opiate addiction on many levels. Once you become involved it’s harder to overcome. Better to never take that first “dose” of fake niceness. Sadly, “Little Red Riding Hood” is a harsh reality.

  31. I know you have a poll to check the boxes. My theory so far about the whole Narcissism saga is that I believe you have to be a victim first. This is unfortunate but true in my view. See there is Nothing in the world that could have made me fall out of love with my ex other than his devaluation of me. Nothing! I mean if he caused bodily injury or harmed anyone I loved or myself then that is the exception of course. But besides bad actions on his part, nothing anyone else said would have mattered after he got me! Unfortunately and I know a lot of people may disagree with me but I think mostly it’s the victims who need the education the most. Because reading about it and going through it are two different worlds. It’s like warning somebody about drugs, does that ever work? Yes I do feel that it’s good for all the information to be out there but it’s kinda like giving the anti venom before the bite! I believe you have to be bitten. Warnings are good for the conscience of the person warning. Like a parent telling their children, do not try drugs. I have tried them but take my word for it, it’s no good. Some people have to go through it and experience it for themselves to truly believe or know if that is true.

  32. I tried to explain the concept to a few people but it backfired – one of them even replied “But YOU are the narcissist, you ex is so cute!” my blood just boiled. “The errors of the ignorant”, as Your Majesty has stated.

  33. A great poll! I had a few answers and its all dependant on the situation.
    If i suspect someone i know is with a narcissist i first look at the victim themselves are they open to the fact they are with a narc or are they very brainwashed or possibly a passive victim narc? If i feel they are open and i sense they may suspect something isnt right i will hint by bringing up narcissism indirectly. The other factor is how close we are. If were total strangers i may not unless i really feel they need and want the information that they could be with a narc. Its always very delicately done bc many will take offence to you butting into their business or will defend their narc.
    It really is situation dependant and so many factors are involved as to whether or not to try and warn or educate the victim on what they are dealing with. It can quickly backfire. That being said sometimes a victim can refuse the warning but it stays in their mind and later use that warning to research but they may be angry at the person warning them out of denial.
    My sister in law for instance id never warn her bc shes in total denial and after so many years has been so brainwashed itd take a team of psychologists to make any headway. She lies for her hubby and defends him to the end despite the horrible things hes done over the years. Its a lost cause.
    As far as any sources of my narc no i wouldnt bc its too close to my own situation. They will find out like i did.
    Im teaching my children about narcissism and using the terminology but gauge it on their maturity level and in relation to their life situations with friends and family. Im helping them to have firm boundaries in place and to know when someones toxic in their life and how to handle it. Im also teaching them how to coexist with narcs bc in the workplace its a reality and fair isnt fair. They will need to know how to assert themselves but also how to engage with narcissists to make it easier and more successful for them. Narcissists are a reality and hold a totally different set of guidelines to be able to function around them peacefully.
    I do spread the knowledge ive learned about narcissism to friends, family and acquaintances bc its important. I wouldnt say im a narc bible thumper lol but i do like to help educate people i feel are interested and could benefit.
    I belong to a few narcissism groups and i share your vids and what ive read here HG. Youve put in so much of yourself and i am paying it forward by letting others know what ive benefited from here. Ive been helped and i feel its my duty to in turn help others.
    I had a friend i helped educate about narcissism ask me if i wanted to be a life coach. I told her no bc i feel to be a life coach you need to have come thru on the other side a survivor and ive not reached that yet so my help is limited in that sense. If i ever do itd be on a volunteer basis and id not accept money. Whatever help i can give ill give from an empathetic standpoint and based on my experiences and knowledge obtained.
    It feels good to know that it wasnt for nothing having gone thru narc abuse. Everything happens for a reason and ill use it to achieve some good. Like you HG youre turning a bad experience into something good.

  34. https://www.facebook.com/bbcnews/posts/10155493943487217
    HG, This post came out at the right time! I copied this link above for all to read. BBC put this article out about gaslighting and the victims who were brave enough to talk about their experiences. No mention of narcissist was mentioned. This is the type of thing that I believe we should all on this blog inform them about. Yes I am going to write to them about you, your blog and your books. I feel though the more of us that write to this author the better it will be viewed. I believe there is power in numbers! We have such excellent writers on this blog. Please help me to inform them about HG Tudor, his work and most importantly narcissists! Thank you for taking the time to read this! FM1T 😘

      1. I’ll join you, K.

        Excellent article Foolme1time – thank you for sharing that! I followed it back to the original article about the two women who dated the same narc and narcissism was mentioned there so it might be they are taking an approach of describing the abuse rather than leading w narcissism. Nevertheless sharing HG’s work w people interested in that article makes total sense!

    1. My pleasure foolme1time & thank you for joining the fight Nuit Étoilée!

      My 7-year-old is teaching her classmates not to give the narcissistic children fuel and she is also teaching them about manipulation.

      The school psychologist is uncomfortable talking about NPD and child abuse so she doesn’t want to listen to what I have to say. (unethical IMO)

      I wrote to my daughter’s pediatrician about NPD and the nurse reported me for child abuse. So I got a call from Dept. of Children & Family services. It is all cleared up but it is evident that there is a lack of understanding in the medical community about NPD.

      I wrote to the President of SEIU/NAGE Local 282 (union) about NPD in the workplace and this is part of his response: there is legislation filed (since 2009) (the Healthy Workplace Bill-Senate #1030) to begin to respond to what many of us believe is epidemic in our culture. This is a marathon, and not a sprint.
      Thank you for joining the right side.

      I will be writing another op-ed, too. Just talking about it helps, too, I think.

  35. I have warned.. In general, I would warn.. But the bottom line is people do not understand unless they themselves personally encounter and experience this dynamic.. And there are so many “normals” out there that are misinformed or under-educated that they would not even be able to recognize the red flags and give examples of them in the narcissist they may be engaging with, even if the red flags were listed and defined on a sheet of paper for them.. I think only deeper people, empaths and narcissists alike, really understand this dynamic.. One must run deep with a complete abundance of emotion and intellect, or run deep with a complete absence of positive emotion and abundance of intellect to fully understand this..

  36. I do post some of your articles to my Ns fb page to warn people in general.

    I have warned a couple other people. One did not comprehend a bit. The other told me “yeah, I know I married my mother!”

    But I don’t think I have the patience or fortitude to explain it, unless there is immediate physical danger

    Otherwise I would refer them to narcsite.
    Easier on both of us.

  37. Since I have discovered this website, but more specifically your books Manipulated & Devil’s Toolkit, I have told anyone who would listen about what narcissism really means.

    I think listening to a friend describe being manipulated, without knowing it – is a prime moment to ask questions about the interaction to determine if it really sounds like she’s dealing with a narc – if I believe yes, then I would describe the manipulation without using the word narcissist – because I think its meaning colloquially takes away from the serious nature of the abuse.

    Girlfriend: OMG, I cannot believe Jason just got up & left my dinner party! Right in the middle, everything was going fine, and all of a sudden, he just got up, threw down his napkin without a word, and stomped out of the house!
    I’ve been planning that party for a month to celebrate when I finished my course. He hasn’t answered any of my calls or texts since.

    me: Has he done this before? Just stopped talking to you & not explaining/not answering you?

    Girlfriend: Oh yes, he throws his little fits, but he’s never left before. Usually, he tells me eventually, maybe I was bothering him…

    *cue further discussion about silent treatment, blameshifting, gaslighting descriptions…

    Then, introduce her to HG’s website & books of course!

    1. He was probably envious of her attention she was getting and the success of completing some kind of course. Most likely something she had worked hard for and would build her confidence and self esteem up. He probably could not stand to sit by and watch it. The course was probably seen as a betterment of herself and less dependence on him. They are so crazy like that!

  38. I voted that I do not have the time, energy, etc but that’s not really why I wouldn’t warn them. I know from being warned that people don’t typically learn from a warning when the golden period is involved. They ALWAYS, as I did, believe their brand of love is so strong and so unique that they will be the one to make this man/woman stay with them and love them forever and ever. They are different. They aren’t like the others. The “warner” just doesn’t understand that this person truly loves them like no other. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    1. 12345

      Thank you for a good example of what I am speaking of when I refer to the ego of the empath and have taken some flak for. My luck is they wont see it lol.

      If you care to share-and if not I totally understand…

      How long have you been disengaged now? And what stage are you at ? (anger, apathy etc). I believe you wrote a letter, and I think of you often because you dont comment much but are very hard on yourself.

      1. NAngel,
        I get it now. I recognize myself in that situation – at least when I was younger.. bc of my deep love devotee ideas..
        ..but after a few .. rejections? (Breakups) I still chose ego.. but not that my love wasnt strong enough but that the person didnt deserve me bc the way he loved me back wasnt what i needed.. and i went away thinking we just werent meant to be.

        Now.. even older w more experience i’ve hopefully learned i cant fix other people and stopped feeling responsible for loving them – the way they need to be loved – thank you for helping me understand more!

      2. Nuit

        Exactly. An unhealthy healthy ego wants to fix, win, or hold on. Overrides your normal sensibilities. A healthy ego will protect you by telling you that this is too good, too much, too fast, or that you are worth more and this person is not good for you so you walk away. We all have ego but people attribute that word to the negative.

      3. Hi NA, I might have a double post here. I did something funky and the post I was writing disappeared. Anyway, I’ve been no contact two years but had a hoover in late 2017. It was quite the mind fuck and tripped me up mentally for a minute. For the most part I am okay. I still struggle with cognitive dissonance but KNOW what the truth is. It just backs up on me sometimes and I have to come here and read, read, read to re-remember what is true. When I think of him now it’s not in a hopeful sort of way at all. It’s a thought and then it passes.

        After a consult with HG I realized that I had not completely gone no contact. I hadn’t blocked all his numbers. I told myself that I would just see his number calling and have the strength not to answer. That it would feel so good to just know that he wanted to talk to me as if that meant anything. (still hanging on to the ghost of “he really wants me”) Once again, I proved to myself that I really can’t keep it together in the hoover department. I’ve got to keep it high and tight when it comes to all methods of no contact!

        I did write a letter. When I saw it on the blog I was immediately embarrassed and ashamed. I never thought an affair is something I would ever be a part of but there I was right up in it. I’m ashamed that I stayed, didn’t listen, stayed, blah, blah, blah. I’m much harder on me than I have ever been on any narc in my life.

        I do agree, the ego of the empath rages as much as it does with the narc just in a different way. I really, really thought I was the shit and could tame any man on the planet. I have to laugh now because I always think of toddlers and their genuine belief that they can master anything at 25 lbs and two feet tall! That was me. I’m terrified of dating because I don’t know if that’s still me now. I’m certain I could easily be duped again and fall back into that ego business of providing life changing love to the masses of narcissists who I alone can change hahahahaha 🙂

      4. 12345

        You have no reason to be ashamed of your letter. I identified it as likely yours and was glad to see that you were still here reading and contributing, and with the courage to discuss openly not only your situation, but identifying how it developed over time, and the reason that his manipulations were able to be successful. There is no shame in anyones situation here and you spoke honestly for many others who are not yet in the place to be able verbalize the father connection and in some cases even recognize it. That is huge in terms of recognition and being able to move forward as well important and helpful to others. Two yrs out is a great accomplishment and yet it must seem so fresh to you because you were involved so young and for so long. Im glad you have recognized no contact must be “high and tight” and that you have taken those steps. His contact would not validate that he really wants you, only that he would be back to deplete you of the life you have gained back. Dont be afraid to really live or date 12345. Just be honest with yourself when you feel that pull to tame someone or adapt to their needs. Pull back, come here, and revisit all you have learned. You survived all of that for a reason and isnt it time to receive instead of chasing cowardly ghosts? I was abandoned by my father also and met him for the first time when I was 50 yrs old. I told him what he did was cowardly and that he has only hurt himself in not knowing me and and from being able to lay claim to likely one of the greatest things he has ever produced. Also that most women use their father for the standard of the man they choose in life and that I was no different-only that I used his standard in a different way. You may feel that you lost out 12345 but its really your father that lost out huge. Instead of trying to gain his acceptance, I hope that you will view him as the standard for what you will not accept for yourself in future.


  39. I also have recommended your website to several of my friends. A lot of people have misconstrued narcissism and your sight has will clarify that. Your sight has been very imformative and very helpful. I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now without you Mr HG. I continue to receive notification Thru email everyday to keep focused and strong thanks again.

    Yours truly

  40. I want my demonic narcissist sister exposed the last straw was when I went on Facebook last night and what came up in my newsfeed was a post my sister made FOUR hours earlier that my mother overdosed on all her medication and was in the hospital and dozens of people were giving her support meanwhile I’m her sister and I was never informed my mother was in the hospital so I replied to her post and said why the hell was I not told then I messaged her on Facebook and said what the hell is going on where is my mother her response was ” seriously I don’t have time to make phone calls if ANYONE is interested in knowing they can find out on Facebook” apparently I’m just anyone and should not be interested in my mother but the cunt had time to post it on Facebook and lap up the sympathy I seriously want this bitch exposed

    1. Ugotit, geez, she sounds like a living nightmare! Have you considered knocking down her pillars as HG describes in his book Revenge?
      I hope your Mom is ok💕

      1. Peaceful yes thank you my mothers OK for now the overdose was not a suicide attempt it was due to her failing memory not remembering if she took her pulls or not yes my sister has scared me and I thought there was something wrong with her all my life but I never knew what it was she actually almost killed me twice in childhood it was only after coming on this site about the narcissistic man in my life did I finally realize my sister was a narc specifically after reading about the present silent treatment nobody ever believed me when I said my sister never talked to me when we were teenagers we shared the same bedroom but she would sometimes go six months without uttering a single word to me

    2. EXACTLY like my EVIL Narc sister. She would probably go further and poison a person to garner sympathy. She has actually set up her own husband because she is jealous of his kids. Wrote the ex wife “anonomously” telling her the husband was trying to get custody, just because she hated the kids and didn’t want them at her house. Also threw out his court documents when they came in the mail, so he would be unaware and the judge would rule against him for not showing up. He has NO idea she has done any of this…her evilness never ends. I feel for you.

  41. Definetely voting for :I would warn people generally in order to educate them about this problem.
    There within lies the importance of spreading and helping to spread the knowledge given here even further, wider.

    1. I agree that it is the ideal thing to do, but; how does this work for you? I find that my friends do not exactly love to hear about it, and they also think it is applicable only to my ex. (If I say Kim Kardashian is a narc, I lost them). If I would say someone’s boyfriend is a narc, I am sure they would not (want to) believe me…..

      1. Hello Leolita,
        I have learned ( mainly through my profession , I am not a psychologist but I work with people helping them to achieve a healthier life through adaptation /change of behaviours and through tough discipline) that if you present something ( not only something related to NPD) with concepts, names and boxes they immediately reject it and stop listening.

        The human mind is very peculiar and we (humans) are afraid of the unknown. If you instead start talking about patterns of behaviour which they recognise and find familiar they will start listening.

        I started with waking up the curiosity within my colleagues, friends and customers by talking about the information given here of some extracts of books and blogs that describe the process and eventually it came from them the curiosity of asking: “where did you read that?”. ” I recognise that” .” That behaviour sounds familiar” . “Where can I read more about it?”

        The boxes, names of “narcissist and psychopath/sociopath” are used by so many but actually very few now the underlying patterns of behaviour .

        Boxes, names and categories make people sceptical.

        Start from the root instead ( speaking about the dynamics ,the process and the behaviours) not with the “names” or “boxes”. Wake up their curiosity first.They will listen.

        That is the way it has worked for me in trying to spread this knowledge.
        I hope it helps you in spreading the knowledge.

      2. SuperXena, you have a really good point there. I agree that the mind seems to work better with behavioural patterns and descriptions of abuse than to actually name the abuser with a label. I’ve met utter disbelief when I tried to explain in a few words that the man I had a relationship with would be defined as a psychopath and a narcissist; it’s almost as if people believe that’s assigning too much importance to myself (like these personality disorders only exist in jail or in scary movies; and who am I to state that they’re actually if not in abundance in society so at least numerous?); and from there on any valid point you’re making or any useful information you want to give is met with suspicion. Thank you for making a good point!

  42. I never use the word narcissist but I have successfully saved a few friends from their clutches. I weigh up carefully though who I share the info with and I’d keep it simple. Tell them he’s a bit of a user, how he tried it on with me and millions of other girls. I tell them the exact lines he uses, eg I’ve always loved you from afar. So they know he says it to everyone and doesn’t mean it. I’ll tell them how he starts out by being a friend and the frequency of calls and texts increase and increase etc but that when he is done with you he’ll knock you off that pedestal etc.

    I only mention it once to them and don’t make too much of a big deal about it. Then they have the information and it’s up to them how they use it.

    I would consider their own empathic traits as well as their degree of intelligence before deciding whether I forewarned them or not. It’s worked so far 😊

  43. I don’t give a shit about what people think about me; I will warn everyone I see and, if more people did this, then maybe others might not be targeted by these sick-mother-fuckers.

      1. Right on, Yolo! LOL. I just read your comment and was wondering who warned you not to label of judge?

  44. By experience, the only who can be successfully be warned is the victim who is in disengagement fase, hit bottom and is desperate for answers.

    1. 456,

      I think you’re right…people still have so much hope in both devalue and disengagement. It was deep into disengagement that I started to entertain the warnings. Most people haven’t had much experience with narcissists and just can’t empathize.

  45. I have explained npd to a few close friends/family so they understand what I’m dealing with and how it’s effected my life. For the most part, I’ve left my original social profile and started a new one (I think I posted one article about narcs.. on my old profile.. but that was accidental). I explained briefly: there was abuse in the relationship and I’ve been subpoenaed by the court, and would not be discussing it. Besides, the nex was doing a massive smear campaign..
    On the new profile I have posted a lot of information about narcissism, to further educate and enlighten… and to work on myself.

  46. Happy belated New Years and Christmas HG!…as well as any other Holiday that’s passed since I can’t seem to keep track of time anymore.One of the ways that I warned people about narcissism is before I abandoned my Facebook page due to Facebook saying they wanted a drivers license and or/ID to let me back into my account as well as me being sick of Facebook anyways (Before I said the heck with Facebook altogether due to the ID as well as escaping my narcs who kept on creating fake profiles to get me to friend them) was I would make posts about narcissism using different articles that I’ve read and I would also in the section where you can show books that I’m reading or like to read on my page, I would put books on there about narcissism as well as your books that I’ve already read.

    So, that was my way of warning people and engaging in conversation on my page when I would make posts about the subject. Also it was a way for my narcs to know that I knew about them. I would love to see their expressions when they came across your books on my page, because I can hem going through the information with a fine tooth comb…lol.

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