Poll : What Is Your View About Warning Others About Narcissists?


You have become educated about our kind or you are in the process of establishing your education and with this knowledge it is often the case that you wish to do more with it as you see more and more of our kind around you, around your family, your friends and generally. How do you proceed?

Do you have the desire to warn and inform others but think there is no point because people just do not get it if they have not experienced it? Perhaps you are evangelical about spreading the word but are concerned that you will come across as obsessed because of people’s lack of understanding and/or the impact of smearing that has taken place?

Maybe you want to warn people but you will only do so when the narcissist has engaged with a person and if so, would that be the next victim who you may not personally know or just in terms of your friends and family?

Perhaps you would like to want people but you realise that you need to look to your own defences and conserve your time and energy, rather than spread it thin trying to ride to the rescue of other people? Maybe you have successfully warned people that you know or possibly even people you do not know about a specific narcissist who has targeted them? You might be busy spreading the word far and wide, looking to forewarn people before it happens, pushing the information to all that you can as essential knowledge to ensure people do not suffer in the way you have.

Whatever it might be, do select as many answers as are applicable to your situation before casting your vote and do expand on your experiences and thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you for participating.


What is your view about warning other people about narcissism?

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149 thoughts on “Poll : What Is Your View About Warning Others About Narcissists?”

  1. “Funny” story: I made my exit from NPD Facebook groups, but I am still on a couple of dating sites. A few days ago, a couple of ladies started noticing a man who would write to some of them with the same narrative, playing the victim, doing obvious triangulation with them and basicly manipulating them to gather simpathy. One of them exposed her concern to the admin and a discussion was set up as to whether the guy was abusive or not. I made a small presentation of the traits he had shown which pointed to him being a narcissist and I even could tell already which kind of empath those ladies were (one of them was soooooooo the Geyser, ther one was a Carrier, etc.) when suddenly one “Leigh Tenant” comes out of the blue in defense of said guy with the phrase “Well, at least we are strong enough to allow love to reach us!” Well, after that, I give in, if they sorely want to be abused, be my guests.


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