Little Acons – No. 41


4 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 41

  1. I have previously based my worth on being a “good girl”.

    I’ve tried and tired of living up to my reputation as a “good girl”. From now on, I will live based upon MY ideas of ME as a good woman.

    From now on, the closest i get to any definition of “girl” is Riot Grrrl!

    As a woman, if you want me, YOU better bring the good.

    The Real Good, cause I’m not doing that for ya!

  2. anonymous says:

    I’m tired of all the drama. To thy own self be true.

  3. Mona says:

    I was taught to help people, to understand people, to support people. And all the time I thought that was my real nature. No wonder, because these are all good character traits. And who does not want to have good character traits?

    Through this blog and all the self-reflection I recognise, this is not my real nature. I have no over-boarding need to help people, to fix and to heal them.
    I had to help so many times in past – against my own will and needs- that I loose this ability now.

    I was told to be a “good” girl. And only then !! when I would fulfill this mission I would have a right to live a good life.
    This was the underlying hidden message and therefore I helped and helped and helped. Now that I discovered that this message is complete nonsense and only a narc tool to get what he/she wants, it loses its effectiveness.

    What a big nonsense! And what a wrong belief system, caused and implemented by a mother with strong narcisstic traits.

    Now I think the male narc gave me a little bit the possibility to live my darks sides too. That was one of the reasons why he attracted me.

    I am just changing my thoughts about myself and I start to appreciate my dark character traits too.

    I actually cherish them a little bit. They have been there – all the time.

    It is time to enjoy life without a bad conscience and without narcissistic people around me..

  4. EmP says:

    No wonder I ended up working in Compliance. Ha.

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