The Effect of No Contact on the Narcissist


You know that No Contact is the key to beating the narcissist, but how does it affect the narcissist?

This Logic Bulletin explains to you what happens when you impose your No Contact Regime and how you can expect the narcissist to respond.

It covers Lesser, Mid-Range and Greater Narcissists in fascinating detail.

How does the narcissist feel?

What happens if you tip-off the narcissist that you are leaving him or ending the relationship?

What happens to the narcissist if you end the relationship and say nothing?

How does the narcissist respond?

What do you need to look out for in terms of common errors which will prejudice your no contact regime and place you at risk?

What will the narcissist do by way of response, so you can ascertain how to avoid this?

The content of this Logic Bulletin will give you these answers and more so you can build your Logic Defences and understand what will happen when you impose no contact now or in the future.

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5 thoughts on “The Effect of No Contact on the Narcissist

  1. Naual mazloum says:

    My ex husband suffer from NPD and he is still in my life due to law suits between us ! I lived with him 10 years and we have a 7 years old beautiful daughter ! I never new anything about NPD till recently after I divorced him ! I always thought he was bipolar and schysophrenic and evil ! But he was so seductive and toxic and he always had the power over me to blur my vision and not think clearly to realize that he is a hopeless case ! He was verbal and physical abuser but followed by all kinds of seduction and sexualism that made me confused !
    I finally realized after reading so much about NPD that it all implies on him , even the fear of him killing me !
    It infuriates me that he can be so manipulative and make everyone else believe his lies that he is actually winning even in court ! I feel so furious , how can an evil no soul no heart no nothing can get his way ? I am spending so much money on lawyers and still I am terrified that he will continue winning ! And I cannot just go no contact since I still have issues to resolve as for our house he wants to take from me and money issues that he is manipulating the law so he doesn’t pay a penny for either me or our daughter !
    I am a fighter and I will never give up , I will fight him till the end for all the damage he cause us and still is causing just for the simple fact : I LEFT him and I divorced him ! He will do anything to have me back but for me that is impossible especially now that I can see so clearly ! I wish I knew a way to outsmart him and prevent him from taking everything from me and my baby , I just feel so helpless and angry but never weak ! I will never allow myself to give in to his abuse and I pray everyday for relief and to see him squirm in hell ! Cause that is where he belongs !

  2. WiserNow says:

    The scenario of a lesser narcissist killing their partner after the partner says the relationship is over plays out on so many “true crime” TV shows. It’s very obvious when you’re aware.

    The violent attack caused by their blind fury quickly becomes deadly if there are guns, knives or other dangerous weapons in close range. It’s extremely dangerous.

  3. Lori says:

    So what about when ipss s go no contact ?

  4. /iroll says:

    “It is the of course, for numerous reasons, both on your side and ours, it is not always possible to achieve it. ”

    = It is of course, for numerous reasons, both on your side and ours, not always possible [..]

  5. Joy4Life says:

    The Somatic Narcissist has been Hoovering me for the last year, or so, even though he got married to someone immediately after I broke up with him. Still married, he still hoovers me with sexually explicit material. Even if I was tempted to respond, I refuse to do so because he is married. Marriage is supposed to be sacred!

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