The Igniters of Fury – No. 12


17 thoughts on “The Igniters of Fury – No. 12

  1. Serene says:

    My sisters birthday is this month. I am going to send her that picture.

  2. Joyascending says:

    I had a family reunion planned for a sick aunt, who was diagnosed with cancer. Because it fell in early June on my narc’s birthday, we celebrated his birthday early with friends and family, presents, a big bbq, etc before I left. I was clear across the country. He called me on his birthday asking me over and over, yelling at me DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS! Because I didn’t call first thing in the morning! Accused me of forgetting his birthday, berated me and my relatives. I told him I hadn’t forgotten, we had celebrated early. It didn’t matter. Ruined my peace and happiness with my relatives (he refused to go with me when we even offered him a plane ticket)

  3. Sam Silver says:

    How much would it cost to book you for an interview HG? You’re fascinating and I believe an interview with you on my Youtube Channel would be really fun and really informative.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Sam, please e-mail me at and we can discuss the matter further. I sacked my agent for posting cheeky comments about me!

  4. Rose says:

    HG – My birthday is July 4th which is an important holiday here in America. Would the fact that my birthday is also a holiday make it a hoover trigger? Would seeing red, white and blue decorations all over the grocery make me enter his 6th sphere? I am not sure if he is in the golden period or not with his current victim.

    1. HG Tudor says:


  5. I used to think he was just very forgetful because he never got the day right. Oh isn’t your birthday the 24th, 22nd, 13th. No it’s the 23rd you know 16 days after your birthday every year.

    I shouldn’t have to remind him. He has a smart phone how hard is it to say hey Siri remind me to say happy birthday to my wife.

    I even waited a few days after my birthday one year just to see how long it would take him to remember.

    Then my sister had a surprise birthday party for me and he got me there 30 minutes before everyone else showed up. Then he claimed that he didn’t know that it was a surprise. Even though my daughter showed me the text messages confirming that he knew.

    On top of all of that I am older than him. So he went on and on about how I would turn 40 before him. And how he can’t believe he is going to be 40.

    Then he asked me to throw him a surprise birthday party for his 40th and I said no. I reminded him what happened on my surprise birthday.

    I think I wounded him on his birthday because there was no surprise. So he found other ways to provoke me. We started arguing and I ended up giving him negative fuel instead. And then I felt bad.

    Crappy Birthday!!

    I don’t celebrate my birthday anymore. I celebrate the whole month.

  6. SMH says:

    Ha. He wouldn’t acknowledge my birthday, even though friends had a party for me and I was hungover when he contacted me, on a weekend, which he hardly ever did (MM). I thought he was playing with me so I kept the pressure on for hours until he said HB. But now I know better.

    Why did he do it? First, to remind me that owns me, so I am not allowed to have my own birthday. Second, because it wasn’t his birthday, so it didn’t matter. Third, because he was jealous that my friends had a party for me.

    He’s actually one of the loneliest people I have ever known. Behind blue eyes. Do you feel lonely a lot HG?

  7. W says:

    My LMR narcoholic got pissed when his landlady (who’s a pn acquaintance and well off) wanted to have her chef cook me a surf and turf for my bday. He refused to stop badgering or be happy or accept the idea unless HE got to cook the steak. He wasn’t enthused about any of the idea anyhow.

    It never happened.

    Christmas he refused to buy gifts, or decorate, or go to my friends house for our annual Xmas dinner, bcuz it’s a hassle and a trumped up waste of time. He would however, go to HIS alcoholic (female) friends family house to be fed and receive (not give) gifts, as was his annual tradition. He never invited me along.

  8. Lori says:

    Why does this ignite fury ? I mean I get maybe jealousy but fury? Everyone has a birthday

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Because it means attention is on you and not us.

      1. Melissa says:

        Love💞 YOUR HONESTY regarding Narcissism👌👌👌👍

  9. narc affair says:

    Thems are some serious candles 😂 i know my narc likes to not mention my birthday til the day before to make me think hes forgotten. Its a way to make me be ohhh sooooo appreciative when he does remember.

  10. Pam says:

    What do you mean “your birthday”?!!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The victim’s birthday.

      1. Pam says:

        I know but do you mean ignoring it. Not making it special. Etc Or making a big deal of it in front of other people so he can show how wonderful he is.
        Asking because for the 1st 2 years when he did not acknowledg my birthday he told me he didn’t celebrate birthdays. Then on the 3rd year it was like a big deal and we had to drop everything to make plans for a trip on my birthday

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Lots of different ways – see the book Danger 50 Things You Should Not Do With A Narcissist.

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