The Rules of Ex Club – No. 32



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  1. I cant read this article and Im not on FB but desperate for an answer. For some reason I had no idea of the type of relationship I was in for almost four years; as well as, knowing this man for 30. I was discarded 10 months ago and heard nothing. I couldnt figure it out what had happened, meanwhile I was beating myself up because of the reasons he broke up with me. My depression, My emotions, My this My that. I never even thought about a Narcissist until I finally got the truth from his friend three days ago and suddenly all the pieces fit into the puzzle. When I googled certain behaviors of his narc always came up. I started reading and realized he was a covert narcissist. His mother even told me how selfish he was and I didnt listen. Anyway, I of course had been replaced prior to the discard without knowing, hence no contact. After two months of no contact and in heartbreak hell I reached out appologizing to him and wanting to be friends. Of course he waited 5 days and then his response was ‘Sorry I was with a friend all weekend’.’ He knows my push buttons so I sent him a picture of the ‘friend’ I was with that weekend (trying to get over him but it didnt work) Feel horrible I called him and he promised he would talk to me, then later claimed he emailed me saying we are not going to talk, but I never recieved it. I called and called and he finally answered and said I am not going to be able to speak to you for a long time… and on and on about how I need to get my life together. Since then it has been nothing; however, when I found out about the other source I called him (no answer coward) so I texted him, calling him out on everything. Lying, deceit, everything.It was a well written text, of course Im sure he called me crazy, but at the end of it I told him that I do not listen (because as I was texting he said ‘i was going to call’) I do not listen to toxic people in my life especially someone so fucked up they project their shit outwardly. I then told him to never ever contact me again. My question is was this strong enough. I never want to speak with this man again. I am hoping it is what your article says disengaged ex means deleted ex. I have blocked him on all platforms and moved so there is no way he can find me.

      1. I appreciate your serious answer more than your “funny” one! I’m sure you’ll remember it…

    1. Hi edie…youre never deleted only temporary. He got bored of you as his toy and switched to another toy(the new source). He will be back to play with you so the strongest way to get rid of him is block him at every angle. Go solid no contact. You cant contact him and he cant contact you.
      Sorry this happened to you it hurts being dropped like that. Hes not worth your being upset. He sounds very immature.


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