A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 60

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Dear Narcissist,
How is life? Well let me guess since you’re so predictable.Since we’ve been broken up over a year ago, you’ve managed to ignite four new relationships and triangulate one of your concubines against me.  You told her that I was still in love with you when the fact of the matter is, I haven’t contacted you in over a year.
  I have contacted you recently to ask that you turn over my set of keys to my new Jeep. Remember during our relationship when I trusted you with an extra set of keys to my new Jeep and what did you do? You told everyone in your hometown that the Jeep was yours, you continued to pick up several whores in my Jeep and have unprotected sex with them in the back of the vehicle.  You picked up your ex-fiancé from the airport and told her the Jeep was yours just to impress her in hopes she would think your life has improved since she left you five years ago.
You used me, my finances, my vehicle and my reputation to make yourself look better. Aren’t your capable of establishing your own credibility without using others, you snake? Did it feel good when you decided to punch me and body slam me when I told you I was leaving you to date a new guy, after I caught you with your ex in MY vehicle? The nerve of you to put your hands on me after you were busted for cheating!
To add insult to injury, I helped stop your landlord from evicting you when you were inbetween jobs and couldn’t call anyone else.  I lent you thousands of dollars to support your chronic gambling addiction while you were entertaining your new whores.  I treated your elderly mother to several dinners, Broadway plays, shopping and spa treatments because you left her alone all day. I found out that she is a narcissist too and didn’t appreciate any of the nice gestures I did for her.  She even knew about your mistress and welcomed her into her home for dinner behind my back. Like mother, like son.  Your deceased father would have never tolerated such disgraceful behavior, but at least I know who taught you how to be a manipulative user, liar and con artist.. It was your Narcissistic mama.
I flew you to Europe with me and treated you to a 9 day vacation, yet you were cheating behind my back the whole time. I made sure you always had the nicest clothes and shoes, because you were in-between jobs, yet you were cheating the whole time.  I helped take care of your pit bull so your landlord could lay off of you and not evict you.  I scheduled your psychiatrist visits, but you refused to seek therapy to get yourself together.  I supported the idea of your opening your own business and even offered to give you the money to start it, yet you were cheating behind my back the whole time.  Nothing I ever did was good enough. You found a way to complain. The more I did for you, the more you found fault.  You are one miserable, ungrateful, sick, twisted, diabolical piece of trash. I realize now that you will NEVER find happiness with anyone you get into a relationship with because you are sadistic and you find joy in destruction.  May you forever burn in hell. Maybe you’ll be happier there.
You are a 43 year old man having unprotected oral and vaginal sex with numerous partners. Once I caught you cheating, I refused to take you back and for that, you went on a massive smear campaign because unlike all of your other exgirlfriends who tolerate and allow your cheating repeatedly, you hated the fact that I would NOT allow you back in after I caught you the first time. So I endured vicious lies and rumors that came out of your mouth. Little do people know that you are the abusive, manipulative, gambling and sex addicted, low life that put his hands on me.
But you know what the good part is? You don’t control me anymore.  My life has improve 1000% and you’re still scrambling to make ends meet. You’re still jumping from whore to whore.  You’re still driving the same raggedy car and you can no longer use my new shiny Jeep to capture new prey.  Your clothes are dingy and you’re still stuck blowing the little bit of cash you have left in the casino. You are nothing without me.  I made you more of a man then you have ever been in your entire life.  Now you’re scrambling and comparing all of my good deeds to every unmatchable errand that you’re putting your new concubines through.
I’m sorry you tell you, but you will NEVER find another woman on my level. Good luck with that.  Goodbye Narcissist.  You lose in the end.  God will bless me and all the other empaths because we survived and we know God’s love.  You will never be blessed because you work against God and you destroy His children. What an ugly life you live.  You must really hate to look at yourself in the mirror knowing you will never be worth anything and you won’t get on your knees and repent to God for all of the chaos and destruction you have caused so many people.
I feel sorry for you Narc.  My anger is now pity.  You gotta die like this. Karma at its finest.
Good riddance.

5 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 60

  1. Misty says:

    My ex douchebag finally found something he could really use, a millionaire doctors daughter, the ninth time he discarded me. She is quite unattractive and is in her mid 40’s, never been married and doesn’t have any children, PERFECT to cater to him. Within 2 weeks that I started noticing her car over there, he had a brand new Charger, the one he has been begging me to help him get for the past year or so. I’m sure he’s using it to pick up stray ass when she’s not around. I watched him do it with the last new car he got during the many times I was discarded. Now neither is at his shithole apartment anymore. I’m assuming he has moved into one of her extravagant houses that her rich daddy has blessed her with.. I’m stuck wondering when this piece of shit will ever have to pay for all the horrid despicable things he has done to so many women in his lifetime. He’s definitely riding that pony to the finish line or until he bleeds her dry. I hate him with everything that I am.

    1. Melinda says:

      Misty, you must have been with my ex! That’s him and I hate him, too. What’s very unnerving is that I’m sick of giving him free rent in my head!

  2. Balck Sheep says:

    HG your posts are quite brilliant, always look forward to them as they are intelligent and so helpful. When you have a moment. Any thoughts on spacegoat ‘walks’, goes nc, family mobbing and entire family isolation of sc and smear campaign? I have bought getting out, no contact, smeared, fury, revenge, fuel but just to get refresher abut that situation if you don’t mind.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Where the scapegoat breaks off from the narcissistic engagement with one or more familial narcissist then there will be the application of Lieutenants and The Coterie to try to ensnare the no contact family member once again. If that fails then isolation and smearing will follow with likely malign hoovers also. If you require specific insight concerning your own situation then I need more detail and a consultation is the appropriate method of proceeding.

  3. Lisbeth says:

    Sounds like the guy I was with. Wanted me to register my Porsche in his name. Lol. He took it one day and told others I bought it for him. LOL

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