The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 2


This is a meme.

10 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 2

  1. Caroline says:

    Never stop?
    It’s just as well you have plenty of room for acute admissions at Tudor Mansions Mental Health Rehab For the Temporarily Bewildered and Trampled.
    (smooths fluffy bathrobe and sips G&T)

  2. IdaNoe says:

    Again, I can think of a few ways.

  3. Caroline says:

    …ruining your fun.
    …ruining Christmas
    …making you feel bad because you bought me a present
    …making you feel bad because you didn’t buy me a present
    …making you feel bad because you bought your nephews a present
    …making you feel bad because you didn’t buy your nephews a present

  4. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Can you see and track your followers progress
    Luv Bubbles xx

  5. Iko Flugel says:

    Clutching my icy pearls!

  6. Iko Flugel says:

    The empath/codependent answer:


    1. /iroll says:

      …until someone gets killed. You either learn to reject death or you don’t really live.

      1. Lori says:

        And that’s why Narcs and Codepebdents prefer each other even though often neither can figure out why they keep ending up with the same type of person

  7. Aya Peard says:

    I successfully escaped and made certain my narc will stop forever.

    1. Caroline says:

      Well done Aya. How did you do it?

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