Fighting Back – How To Handle the Narcissist in Court

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This Logic Bulletin provides you with a considerable array of information about how you deal with the narcissist at a court hearing.

Whether it is recovering money or property, a hearing about child arrangements, dealing with divorce or a dispute over a boundary there is a significant chance you will end up in court at some point with a narcissist.

This bulletin enables you to understand the a huge amount about attending the court hearing where a narcissist is involved and includes the following:-

  • How the narcissist will behave in court, broken down between the different schools of narcissist
  • What the narcissist wants from the court hearing
  • How the narcissist will behave towards you at a court hearing
  • How the narcissist will use Lieutenants and The Coterie at a court hearing
  • What you can do to maximise your prospects of success at the court hearing
  • How you should handle the narcissist at the court hearing
  • How the narcissist will try to hoover you at this court hearing
  • Key considerations you need to understand with regard to your lawyer, court officials and court experts
  • How you should conduct yourself in the court hearing
  • The standard manipulations you can expect from the narcissist
  • A series of practical steps and “Best practice” for you to use to not only succeed but to avoid increase anxiety and upset with regard to the process
  • Plus much, much more.

This Logic Bulletin will save you thousands in legal fees, hours of wasted time and reduce and remove your fear, anxiety and stress. It is available for the low price of just US $ 20 and is the best investment you will ever make with regard to being involved with the narcissist at a court hearing. To obtain this insightful material, just use the link below to access immediately detailed audio material.

How To Handle The Narcissist At Court

8 thoughts on “Fighting Back – How To Handle the Narcissist in Court

  1. Dana says:

    Thank you for this post! It is both timely and helpful.

    May you have abundant fuel today (from being good).

    1. MB says:

      Dana, it’s been a good day

  2. Tania says:

    Not sure if you have addressed this previously (I only found your fascinating blog about a week ago but point me in the right direction if you have), and I would think this applies only to the lesser and possibly the mid range narcissist, but what is your take on this sort of scenario causing a complete collapse of the narcissist if exposed via the court process? I can think of a situation of a very malignant female narcissist who threatened to accuse someone of sexual assault. It went to court initially but was dismissed after multiple evidence emerged of her admitting to lying about it as well as witnesses testifying she had planned to do it, others coming forward with email evidence that she had threatened to accuse them in the same way etc and general documented evidence of her nasty behaviour to other people. She was basically unmasked in court and went on to have a mental breakdown and ended up in the psyche ward for a month (self admitted). This was many years ago now but it got me wondering if this a typical response for an unmasked narcissist, can it push the narcissist into a type of psychosis? Or is it merely another “fake” to save face? Or perhaps symptoms of a dual diagnosis eg NPD and BPD.

  3. Angela G. says:

    I just had court for an Order of Protection against my ex-narc on August 31. He lied the entire time. Brought my replacement with him (who is 9 months pregnant). Not only did we catch him lying, but my evidence was so thorough that he was denied visitation of our 6 month old daughter as well. Immediately after court he was arrested for two felony counts of aggravated domestic battery of a pregnant person.

    Follow Tudor’s advice to a T and you can win as well. I gave him no fuel but I did allow myself to cry when it made sense. I.e in front of the judge when we were nearing the end of the trial.

  4. HappyTimesAhead says:

    If the narc refuses to accept/sign service of Court papers for divorce, avoids contact by skipping town, doesn’t attend court, nor appoints lawyer (this resulted in delay of divorce) ….. is this denial, control, rage, but not indifference?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is the exertion of control by frustrating the process.

  5. merrymagenta says:

    This is frighteningly spot on. Too late for me though, unfortunately. Very triggering.

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