The Cold Dead Stare


You should consider that you are rather fortunate to be given these glimpses into the workings of my mind. Ordinarily you are unable to peer into the dark mind of my kind and me.  As an empathic individual you do cultivate an ability to understand the way that other people are thinking and how they are feeling. It provides you with a degree of intuition and this is applicable to many of the people that you meet. You apply this ability for the purposes of doing good things and I understand why you do that. Notwithstanding this ability, however, it does not work with us. You are unable to establish what is going through our minds or what we might be thinking, no matter how desperate you are, to be able to do this. This is because we do not abide by the normal rules and conventions of everyone else. We do not travel on the well-worn path but instead we take those routes which are far from the beaten path. These routes are tangled, unmapped and dangerous and they are so designed to prevent others from following us down them. We do not want you to know what we are thinking.

This is because we have no desire to convey to you any advantage in seeking to escape our effects and make it harder for us to obtain fuel from you. We must cloak our minds and make them impervious to your attempts to read them. We must operate through secrecy and covert behaviours so that you never see us coming, so that you never know what will happen next and so that you have no opportunity to evade us. Not only do we shroud our minds in this manner through our rejection of logic and the adoption of behaviours which are outside those considered normal, we also ensure you cannot read us through our eyes.

Many people look to the eyes as a device for gauging what someone might be thinking or perhaps more accurately feeling. If we are explaining something to somebody and we see confusion in that person’s eyes we know we must adopt a clearer method in our explanation. If we are conveying some news and see a pained expression in those eyes we know (if it was you making the comment) to alter the manner in which it is expressed to make it less painful or to do or say something to offer support. Of course, when we see it, we merely increase the pain in order to extract a reaction from you.

This weakness of the eyes in allowing another person to gauge how someone is feeling and therefore ascertain what they are thinking is not something that we can countenance. This is vulnerability and we do not like vulnerabilities at all. We have enough to contend with, without allowing you to see what they are. Accordingly, in order to ensure that our mind is impervious to your inspection we will either adopt a cold, dead look in our eyes which renders them impenetrable or we will simply reflect back at you what you are feeling and mislead you. When we adopt that cold stare, it may be designed to induce a sense of dread in you but it has a primary purpose. This purpose is to create a shield so that you are unable to ascertain what we are thinking and thus our plotting mind is secure from external influence and can proceed in its scheming. Should we reflect back to you what you are showing to us, we are doing this to mislead you, but also again to prevent you from having any chance of understanding what is going on in our dark minds. Our minds are the core of our operations. Our minds control everything in order to achieve our aim of securing fuel and as such, this most precious of devices must not be compromised in any way by people like you and your meddling.

We must ensure that our minds are ring-fenced, cut-off and protected from your attempts to read us. Should you be able to do that then you will be taking away one of our advantages. We know what you are thinking and we know what you are going to do next because you are an empath and you not only wear your heart on your sleeve but you wear your mind there as well. Your eyes allow us straight into what you are thinking and feeling. Your mind may as well be transparent or broadcast its thoughts onto a flat screen for all to see. You are easy to work out and study, hence why we choose you. A similar fate must not befall us and this is why we ensure at all times that our minds are impervious to your penetration.

16 thoughts on “The Cold Dead Stare

  1. Alma Jazzmin says:

    Hello Mr. Tudor,

    What about the loving/sweet stare? How do you fake/mimic that? It sounds so complicated thing to do if you don’t have feelings… Do you learn how to mirror them? Is it a conscious process? With time I began to notice there was something strange in my narcs “loving/sweet” stare because it looked always the same, no gradients, no changes. He had few stare options and that made me feel uncomfortable many times and to wonder if something was wrong with him.

    Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      One learns to mimic. Mid Rangers do so through instinct to varying degrees of success, Greaters through instinct and conscious observation to greater success.

      1. Alma Jazzmin says:

        Thanks. It must be exhausting…

  2. Renee says:

    How about the stare with a smile HG?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      That’s wind, Renee.

  3. Boofhead says:

    No wonder your blog readers think YOU are their narc!! How uncanny. This was the exact thought I wondered when I met my narc…the cold hard stare.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed, Boofhead.

  4. Laurel says:

    Hello HG,

    Love this piece. I actually think the cold dead stare can even be ‘felt’ When not in the Narcs presence.
    In a phone call – you can pick up on it. And also when you know they have read a text – and they are in the cold stare mode – you can feel it.

    Unbelievable- yet true. It permeates everything. Icy cold shards of contempt.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome, Laurel.

  5. lisa says:

    HG are you watching the series that Leah Remini has made about scientology ?
    I just always seen that as a cult, even back in the 90’s i knew nothing about it but thought how on earth can Tom Cruise and John Travolta and a few others at the time be involved with that absolute bullshit and not see it as a cult. Anyway now i’m watching the Leah Remini program it’s on series 3 now and what’s interesting is that every single aspect of scientology is the pattern of a Narcissists thinking. I suppose this makes sense as that nutcase L Ron Hubbard was clearly a malignant narc or psychopath and so is David Miscavage the new leader and I believe his father Ron Miscavage is too.
    Everything about scientology is narcissism , gas lighting , triangulation , disconnecting from people , stripping empathy from people (for the non narcs in there) smear campaigns for anyone that disagrees or tries to leave . It’s so interesting to watch the complete traits of narcissism being sold to people as a religion. WTF is wrong with Tom Cruise ? seriously ?? saluting that crazy man in a navy outfit on a ship for years evading the tax man. David Miscavage dead eyes. Interesting Mike Rinder also doing the show with Leah , I think he’s a narcissist BUT has joined the other side.
    Have you been watching HG ?
    I wonder now if most cults are actually based on narcissism ? Maybe that is obvious but you don’t see these things before you know , you just think , Cult, how can anyone believe this shit.
    Then i thought Well i dated one and didn’t get it ha ha !!!
    If you want to see a pair of dead eyes , even as a child look at David Miscavage.
    I don’t know what height Miscavage is but Tom Cruise looks tall when he stands next to him 🤣
    HG is Cruise a narc or what is going on there ? If he’s not a narc he’s brainwashed ? And a control freak ?
    I don’t know if those 2 can go together 🤔

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, I have not been watching. The Cruiser is one of our kind, but very successful, even though, I can understand that you might find his views etc weird. That stated, anyone who can declare “Respect the cock!” in Magnolia is well worth watching.

  6. lisa says:

    HG, this isn’t something you are controlling is it ? It’s something to do with detachment from emotions ? Is that correct ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is essentially about detachment, yes.

      1. lisa says:

        Have you noticed HG ? It’s starting in the press about Meghan !!
        I know it might be exaggerated and could just make a good story, but no smoke without fire I say !!
        Problems with staff leaving that have been working for her , tensions with Kate.
        It’s been confirmed that there were problems with Kate in tears …..
        Going to be trouble ahead !!!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I have Lisa, it of course brings up one of my favourites phrases’ told you so’.

          1. lisa says:

            Of course your a genius 😀
            Meghan will absolutely hate Kate, she’s everything Meghan will never be, and as the future Queen one day, always Meghans superior 😱
            Poor Harry
            It might cause problems with him and William or Meghan might be sweetness and light in front of William at all times !!!

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