Empath Detector

empath detector

Understanding the relevant school and cadre of empath that you belong to is an integral part of arming yourself so that you effect a GOSO Campaign (Get Out, Stay Out) with the maximum effectiveness.

Recognising where you belong with regard to one of the four schools of empath and then the relevant cadre not only aids you in learning more about yourself and how your school and cadre attracts particular narcissists, it will weaponise you in your quest to GOSO and also assist you in evading narcissists in the future.

This consultation is conducted through the provision of a protocol which is straightforward and provides confidentiality between the parties. A questionnaire is provided which elicits a broad range of information about you and your behaviours to enable me to then analyse your responses and provide you with an accurate and easy to understand response through an audio sound file.

Ensuring you know what you are means you will avoid the mistakes that occur with self-analysis through lacking objectivity. It will ensure you do not embark on courses of action which are suited to different schools and it also enables you to plug the gaps in your own defences and achieve GOSO sooner and with less effort.


  1. Please effect payment using the PayPal button below. Your financial details are not seen.
  2. You will then be sent the Common Sense Protocol and the Empath Detector Questionnaire.
  3. You complete the Empath Questionnaire and e-mail this to narcissist1909@gmail.com . Please keep your response to 1200 words and under. If you need to exceed this you can obtain additional word bundles at US $ 40 per 500 words required to cover the additional reading and consideration time. Please advise if you require this in addition.
  4. I will analyse your information and then provide you with your school and cadre of empath with explanation within 96 hours of receipt of the questionnaire through a report identifying the relevant elements applicable to your school and cadre and determining your prevailing school and prevailing cadre, based on the answers and information that you have provided..

If you have any further questions about the consultation, do e-mail me at narcissist1909@gmail.com to learn more.


Empath Detector

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18 thoughts on “Empath Detector

  1. Tamara says:


  2. Tamara says:

    I cannot find the latest Empath Detector article to see if anyone was able to answer any of my questions regarding my concerns as to whether, or not, it would be beneficial for me to take the test. I thought there was a prior article to this one, here.

    1. Lou says:

      Type Empath Detector in the search function and chose the post you think was the one you asked your question.

      1. Tamara says:


        Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.

        1. Lou says:

          You are welcome, Tamara.
          I have not taken the empath detector but I have read many comments from people who have and they are very positive. I don’t know what your situation is but it seems this kind of consultation can help you learn a lot about yourself and therefore how to make adjustments in your life in general.
          Many people think they are some kind of empath and in turns out they are a different type and that makes more clear many things for them.
          Good luck.

          1. Tamara says:


            Oh, I see. I used to be Codependent, but I learned how to be less Codependent, and more of the other thing.

          2. Lou says:

            Good for you Tamara. I think learning about and managing one’s codependent or any other type of patterns and traits that do not serve us is a life long task. But it is and interesting and enriching journey.
            I hope you do consult with HG on the subject.

          3. Tamara says:

            Thank you, Lou; I could not find the Reply Button on your exact response, so I am replying, here. I actually have a Consult with M. Tudor just around the corner, but it is not specifically the Empath Detector Test. However, I am tempted to take this test, now. But, first, I need to take care of a few other pressing matters. Your comments are very kind, Lou; thank you! I am grateful.

          4. Lou says:

            You are welcome, Tamara.

  3. foolme1time says:

    This consult benefited me so much , this is where I really began to understand myself and the many reasons why I attract narcissists. You’re really an ok guy for a narcissist HG, Thank you! 🙃

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome FM1T

      1. Claire says:

        Yes thanks. Would you change my results if I confess mean thoughts?! Like somatic narcissistic horrible deeds?

        1. Desirée says:

          Haha Claire, I did wonder if this is like a Myers-Briggs, where you would get different results if you take the test multiple times, depending on your current mood and situation.
          I loved that test and it was the first thing I requested, time to talk about me, for a change!

          1. Lorelei says:

            Haha! Ah Desiree.. Good thing he doesn’t ask for our worst thing we’ve ever done on it. I wouldn’t document it! I’m taking a few things to the grave. I’m too nice to be a sociopath. I think I ran over a little turtle on the highway last week and I keep thinking about it. I’ve never before seen a turtle try to cross a road—I’ve only read all the sayings about it..

  4. evilmuskhat says:

    HG, would it be possible for you to list all of the schools of empath according to your understanding, along with all of the bolt-ons and which can apply to each school? I’m really interested to learn. Based on what I’ve learned so far, I believe my wife is a Super Empath with the Contagion bolt-on. This is fascinating stuff.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      This will be produced in future work showing the schools and the applicable cadre of empath, to each one.

      1. Twilight says:

        Sense when is Contagion a bolt on?
        Contagion empathy is a trait all empathetic/empathic/normal have on a spectrum

        1. FYC says:

          Precisely. And empaths do not bolt on their cadres either. I believe Evil M has confused HG’s expression of the narcissist bolting on skill sets as described in the Tell Me It’s True post.

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