Poll : How Did You First Find Out About Narcissism?

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Hello, this time I would like you to share your experience of how you first came to know about narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder. Did you happen to know about the disorder prior to your entanglement with one of our kind? Did you talk to someone about the odd behaviours you were experiencing with your intimate partner or family member and they suggested what that person may well be? Perhaps you could not work out why you get receiving silent treatments or why your brother went into sudden rages and your internet research eventually brought you to the door of narcissism.

Thereafter you will no doubt have filled your boots reading, watching and learning from various sources, but that is for a different poll. Today is about what caused that light bulb to switch on that very first time?

Please do expand on your experience and perhaps include where you went down the wrong route before learning the reality, in the comment section.

Thank you for participating.


How did you FIRST find out about narcissism/narcissistic personality disorder?

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155 thoughts on “Poll : How Did You First Find Out About Narcissism?

  1. Warrior says:

    When he laughed after intimacy telling me he was hiv pos
    This was one of the first alarm bells …

  2. relatedtocrippen says:

    His daughter casually mentioned it to me about a year in…. She gave me quite a few warnings but I blew them off thinking she was a teenager trying to get back at her single dad (they fought often). Of course I never betrayed her confidence and never would. As a mid range narc he wouldn’t believe it anyways because he doesn’t have a problem, right?

  3. T says:

    Thanks, because I have no friends, or even people in the mental health industry who believe me, and even give me shit for mentioning it. I dont know if he got to them? So basically I’m on my own.

  4. T says:

    Yes, unfortunately I’m trauma bonded to him. I like what you said about not taking it personally. That helps. I haven’t seen him in two years, or talked with him in over a year, but he stalks me on line and has the ability to break into my phone.

  5. nikitalondon says:

    I found in the internet samvaknin and then yours 😃😃😃

  6. Was Confused says:

    I was terribly confused & watched a famous relationship expert on the net, only to realise it would not work in my case, therefore there was sth. wrong, very very much wrong. Then I watched by chance another video on APDs& that was it! Yet the whole picture loomed in front only after I started watching yr videos, I have watched them all, keep watching them every night. You opened a whole new world for me and saved my life & my reason. Words fail me to express how grateful I am! What you do is of global importance, you save lives!! And I’m serious! Still, I could not GOSO, mine is an UGN,elite,+ a psychopath,very, very influential, I am a super empath, and he makes his best to treat me well…they say I’m the only one who enjoys that privilege…
    Only, pls, never mention my family name, it is fully indicative of my country and family;my first name,a common name in the Orthodox world means desiderata, craved for, yearned for…

  7. Alice says:

    I started dating this guy (who I found out later to be a Lesser) and after about 3 weeks during which I experienced the so called Golden Period, I realised that, although we spent almost every night together, when we did not he would come up with senseless lies.
    He would make things up, as saying he was I’ll, his father was taken at the hospital, his grand father was taken at the ER. Every week something like that happened. I started realising he lied about it and also about a whole lot of other things, and I googled “pathological liar”.
    Checking out the results, I ended up to narcissism.

  8. JAtreides says:

    My ex told me! When we first met he said “I think I’m a sociopath”. At the time, I was like, NO WAY, you’re nice and caring etc etc. Forward six months, many lies, several other women, multiple online dating profiles and I was confused as to what was going on with this person. I remembered his comment and started researching sociopaths, which led me to antisocial personality disorders, narcissism and HG’s site. It was like a light coming on in a dark room. I finally had answers in a storm of confusion.

  9. Michelle B. says:

    I first learned about narcissistic personality disorder when I researched emotional abuse on the internet…I knew something wasn’t right with the behavior I was experiencing from my former fiance , anyway my internet search led me straight to HG who is the only reason that I am still alive today !
    I found his internet blog “knowing the narcissist” , signed up to receive emails & I didnt stop crying & reading for weeks! It was truly like he was in that house with me the entire time. He was 100% correct on every single thing he said & honestly I cannot thank him enough for doing what he’s done! I think that he deserves a Nobel Prize! His words truly saved me right in the nick of time… I had already picked out the place where I was going to die and how I was going to do it, I just wasn’t sure when… but I was so close that I will forever be indebted to HG. He is truly God! and the only reason that I am living today is because of him!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome and thank you for your kind comments.

  10. misstasia says:

    I always knew there was something wrong with him he was a scorekeeper where only he gets checkmarks and I get nothing even though I did so much for him. The blame shifting and always the victim. I never thought he was a narcissist. Not until a few months ago when I decided to look into it. I read some articles, watched some youtube channels. It never really fit some yes and then no. So I googled ” low intelligent narcissist” ” don’t ask me why I worded this way lol” See I thought a Narc was supposed to be smart little did I know they come in different levels or schools. That’s when I found H.G. Tudors website about the “Mid Range Narc” wow I was blown away. He described my narc to a “T”. He saved my sanity by putting it all in perspective. Thank you H.G. Tudor.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome Misstasia.

  11. fauxfur5 says:

    6 yrs ago from an ex who admitted he was Bi Polar, (more user friendly I guess) so I researched it ( thinking I should understand him more) and found out he was actually a grade A Narc. I found all of the messages in his FB account to other women, his profiles on casual sex websites and online dating.. all of which he denied when confronted with the evidence and so I decided to dig deeper..and..BOOM!! The constant drama..the grandiose back story. Ex Navy this..Dead ex girlfriend that.( she wasn’t btw) Graphic designer the other ( doubtful)..Evenually I confronted him with his own birth certificate and he denied that was him or his parents so I walked, then the threatening emails followed. I called the police and he crawled back under his stone..never to be seen again!!! He’s probably still mourning my death as we speak….

    1. Presque Vu says:

      Same Fauxfur5!
      My nex said he had bipolar so I excused so much of his behaviour and was google searching situations daily! Bipolar led to Narcissism and I thought BINGO!
      But bipolar kept me with him for so long because it’s suggested you support them, you support those with mental health issues don’t you?

      I found HG’s videos and the rest is history.

      1. Warrier says:

        Yeh mine (ex narc) has also tried to Bi-Polar crap too

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