Sex and the Narcissist

No holds barred and no strings attached

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform

Read about how the narcissist views and uses sex and how you are central in that

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  1. Wow, absolutely incredible information in your book on sex, HG! You are the best on every topic! I never would have suspected a Narc would view sex in that way. Absolutely incredible! Thank you for the eye openers. You save us empaths at every turn. Questions: If a Narc became impotent for some reason, say from an accident, what would the impact be on his psyche, his efforts to get fuel? And would he admit to being impotent?

    1. It would depend on what cadre he is. He may not rely on sex so greatly with regard to gaining fuel and therefore it would not present such an issue he may even (Victim Cadre) turn it to his use. There may be reliance on viagra etc. The narcissism would of course blame the impotence on the accident etc and use it in a way to escape accountability and counter the effect (to the extent it has an effect -see early comments) through alternative manipulations.

      I am pleased you enjoyed the book, I trust you shall leave a positive review?

      1. HG, There was an actual accident, a very serious one that involved a long stay in the hospital and left scars. Viagra didn’t help due to the injury. But then when devaluation arrived, he acted as if there was no problem in that department. (Now I can attest there was a problem, definitely.) I believe he’s a mix between Lesser and MRN. On your book, I only got to read the “Look Inside”, which was astounding, but I promise to purchase it next month, definitely. I’m on a tight budget. And I will definitely leave a 5-Star Review. I’m a writer too, so I know how important Reviews are. You certainly deserve GREAT Reviews. I’ve never seen anyone write so much and so in-depth as you! You seem to be a workaholic. Are you? Nothing wrong with it at all. I was too before health issues.

          1. Absolutely, yes, I will get it in about one week! And I will let you know when I leave the Review. I want to read many of your books. I’m a bookworm.

          2. Hi HG, I just ordered the printed edition, so I’ll get it in about one week. I will be sure to leave a Review.

  2. Dear Mr. HG Tudor,

    I have finally finished your book. It was excellent. Thank you for writing it. I will be purchasing more.

    I have some questions for you if you could answer or direct me to the related articles. These questions are relative to me.

    What about women who can have sex without attaching to their partners? Would you say they are narcissists, or can empaths also have ‘no strings attached’ sex?

    Also, at what age is narcissism usually fully developed? Is it possible to develop narcissism at a later stage in life, or say after a traumatic experience?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you for reading, do leave a review.

      1. It is an indicator.
      2. No they would not unless there was a temporary reduction in empathy.
      3. In early childhood, so the answer is no.

      1. HG, isn’t it possible for two empaths to have “no strings attached” sex if they discuss it and both agree that that’s what it is, to be sure no one gets hurt?

          1. I swear you are trying to ensure no one on this planet ever has sex again. Holy f*^%!

      2. I think I need to contact you directly. I am hoping that your intelligence and insight into people can give me the answers that I need, assuming I am able to formulate the questions. I am searching for answers about myself and things I have endured. I am not currently involved with a narcissist, but I think you may still be able to help me. So I have to try. I have to start somewhere. Has anybody ever taken the Narc detector on themselves?

        I understand that you don’t know or care who I am or what my name is, but I have some paranoia due to things I was involved with in my past. I just read through your consultations section. All information remains confidential? I assume you will have to know my email address in order to respond and provide answers? Do you already have access to my email address from my comments on this blog?

        1. You can easily create an anonymous email address although as you anticipate I already know your email address owing to your comments on the blog but that is also treated in a confidential manner. I look forward to assisting you through consultation.

  3. I found a way to read the chapter about “What are we thinking during sex” without distraction. I imagine John Cleese reading it out loud as one of his Monty Python characters. Makes it more amusing and takes the distraction right out of it. ;)

  4. The last thing I need to think about is sex and my narcissist… definitely deprived in that area right now. It’s not a fun time.

  5. An engrossing and ground-breaking book on love, sex and relationships from respected authority on NPD, HG Tudor. You’ll be catapulted into another realm where things are not as they seem, and once you’ve been there, you’ll never see the world in the same way again.

      1. You saved me from a hotel interlude (by the way) when I first read this! Give me another six months and I’ll join the Catholic Church as a nun in full costume!

          1. Hotel interludes? A habit? Haha—I’m afraid the behavioral tendency isn’t far from an innate habit of mine! Tempering it with good judgement is a better initiative but one I’m in no way prepared to handle. By far. Unless it’s Idris Elba—in his case he needs very up close observation to determine all aspects of his character.

          2. I know—it would have been too many uses of the word “habit” in one comment! It crossed my mind! Haha

          3. Welcome to my world NA! 🤣 She does this all of the time. 🤣🤣🤣😘

  6. I got it. Still need to read it. I am saving it. Once I do, I will surely share my impressions. I need to be in the right mindset but I am certain I will enjoy it.

    As a side note, I still can’t believe that 50 yrs ago today humans were on the moon.

    1. Bibi—it was effective enough to completely paralyze my ability to have any casual adult relationships because I’m disgusted by being objectified by a lack of authenticity at this point in life. Seriously. I could easily be sleeping around discreetly on occasion—I’ve done it my entire life. I just can’t do it now and it’s extremely healthy by comparison. It’s given me a huge opportunity to shift the focus from sex as a quick fix to getting really real and having internal dialogue.

    2. Just seen this Bibi!

      I know! That weekend I was at Bluedot festival at Jodrell Bank. Always wanted to go and see the scope.

      On one of my and my partners wanders at night we went to get up and close and personal with the Lovell. And would you believe it! There were two deck chairs right under the scope. So we settled in and listened to the Apollo 11 talkback via Capcon. Lovely pretty lights and everything!

      Then we went back to our tent which he had cunningly stuck a ‘No 42’ sign on. With more pretty lights.

      Who says the Universe doesn’t deliver?

  7. I Unliked, even though I secretly Liked, just because I don’t want my family to think I Like these kinds of books. I don’t like it for the words, anyway, just the pictures.

    1. Believer—I had trouble ordering it months ago and had to chat online with an Amazon person and tell them the title! They were probably shaking their head.

        1. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but it didn’t top the dialogue with a customer service interaction with Lelo on a warranty.

          1. Excellent work. Lelo are expensive. If they fail then damn right to get it sorted.

          2. They allow email exchanges thank goodness and returns are shipped to Las Vegas if I recall. Hilarious. Yes, quite expensive.

      1. Ha ha … that’s funny, Lorelei. Awkward. I probably would’ve offered up some explanation, like, “Yah, I’ve just been having to deal with this Narcissist, and everything… its such a bummer”. .. (so, Amazon wouldn’t think I was weird, or anything).

        1. It is symbolic T’mara! Tomorrow is hopefully the day I’m released from the chains of this legal entanglement.

      1. SP, How many different angles can you get on a single err member? Does he put different costumes on? Maybe various locales kind of like selfies? I’m trying to understand how you tell them apart. Don’t they all look the same?

        Question for HG: Receiving I get, but how does an epsilon semi moron get fuel from SENDING a dick pic?

          1. And the N RECEIVING pictures is all about control. I realized that way early on. Even before I knew what he was. (Didn’t stop me from doing it though.)

          2. The problem with the pics is this—morons send them which rules them out yes of course. But who wants to waste time getting to like someone and finding a small one? It’s a real and frustrating issue.

          3. Is it any wonder he fell for Lorelei? Look at that adoring fuelling gaze of hers focused solely on him while he plays to the camera lol.

          4. I was really tired and a little hung over. We had a big party the night before. Surprised I had any fuel to give. I was cautious to mark out his face and put up a side view of mine, although admittedly I don’t always follow HG’s rules.

        1. They all have different backgrounds, MB: cock on vacation, cock at home, cock at beach house (with bunch of dirty clothes on the floor), cock in bathroom, cock reflected in mirror. Some are “animated” and you can hear his voice. He always says the same, very poor monologue. I must admit it gets boring after a couple.

          1. SP, thank you for sharing. I raised two boys. I remember a stage they both went through around the age of 3 where they were quite fascinated by their penises. Maybe some never grow out of it? (Maybe none of them do, they just don’t make it so obvious?) Is “your” SN’s member really that much more interesting than any other? I think not, obviously he believes it to be the most awesome cock on the planet! You should consider yourself privileged for be allowed access to its grandeur!

          2. Haha, MB, “grandeur” is definitely the word. It’s pretty big. But like I think I’ve said before, that’s all he is: a big dick (literally and figuratively).

      2. Are they your own pics, or someone else’s? I cannot tell by your name? What are they doing in the pics?

        1. Believe Her, are you asking me? I’m referring to my narc. He loved sending dick pictures -of his own dick- to me and probably the rest of the world at the same time. They are not exciting, just his dick standing in the middle while he’s holding it with the same hand where he wears his wedding band (classy, huh? Lack of boundaries, entitlement). Nothing special really. He sent the first one within a week of having just kissed. Hooray.

      3. SP,
        Me too. My favorite was when he’d send one first with obviously different lighting or background. (meaning it was not taken in the moment but saved on his phone). Then a few minutes into the “conversation” he’d send a real time pic of it.
        Obviously it took him a while to get hard and send me a real pic….loser

        MRN: sends shirtless pic followed immediately by dick pic
        Me: I’m at work
        MRN: silence
        MRN (several hours later when I gave no fuel from ST): sorry about that I was just really horny.
        —this convo probably occurred almost verbatim at least 50 times— lol

        1. Supernova hahaha! “My favorite was when he’d send one first with obviously different lighting or background.” The mystery of the teleporting cock!

      1. I held my ears, and hummed when you said the “f” word. Plus, I covered m. Y . Eye s. too.

      1. Hi strongerwendyme
        Nice to see you. You were testing out the dating waters last we spoke. Anything you care to share regarding the current dating climate?

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